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Section 170(1) of the Internal Revenue Code sets values for university ticket priority payments. Twenty percent is allocated to the ticket priority and 80% is a charitable deduction. If other benefits ("amenities") are covered by the payments, such as tickets, concessions, programs, parking passes, or donor events, the value of these must first be deducted from the payment, and the balance is 80% tax deductible. Based on the number of home games and other factors, the amenities value can vary each year.

Many corporations participate in matching the gifts of their employees. Some double or triple each dollar contributed. Your company's Human Resource Department can provide details and the matching gift form to include with your check. To discover if your employer matches gifts, go to

*Please note that if you do intend to use your company's matching gift program to match your athletic priority contribution, only the tax deductible portion of your gift is available for matching, per IRS regulations.

Tigers Unlimited operates within the Auburn University Foundation, tax ID 63-6022422, which is a public charity listed in IRS Pub. 78, Cumulative List of Organizations. An official tax receipt will be issued by the Foundation. Major gifts or contributions not associated with ticket priority are 100% deductible.