The Last with Alyssa Ivey

July 14, 2014


The last Disney movie you watched?

The last movie I watched was Frozen. I don't usually watch that many Disney movies but my teammates insisted this was a must see, and I loved it.
The last vacation you went on?
I went to Destin this summer the last week that I was with my family. It was a fun week getting to spend quality time relaxing together before I reported back for volleyball. 
The last time you got to go home?
I got to go home after spring exams were finished. I had no summer classes due to starting the nursing program in the fall, so I got to spend more time than usual back home in Tennessee. 
The last board game you played?
I don't remember the last game I played but Candyland and Pretty Pretty Princess were always my favorite growing up! 
The last embarrassing moment you had?
This is really embarrassing, but during the World Cup, I was watching USA play and they scored an amazing goal. Soon after they showed a replay of that same goal and I jumped up and started cheering.... Little did I know it was a replay, so I got some funny looks.
The last Auburn sporting event you went to that wasn't your own?
The last sporting event I went to was a baseball game. I have a lot of friends on the team, and I love to support them since they do a great job coming to the volleyball games.
The last time you said "War Eagle"?
I said War Eagle today of course! I'm working the Auburn volleyball camp, and I say it all the time to the campers.  
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