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Q&A with Softball's Kristen Keyes

Q&A with Softball's Kristen Keyes

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 Kristen Keyes

Senior pitcher Kristen Keyes sat down for an interview with this week. See what the Clearwater, Fla., native had to say.

Q: How long have you been playing softball and who got you started?

A: I started playing when I was 8-years old. My dad got me started.

Q: When did you start pitching?

A: I started pitching when I was in Majors in Little League; I guess I was about nine or ten. I actually started pitching because my older sister pitched and I always wanted to do everything that she did.

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your softball career?

A: Definitly my dad. He sat endless amounts of hours on a bucket catching me and working with me. He scouts every player I face and he always knows all of their stats before I play them. He comes to every game that he can and when he can't make it he is listening to the game on the Internet. He is definitely my biggest fan and supporter.

Q: How do you maintain your composure on the field in tough situations?

I've just learned that as a pitcher you always have to have confidence. You always have to think that you are the best and that no one can hit you and no one will hit you. Pitching is so mental and you have to have that ability to think that you are the best and that no one can beat you. I always want to make the batter hit what I want to throw.

Q: What do you like most about softball?

A: I really enjoy all of the girls on the team because they are all so wonderful. I also enjoy the opportunity to travel and to play in different places.

Q: What stadium have you enjoyed traveling to and playing in the most?

A: I really enjoyed playing at the University of Florida because I know some of the girls on their team and they have a really nice field. I also enjoyed the opportunity to play on the field in British Columbia because I knew the Canadian national team had played there before me.

Q: What do you like to do in the free time that you have?

A: Sleep. I like to sleep and hang out with my friends and eat. I will eat just about anything. My roommate Paige Jones cooks a lot and I tend to eat anything that she will cook for me. It is also well known that I like to go shopping; I have a shoe fetish and I shop for shoes every chance I get.

Q: You've said that your pre-game ritual is putting glitter on your eyes, how did this ritual start?

A: Sara Dean got me into the glitter ritual when I was a sophomore and I had just started here. She is all about some glitter and she put it on me one day and we have been doing it ever since.

Q: What are you planning to do with your marketing degree?

I plan on moving back home and getting a job hopefully in pharmaceutical sales.

Q: Who is your favorite Friends character and why?

A: I'd have to say Chandler because he is funny and all about making people laugh. I can identify with that because I am all about the laughs, though I can be serious when I need to be, but most of the time I am easy going and all about the good times.

Q: Who has been a role model to you in your life?

A: I look up to my mom because she is such a strong person. She has had a lot of trying life experiences but she has always found a way to get through the hard times. She is a very intelligent and she holds our family together. I also look to my older sister as a role model because she is so intelligent academically. She graduated in three and a half years and I am really impressed by that.

Q: How do you define success and how do you plan to be successful?

A: Success to me is being happy with yourself and with your life. I think I am successful because I have had so many people to help me along the way. I wouldn't be where I am with out my dad, my coaches, my family and friends. I am just very blessed to have so many people care about me and supporting me and I think that has made me successful.



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