Alabama 3, Georgia 2 (9 innings)


May 10, 2007

Alabama Quotes

Head Coach Patrick Murphy
Opening statement...
"First off, I want to thank Auburn for doing a tremendous job so far. The hospitality has been incredible. Having their athletics director (Jay Jacobs) speak at the banquet last night was just top notch."

On the game...
"Today, win or lose, we needed to play in this type of situation. It was a tight game. We had to have the defense, we had to have the pitching and our theme all year long was that we were going to come up with key hit at some point. Brittany (Rogers) got and Michelle (Menningmann) got one. We needed a game where the defense and pitching had that constant threat. I thought both of our pitchers did a good job."

On the pitching...
"Blair (Potter) was great. She was just what we needed. I kept looking up at the scoreboard, and they had scored a run with no hits for several innings. Chrissie (Owens) did a great job. We finally got the leadoff batter out in the seventh or eighth, and that was a key out."

UT Michelle Menningmann
On her hit in the bottom of the sixth...
"With two outs, I was just looking to hit something hard and get it through the infield to score a couple of runs. With two outs, I knew the runners were going."

OF Brittany Rogers
On the game and her game-winning hit...
"We kind of left a few runners on base. We just needed to do it one at a time. Today wasn't just a big hit as much as following each other, keeping it going and getting one base at a time. I just wanted to hit something hard and make someone make a play."

Georgia Quotes

Head Coach Lu Harris-Champer
On the game...
"I'm proud of the team for battling, playing with grit and playing with heart."

On taking the lead early...
"I don't think it really matters. It's a matter of putting runs on the board, regardless of when it was. I'm proud of the team for going out there and scrapping for runs."

On having the chance to put the game away in the sixth inning...
"Yeah, I thought we could have too. It just didnt happen. The ball didnt bounce our way."

On Kasi Carroll's performance today...
"Kasi was all heart. She's been playing hurt all year long, and the way she has been performing here at the end has been phenomenal with the injury she has been going through."

P Kasi Carroll
On if she feels like she is getting in a groove now that she is back from her injury... "Yeah, my condintioning has been getting back up to speed. That was what I lost most of all. I think the last week or so I have been getting some more endurance, which has been helping."

OF Kellie Middleton
On the Alabama pitchers...
"I think Alabama has a good pitching staff, but I don't think there are that many differences between the two pitchers. I think the game changed and (Chrissy)Owens threw more inside and(Blair) Potter stayed outside on us. Her strength and Alabama's strength during that period was coming inside. The game was a little bit different, but as far as the pitchers being different, they both play like Alabama pitchers."