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June 9 Journal With Kelly and Chanelle

June 10, 2010

Chanelle Clark and Kelly Fidero caught up with to recount the team's excursions in Italy, June 9.

Italy has been anything but boring this trip. Today we woke up to the hot steam of a hotel room in a country that doesn't believe in air conditioning. We went down to breakfast to eat ham and cheese sandwiches and drink coffee in portion sizes small enough for a mouse.

Then after a quick change we headed to the pool to get our tan on and compete in a diving contest until 11 a.m. According to weathermen Wade Benson and Joseph Forman, 11 a.m. is when we start to melt!

To kill time before our match we did what all sophisticated and fashionable collegiate athlete women do.... We shopped! We had to shop quickly though because most of the stores close from 12:30-3 for their daily siesta.

At 4 p.m., we went to pre-game meal and loaded up on carbs!

We played the Brazialian team today and won in 3 sets. This was a team effort that took support, encouragement and all 15 girls to accomplish. We really focused on supporting each other and it showed!

After the game, in the name of recovery we were told to jump in the chilly pool and swim around to work out our sore muscles.

Finally we got to girl up for a nice team dinner at a fancy restaurant right on the water! The meal was "magnifico" and we all made sure to use our Italian vocabulary, which consist of about 5 words, to thank the cute server for our meal. Grazi!

All and all it was a great day despite our longing for iced water, venti sized coffee and AC!



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