Road Trippin' With The Tigers
Jenni Prescott
Orange Beach Trip Photo Gallery

The soccer team is preparing for the 2009 season. Follow along throughout the season to catch the latest happenings. First up, preseason in Orange Beach.

by #20 Jenni Prescott, Sr., MF

August 10th- Depart for Orange Beach, Ala. at 9:00 am, well that was the initial plan. The morning of the 10th everyone arrived early because Cindy, our wonderful and amazing trainer, assigned mandatory cold tub for everyone. Gotta love jumping in a big tub full of ice cold water at 8:15 in the morning! Besides helping our legs recover, having morning cold tub also required everyone to be early, in that we had to be done by 8:15 so Cindy could pack up. Well, wouldn't you know the one time everyone was early and prepared to leave as scheduled, the bus was late!!! Although this set the departure time back some everyone, including Coach, still seemed to be in a good mood. As usual, the bus rides are always entertaining. We watched two hysterical movies and caught up on some sleep as well. It has become a tradition for our team to go to Lambert's, a restaurant that throws rolls and has endless helpings of unhealthy, fried, southern food. Caitlin King, Julie King, Lydia Townsend, and I sat with Mary Coffed, Amy Howard, and Ana Cate, all of which are some new freshman on the team. This was a very entertaining lunch, as it began with our waitress screaming at Amy to give her her sweat shirt! I am dead serious when I say the waitress literally striped Amy's sweat shirt off her back! It was hysterical!! Poor Amy had no one idea what to do...(look to pictures for documentation). Then Lydia, the team comedian, decided it would be funny to inform our waitress that it was Coach Amy's "36th" birthday!!! It wasn't Amy's birthday and she is not 36! You can see how this is funny. :) The rest of the day was spent as a recovery day, because soon we would find out that those who did not pass the beep test would have the pleasure in running it again on Tuesday morning. When we got to the condos, we had a pool work out with Megan, our strength and conditioning coach. This was a sight to see. Vacationers looked on to see us running, stretching, and doing jumping jacks in the pool. A group of us got to go grocery shopping for the week. Sammy Towne and I went for our condo and upon checking out we discovered we had spent the most money!! We were proud of this accomplishment! :) That night finished with cooking dinner in our separate condos and going to bed to get a good night of sleep.



August 11th- Tuesday morning we began practice with the beep test, as coach promised. There was a huge improvement in the scores, which made Coach Hoppa a happy camper! We always like it when Coach Hoppa is happy. Practice that morning was still very intense and we finished with a nice little weight lifting session that Megan Young set up for us that included throwing 10 pound medicine balls over our heads and between our legs... After practice we went back to our condos, ate lunch, and took naps. Evening practice we separated into our positions and talked with our coaches. The midfielders always seem to have a good time thanks to Keidane, always entertaining but productive. We finished practiced playing 8 vs. 8. As always we got to stand in garbage cans full of ice water afterwards and then headed back to the condo. The bus ride back was great. We introduced the freshmen to the "IPOD game". The game is played by having one person pick a song, turn the music up full blast, and then they must sing the song to the best of their ability. The tricky part is, you can't hear yourself and most of us aren't good singers as it is... Jessica Wolfe, Jessica Rightmer, and Ana Cate were all great sports and participated in our game. The Jessica's did their best to sing along to a team favorite Taylor Swift and Ana Cate chose to sing "Love Song" by Sara Borelous. We were all very impressed with their effort, but realized that they came to Auburn for their soccer ability and not so much their singing voices. That night my condo, which includes Sammy Towne, Ashley Marks, Mary Nicholson, and Amy Howard, decided to make tacos for dinner. We once again sat around our table like one big family and enjoyed our dinner together.

August 12th- The day began with a morning practice where the coaches split the team into two groups. It was a competition practice where we focused on short and long range shooting. After practice we went back to our condos and ate lunch. The coaches gave us "soccer homework" as well. We were to watch the USA vs. Mexico match on TV and look for certain things. Our condo had to pay attention to Mexico's defense and watch their goal keeper. Well, at 3:00 everyone awoke from their naps gathered on the couch to watch the game. After multiple text messages to try and figure out what channel the game was on we realized that the game was not being played on TV! No worries, the coaches still figured out some way to give us soccer homework! Now we had to discuss the roles of certain positions and be prepared to give a presentation to the whole team about them. The meeting was very informational and one condo even decided to make a power point presentation! Of course this was Monica Afanador's idea, she's one of the creative girls on the team. We were supposed to practice again, but during our meeting the sky turned to dark grey and lightening bolted every few minutes... This was no weather to be practicing in, so we got the night off!!! WOOHOO! During preseason any practice we get off is greatly appreciated. Instead of practicing, all the team excluding coaches, met in my condo and we took this time to get to know the freshmen and learn a little more about some of the returning players. This was an awesome time and once again we have learned to love our freshman even more! Jessica Wolfe defined the term "hog wild" for us and we learned that Maddie Barnes does not like hugs... After about an hour and half of getting to know each other everyone returned to their condos to get a good night sleep.

August 13th- My last practice of preseason in Orange Beach, Ala. Thursday was kind of crazy, all the seniors realized this was our last time here for preseason. We will be returning for the SEC Tournament, but not for preseason! :) We had an early practice before our scrimmage that evening. We played 11 v 0 and just practiced runs and combination play. It was nice to have a practice that wasn't so intense, which let our legs recover a bit. When we returned, Caitlin King decided to join our condo and have a movie afternoon. We chose to watch Cruel Intentions, great movie. I then wondered off to my King size bed and took a nap while the others watched The Goonies. After a relaxing afternoon we left for the field around 3:45 pm. Coach Hoppa gave a nice speech and prepared us for our scrimmage. We were able to see what we need to improve on and what we did well. After we did cold tubs once again, showered in the locker room and left for dinner. Instead of cooking in our condos, we got treated to an awesome dinner at LuLu's, a restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffet's wife. The atmosphere was incredible, right on the water, live band, and it had a slushy stand which Coach Hoppa treated all the seniors too! We all scarfed down the appetizers, Becca Howell really enjoyed her peel and eat shrimp, as she ate most of the half pound that we ordered. I love you girl. On the bus back to the condos, we began Rookie Review. This is where Keidane takes control of the mic on the bus and interviews the freshmen! The team asks questions, the freshman answers, and then she dances up and down the aisle! We get to see some awesome dance moves. This year we have a few new staff members who also had the pleasure of being reviewed. Megan Young and Chris Cahill were great sports and Megan revealed that she could "drop it like it's hot!" After the long night we all made it back to our condos and went straight to bed.

August 14th- Goodbye Orange Beach. I can't believe I have finished my last preseason here at Auburn University. As usual, this preseason, just like every other one, has not been a walk in the park, but it has all been worth it. What we do during this week sets us up for the success we will have in the future. I am excited to see how my last season plays out this fall. I have a feeling this team is going to make Auburn soccer history. WWWAAAARRRRRRR EAGLE!