Tigers Unlimited U

Tigers Unlimited U is for current Auburn University students looking to become part of the mission and goals of the Auburn Athletics Department while building priority. A gift of $25 secures your membership into Tigers Unlimited U. The goal is to encourage current students to participate in Tigers Unlimited while accumulating priority.
Opt in when purchasing your student tickets, or call 1-855-AUB-2010, Ext. 2.

How do I know if I'm eligible?
If you are a current Auburn University student, you are eligible.
What is the cost?
The gift to Tigers Unlimited is $25 for the 2014 season.
How do I join?
Opt in when purchasing your student tickets, or call 1-855-AUB-2010, Ext. 2.
As a member of Tigers Unlimited U am I building priority?
Yes. Instead of receiving $25 per gift you will receive double the points ($50).
What are the other benefits?
As a Tigers Unlimited U member, you will receive a membership packet, Tigers Unlimited U visor as well as exclusive access to Tigers Unlimited U events.
What happens after my time is up in Tigers Unlimited U?
After you have graduated from Auburn University you will be eligible for Young Alumni tickets. The priority you built up during your time in Tigers Unlimited U will help you obtain the best Young Alumni tickets available.
What makes up Tigers Unlimited Priority?
Priority is your cumulative giving to Tigers Unlimited, outside of the ticket book cost. Priority goes into account when purchasing season tickets as well as away game and post season tickets. There is no better time to start building your priority than when you are a student.