Auburn Softball Senior Profile: Sara Ghezzi
Sara Ghezzi

April 24, 2007

By Robin Martin

Apparently it's just never good enough. It's all work and no play for senior outfielder Sara Ghezzi. Her dedication to her offensive forte has paid off as she reigns as one of Auburn's most successful, consistent hitters, but her modesty has molded her into somewhat of an unsung hero during her four-year tenure on The Plains.

Ghezzi came to Auburn with an already impressive repertoire. She had too many All-County, All-Region, All-State and All-American selections to keep track of along with two high school state titles under her belt. She knows what it is to be successful and has had no trouble transferring that success to the collegiate level, all the while maintaining her humility.

But even with the painfully modest aura that follows her around, everyone knows that with the bases loaded, bottom of the seventh, two outs, down by one, Ghezzi is who you want to see striding to the plate.

"I was taught that hitting is all about attitude," Ghezzi said. "It's all mental and once I got myself into that mindset, it came easy. When I was growing up I was always in pressure situations having to prove my coaches wrong. It taught me to never be intimidated. I just go up there and react."

Both her offensive success and signature humbleness can be attributed to years of raw criticism and advice, minus the sweet, sugar-coated candy shell. She knows that there's no need to say it when your talent clearly speaks for itself. She was brought up that way. But honestly, it's hard to tell whether she even realizes just how good she is. But to anyone else who's ever seen her swing a bat, her talent is obvious.

"I can't stand the cocky type of athlete," she said. "If you're good, everyone already knows it. I have a lot more respect for an athlete who speaks with their actions."

Ghezzi certainly lives up to her own standards and the Miami native hasn't disappointed as she has continued to perform. She sits at or near the top of several offensive categories so far this season, including hitting streaks and multiple-RBI games. Ghezzi has started in all but two games during her career and has appeared in all 238 contests. She sports a cool .304 career batting average, maintaining a .278 clip so far this season.

So far at Auburn Ghezzi has garnered an array of honors and awards. As a freshman, she was named to the All-SEC Freshman Team. In 2005 she was a first-team All-SEC selection after maintaining a .324 average, and she earned second-team honors the following year with a .357 mark on the season.

"Every time I win some kind of award like that, I'm shocked," Ghezzi said. "I never expect to get things like that and I don't expect people to watch me play and think that I'm good."

She's obviously wearing blinders, but hey, it's working.

Behind The Scenes With Sara Ghezzi

When Sara was younger she ...
• Did ballet for about a year.
• Was a model for a jewelry store.
• Made quilts with her grandma.
• Loved Fraggle Rock and Care Bears.
• Was a Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtle for Halloween.
• Won the 5th grade county science fair.
• Put spaghetti in her dad's shoes as a joke.

Sara's Favorites ...
• Pasta
• Chocolate chip cookies
• Starbursts
• Cincinnati Reds outfielder Ken Griffey, Jr.

Miscellaneous ...
• Wants to run a successful resort.
• Has a cat named Slinky.
• Loves to sleep in her spare time.
• Loves to cook desserts, especially cookies.
• Wants to go to culinary school.
• Lost her house in Hurricane Andrew.
• Former major leaguer Andre Dawson has inspired her the most.

Favorite Inspirational Quote ...
• "Go hard or go home."