Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the TUF contribution tax deductible?

A. Yes. Section 170(1) of the Internal Revenue Code sets values for university ticket priority payments. 20% is allocated to the ticket priority and 80% is a charitable deduction.

Q. What are you doing with the money?

A. This will allow us to improve facilities for our student-athletes and fans, thus remaining competitive with our rivals in the SEC and nationally. Auburn has won or tied for the SEC Western Division football title for four of the past five years. We expect to continue and enhance that high level of competition. To do so, we must continue to support our players and coaches with top-notch academic and training facilities. We are committed to ensuring that all Auburn teams have the facilities and support to compete at the highest possible level. In addition, debt service on the stadium renovation and other facilities is a significant part of our budget. This and other factors have impacted our budget.

Q. Is there really a connection between budget levels and success across the entire athletic program?

A. Winning championships and educating students are goals that come with a cost. It is no coincidence that the four schools with whom we compete most directly for SEC championships — Florida, Tennessee, LSU and Georgia — are the SEC members with the highest athletic operating budgets.