Young Alumni Program

The Young Alumni Program is an exclusive club for recent graduates from Auburn University. Recent graduates will have the opportunity to purchase and renew season football tickets at a discounted rate by contributing to Tigers Unlimited.

To join the Young Alumni Program please call 1-855-282-2010, Ext. 2.

How do I know if I'm eligible?
If you graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degree between May 2010 and May 2014, you are eligible.

I am graduating in May or August 2014, am I eligible?
May and August 2014 graduates are eligible for the program depending on availability within the young alumni section.  Please call 1-855-282-2010, Ext. 2 to confirm your eligibility.

When does my eligibility end?
Eligibility lasts for three football seasons after graduation, with the earliest eligibility beginning with May 2010 graduates. If individuals decide not to sign up immediately following graduation, they are still bound by the window of three years since they were awarded a degree from Auburn University.

What is the cost?
For the 2014 Auburn Football season the contribution to Tigers Unlimited is $130.00 per seat plus the cost of the season ticket book ($450.00 paid between early May - May 31).

How many tickets can I request?
Qualifying applicants to the Tigers Unlimited Young Alumni Program can request up to two (2) tickets.

When is the deadline to pay the contribution to Tigers Unlimited?
There are approximately 500 seats set aside in section 37 for Young Alumni and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  Orders will be accepted until the section is sold out.  Please call 1-855-282-2010, Ext. 2 to guarantee your seats.

When is the deadline for submitting my ticket application?
The deadline for submitting your ticket application is May 31. Applications will be available early May.

Can I request to sit with my friends?
Request to sit with friends should be done during the seat selection process in late April. Detailed information will be sent via email to those who have paid the contribution by the cutoff date.

Where will the tickets be located?
There are approximately 500 tickets available to recent grads that join the Young Alumni Program in section 37 of Jordan-Hare Stadium. This section has traditionally been part of the visiting team allotment that has been moved to the east upper deck, thus creating room for the Young Alumni section. Young Alumni members who join by March 1, 2014 will have the ability to participate in a one day seat selection process in late April and will be able to move to available gray zone seats at that time.  Orders received after March 1, 2014 will be seated in best available seats remaining at that time.

Can I keep my seats if I choose to renew?
Yes, you may keep your TUF-Football Young Alumni seats for up to three years as long as you continue to pay the contribution to Tigers Unlimited and football season ticket book price. We will sell more reduced price young alumni priority tickets in other areas of the stadium if we sell out in section 37. We will not relocate the seats after three years unless it is desired by the young alumni ticket holder to move to a different area of the stadium.

What happens after my time is up in the Young Alumni Program?
After the three year eligibility period you may continue to purchase TUF-Football tickets at full price. We will not relocate the seats after three years unless it is desired by the young alumni ticket holder to move to a different area of the stadium.

Am I a Tigers Unlimited member if I am in the Young Alumni Program?
Yes, all members that contribute at the Young Alumni contribution level are members of Tigers Unlimited and will receive a Tigers Unlimited membership packet.

As a member of the Young Alumni Program am I building my Tigers Unlimited priority?
Yes. Instead of receiving $130.00 per contribution you will receive $260.00 in priority per contribution.

If I am a part of the program and decide to return to Auburn to pursue another degree, am I eligible to sign up for this program again?
Yes, you will be eligible upon graduation. However, you will not be eligible while you are obtaining your degree. Individuals eligible for student tickets are NOT eligible to order tickets through the Young Alumni program.

Can I request single-game, away game or post season tickets?
Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available for TUF-Football donors who meet the eligible requirements. If tickets remain after TUF-Football donors have had the opportunity, we will offer these to Young Alumni at that time.

I recently got married and my spouse and I both have Young Alumni tickets. Can we merge our accounts?
No, tickets can only be in one person's name and accounts cannot be merged together.

I am already a TUF-Football donor with season tickets; however I qualify for the Young Alumni Program. Can I receive the benefit with my current seat location?
Yes. Please contact the Tigers Unlimited office at 1-855-AUB-2010 (ext. 2) for more details.

I need to change my information (address, phone number, email, etc.). How should I do this?
You can change your information by logging onto your online account at or by calling 1-855-AUB-2010.

Applicants will be accepted to the program on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out. Applicants must pass the AU status verification process to be admitted into the program.

Important Dates:

March 1 Deadline to pay contribution to be included in the seat selection process. Orders received after March 1 will be seated in the best available seats remaining in the Young Alumni section.  
April (late) Seat selection process; more info emailed leading up to the one day seat selection
May (early) Season ticket application available online
May 31 Deadline for submitting season ticket order forms AU Ticket Office

To join the Young Alumni Program or for more info, please call 1-855-282-2010, Ext. 2.