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Major Gifts
Private contributions become more important in providing our student athletes the resources needed to compete at the highest level and succeed academically. The generosity of our contributors is greatly appreciated and recognized through our giving societies.
Tigers Unlimited offers four prestigious societies, the Talon Society, Heisman Society, Shug Jordan Society and All-American Society. All four societies offer a number of VIP amenities including invitations to exclusive Auburn Athletics events and private social events.
Membership to all our societies is available through the donation of outright gifts, excluding ticket priority. Tigers Unlimited is proud to offer you more opportunities to participate within the Auburn Athletics Department and to get a peek behind the scenes with the Auburn Tigers.
For more information on major gift contributions, please contact Kay Hargrave at (855) 282-2010 or vial email at khargrave@auburn.edu.

Oaks SocietyTalon Society
The Oak is a symbol of strength and endurance, and its roots are its anchor. Spanning deep in to the ground, oak tree roots intertwine, leaving each tree with a strong foundation, one that cannot be shaken. The Oaks Society serves as that foundation and represents the highest commitment of giving for Tigers Unlimited.
Auburn's mighty Oaks at Toomer's Corner, revered and sturdy, were one of the most famous icons of the Deep South, and its place in Auburn lore dates back more than a century. In the 1970's, the tradition of rolling the Oaks began and became etched in Auburn history.
The Oaks Society was created to recognize donors who have contributed at least $1,000,000 to Auburn Athletics in outright gifts, outside of ticket priority.

Talon SocietyTalon Society
The eagle has become the living symbol of Auburn University's spirit and pursuit of excellence. Bald eagles have wingspans of up to eight feet. They have been recorded at 44 miles per hour at level flight and can approach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour when plunging toward their prey.
Yet the eagle's real power comes from its talons. An eagle's talons can clutch its prey with up to 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch in each foot while in flight. Without its talon, the eagle could not survive. The same can be said of the members of the Talon Society.
The Talon Society was created to recognize donors who have contributed at least $500,000 to Auburn Athletics in outright gifts, outside of ticket priority. This prestigious society includes 56 members who have given a total of approximately $35 million to Auburn Athletics. Nine of those members have given at least $500,000 separately to both athletics and academics.
Talon Society Members
(Auburn, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Key, Jr.
(Birmingham, Ala.)
(Atlanta, Ga.)
Dr. Oliver D. Kingsley, Jr.
(Birmingham, Ala.)
(Atlanta, Ga.)
Mr. & Mrs. Gaines Lanier
(West Point, Ga.)
(Atlanta, Ga.)
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Lee III
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Anderson
(Tuscaloosa, Ala.)
Jonathan B. Lovelace*
(Montecito, Calif.)
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Andre
(Indianlantic, Fla.)
Catherine K. Lowder*
(Montgomery, Ala.)
Mr. Charles Barkley
(Leeds, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Lowder
(Montgomery, Ala.)
Sloan Y. Bashinsky*
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lowder
(Montgomery, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Rennie Bickerstaff
(Columbus, Ga.)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Maddox
(Birmingham, Alabama)
Meredith Birchfield
(Auburn, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Joe T. Malugen
(Dothan, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Black
(Birmingham, Ala.)
May, LLC
(Tuscaloosa, Ala.)
Blackwell Family, LLC
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Dr. M.B. McCartney
(Gadsden, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bodine
(Alexander City, Ala.)
(Tuscumbia, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Bennie M. Bray
(Dallas, Texas)
Mr. & Mrs. Milton E. McGregor
(Mongtomery, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Tillis M. Brett
(Saraland, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. James S. McLane
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Broadway
(Huntsville, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. C. Phillip McWane
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Brock
(Spanish Fort, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Earlon C. McWhorter
(Anniston, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Brooks, III
(Dadeville, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Montgomery
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Carroll, Jr.
(Tampa, Fla.)
Moore Holdings, LLC
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Jack T. Cliff, Sr.
(Madison, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Morton, Jr.
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Cox
(Mobile, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Nelson
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Mac Crawford
(Nashville, Tenn.)
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Nelson III
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dunkin
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Neville III
(Virgin Islands)
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dupree
(Dothan, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Pursell, Sr.
(Sylacauga, Ala.)
Mr. Randall Ferguson
(Union Grove, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. M. Clark Sahlie
(Montgomery, Ala.)
Warren Fleming Family
(Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)
The Charles Schilleci Family
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. Billy Harbert
(Birmingham, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Schuster
(Columbus, Ga.)
Mr. & Mrs. C. Stanford Harrell
(Tampa, Fla.)
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Slocumb
(Auburn, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. David Herrick
(Montgomery, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Starr
(Auburn, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hooks
(Auburn, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. F. Steve Taylor
(Columbus, Ga.)
Mr. & Mrs. Coolidge W. Isbell
(Geraldine, Ala.)
Mary Lou Tolar
(Ecletic, Ala.)
Jolly Family, LLC
(Duluth, Ga.)
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Watson
(Dothan, Ala.)
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Stephen Wright
(Columbus, Ga.)
* These members were inducted posthumously.

Heisman SocietyHeisman Society
John W. Heisman was a coach and player in the early years of college football and is the namesake for the sport's most prestigious award.
Heisman was Auburn's head coach from 1895-1899 and Auburn still remains the only school where Heisman coached to have a Heisman Trophy winner. Only four schools have had more Heisman Trophy honorees than Auburn - Pat Sullivan (1971), Bo Jackson (1985), Cam Newton (2010).
Members of the Heisman Society have donated $250,000 or more outright and outside of any ticket contributions. Only 30 donors make up this elite society and the benefits include cocktail events before home games and All-American Society events. Members are invited to all athletic facility dedications, receive an annual recognition gift and their names are published in the Tiger Roar magazine, football game programs and on the video board.

Shug Jordan Society
Shug Jordan SocietyThe winningest coach in Auburn football history, Shug Jordan dedicated four decades to the University as both a player and coach. In his 25 years at the helm of the Auburn Tigers, Jordan posted 175 wins and the 1957 National Championship. His name is synonomous with loyalty, tradition and excellence.
To reach the Shug Jordan Society level, donors must have contributed $100,000 or more outright and above any ticket priority giving. This group includes only 107 members who have exclusive access to Auburn events. The benefits for this level include cocktail events before home games and All-American Society events, invitations to all facility dedications, annual gifts and recognition in the Tiger Roar magazine, the football game programs and the video board.

All-American SocietyAll-American Society
This exclusive group of Auburn Athletic donors, currently consisting of approximately 540 families, has given/pledged over $80 million since 2000. These individuals have truly gone the extra mile in support of the Tigers.
The All-American Society is made up of individuals/families who have made major gifts, in addition to ticket priority, to Auburn Athletics. These gifts may be unrestricted or designated to benefit a specific sport.
All-American Society members are recognized in our game programs and are invited to an exclusive black tie gala with our coaching staff and athletic administration.
If you'd like to learn more about how to become a member of Tigers Unlimited or have questions about your membership, please contact us:
Call: (855) 282-2010
Email: tuf@auburn.edu
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Tigers Unlimited
The Auburn University Athletics Department is entirely self-sustaining and does not receive state funds. Private contributions become more important in providing our student athletes the resources needed to compete at the highest level and succeed academically.
The Tigers Unlimited Foundation is committed to advancing Auburn Athletics to be the preeminent athletics program in the nation. It is through our members who are friends, alumni, and advocates of the university who recognize the value of intercollegiate athletics and enthusiastically participate in a variety of ways.
The Tigers Unlimited Foundation is the keystone of Auburn Athletics. The unwavering support of its members is integral to the success of our student-athletes. War Eagle!
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