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There are many ways to contribute to Tigers Unlimited. Whether you are a sports enthusiast who wants to be at every game or someone who just wants to donate to the Athletics Department in general, we have a program for you.
This area of the website illustrates the many different programs that Tigers Unlimited supports. We hope you find one that fits you best and join Tigers Unlimited.

Tigers Unlimited U
Tigers Unlimited U is for current Auburn University students looking to become part of the mission and goals of the Auburn Athletics Department while building priority. A gift of $25 secures your membership into Tigers Unlimited U. The goal is to encourage current students to participate in Tigers Unlimited while accumulating priority. | More Info...

Champions Fund
The Auburn University Athletics Department and Tigers Unlimited have experienced measurable success with the annual ticket priority program. Over the past 50 years, loyal Tiger fans have supported Auburn through this program. | Give Here...
The Champions Fund is a complement to the popular ticket priority program. It invites new donors and young alumni to annually support Auburn Athletics. This program is perfect for people who want to support Auburn University student-athletes and the Auburn University Athletics Department. Annual contributions will help off-set the rising cost of student-athlete scholarships. All levels will receive the following benefits:
Membership Packet
Receive bi-monthly digital Tiger Roar, official magazine of Auburn Athletics
All contributions are 100% tax deductible and will be added to your cumulative giving to Auburn Athletics

The endowment program represents a long term resource which can offset the financial strains of escalating scholarship costs, rising operational expenses, and the need for facility enhancements. There is no better way to have your name, or that of a loved one, permanently associated with Auburn University Athletics. Endowments come from the heart, and they all share a common goal -- ensuring the future of excellence in athletics at Auburn University for generations to come.
Endowed gifts are held in perpetuity. The Auburn University Foundation invests your initial gift, which must be a minimum of $25,000 given over a maximum five year period, and Auburn Athletics spends only a portion of the annual investment return. The remaining investment return is added back to the principle as protection against inflation. A Tigers Unlimited member who makes an endowment gift can be proud that his or her gift will grow and continue to provide support far into the future.
For more information on the endowment-by-position recognition program please contact the Tigers Unlimited office at (855) 282-2010.

Tigers Unlimited Benefiting Auburn Athletics
As we honor our legends, we anticipate those who are yet to be. It is our responsibility to understand our obligation to coach, mentor, and to guide our student-athletes.
We can no longer just be competitive on the playing field. Auburn University must upgrade and maintain its facilities. This will not only ensure that we have the best possible playing and practice venues, but we will also attract the caliber of athletes who have the potential to become Auburn's "legends yet to be." To be successful, we must provide top caliber student-athletes with top caliber venues.
With so many facility enhancements underway and others being planned for, opportunites to support Auburn Athletics and our student-athletes are endless. Please contact Tigers Unlimited at (855) 282-2010 for more information on how you can "inspire those yet to be."

Locker Room Project
Ever dreamed of having your name on an Auburn Football locker? Now you can. Competing at the highest level demands that Auburn Football continually upgrade its facilities. As part of our effort to provide the very best facilities, a major locker room renovation has been completed at the Athletics Complex.
The project includes a ceiling-to-floor renovation of the football practice locker room. Custom-designed, wooden lockers will give Auburn's football players the space, comfort, and functionality they need.
Sponsor a two-locker unit for a $10,000 tax-deductible gift to Tigers Unlimited, and your name will be engraved on a stainless steel plaque at the top of the locker unit. Your gift can be made in one lump-sum payment, two annual payments of $5,000 over two years, or three annual payments of $3,333 over three years.
Contact Tigers Unlimited today at (855) 282-2010 or via email at with any questions or for more information. Limited number of locker sponsorship opportunities available.

Plainsman Park Brick Program
Have your name, or that of a loved one, added to the entryway plaza of Plainsman Park. Only one name per brick please. Bricks are $150 each and 100% tax deductible. Please call (855) 282-2010 to order your brick today or complete the Brick Order Form and return it to:
Tigers Unlimited/Plainsman Park Bricks
Attn: Kathy McCollough
P.O. Box 351, Auburn, AL 36831-0351

This program supports and promotes women's athletics at Auburn by actively engaging in programs designed to further enhance the overall experience for female student-athletes.
Provide support to female student-athletes to help ensure the best possible experience during their time at Auburn.
Ensure the strong future of women's athletics by providing funding and Encouraging participation to help Auburn continue to achieve a high level of success in its programs.
Develop relationships with other women who appreciate the benefits of Athletics because as the Auburn Creed states, "I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body, and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities."
Serve as a mentor to female student-athletes and participate in leadership Initiatives to help prepare student-athletes for life beyond Auburn.
Wings Members
Shawn Asmuth
Judy Jenks
Lori Arthurs
Meredith Jenkins
Leah Atkins
Laura Kalata
Kathy Bailey
Catherine Killebrew
Barr Laboratories
In Memory of Dr. Pat LaCoste
In Memory of Dorry Blackburn
Mindy Larcom
Leslie Beadle
Emily Leischuck
Marcia Boosinger
Lacey Lewis
Mary Boudreaux
Janie Little
Winnie Boyd
In Memory of Lee Ann Livingston
Jan Burcham
Judy Livingston
Mary Kay Burdette
Tanya Llano Jeff & Rachelle Thompson
Carolyn Burkhalter
Bonnie MacEwan
Embry Burrus
Lucretia Mann
Cindy Campbell
Carolyn Mathews
Lucinda Cannon
Debra McCormack
Becky Champion
Rosemary McMahan
Lee Chapman
Betty McWhorter
Judy Chase
Vicki Meetze
Cindy Cleveland
Linda Mengelt
Nancy Cleveland
Barbara Miller
Emily Coaker
Jane Moore
Rebecca Coan
Sandra Newkirk
Lil Cross
Sid Norman
Donna Crowder
Floyd Parks
Nancy Davis
Julia Pipes
Kim Evans
Jan Pylant
Nell Fortner
Gwen Reid
Marcia Moulton Glover
Susan Retzlaff
Elizabeth Grant
Becky Richardson
Laura Grill Nancy Martin
Joyce Ringer
Christol Guthrie
Jeanne Robertson
Becky Hardy
Rachel Russell
Kay Hargrave
Martha Scott
Rebecca Hatcher
Meredith Singer
Virginia Hayes
BJ Shuler
Tracy Heins
Janine Slick
Janet Hill
Peggy Slocum
Sally Hill
Ruth Spencer
Demetria Hendrix
Patricia Stewart
Kym Holland
Darinda Strock
Karen Hoppa
Becky Taylor
Susan Housel
Karen Lomax Jan Thornton
Peggy Howland
Sara Waid
Barbara Humphries
Lynn Weekley
Dora James
Jaunelle White
Jennifer Jarvis
Pat Wingfield
Judi Jehle
If you'd like to learn more about how to become a member of Tigers Unlimited or have questions about your membership, please contact us:
Call: (855) 282-2010
Email: tuf@auburn.edu
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Tigers Unlimited
The Auburn University Athletics Department is entirely self-sustaining and does not receive state funds. Private contributions become more important in providing our student athletes the resources needed to compete at the highest level and succeed academically.
The Tigers Unlimited Foundation is committed to advancing Auburn Athletics to be the preeminent athletics program in the nation. It is through our members who are friends, alumni, and advocates of the university who recognize the value of intercollegiate athletics and enthusiastically participate in a variety of ways.
The Tigers Unlimited Foundation is the keystone of Auburn Athletics. The unwavering support of its members is integral to the success of our student-athletes. War Eagle!
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