TIGER SCOOP: Graduation - the Ultimate Culmination of the Auburn Creed
Amy Howard

May 8, 2013

Each week, AuburnTigers.com will take a look at a different personality from Auburn Athletics. This blog will take a look at the various perspectives of student-athletes, coaches and administrators. In this entry, senior goalkeeper Amy Howard of the Auburn soccer team reflects on her career at Auburn which culminated in her graduation on May 4. Enjoy her insights and join us again for another edition next week.

By Amy Howard

My name is Amy Howard and I had the honor of graduating from Auburn University this past weekend with a degree in elementary education. I played for four years on the women's soccer team, where I had the time of my life.

Walking across the stage this past weekend, there were so many memories and so many thoughts running through my mind. It meant so much to have my family and friends there because I could not have accomplished this without them.

Thinking back to the past four years, there is no possible way I can accurately sum everything up. One thing that I have reflected on quite a bit as my time as a student-athlete came to end, however, was the Auburn Creed. My experience as a student-athlete has engraved in me each of the life lessons that the Auburn Creed represents. A few of these things particularly stand out to me.

I believe in hard work, because I know that countless hours with your team in the weight room, on the field and in the film room can earn your sport's first ever SEC Tournament title, no matter how big of an underdog you are.

I believe in education, because I've seen the impact a great teacher can have on a struggling student, both at the elementary and college level. I believe in a spirit that is not afraid, because I have become so engulfed in this Auburn Family through sports, academics and community service, that I will forever have chills when I see the eagle fly around the stadium. I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy, because I have found life-long friends here, who realize a simple hug can cure just about any bad day.



In my four years as an Auburn student, I have not only come to know what the creed is, what it means, and what it stands for, but I have learned how to apply it to everyday life and how to truly live by the Auburn Creed.

From day one, coaches, academic staff, professors, teammates, classmates and so many others have helped me understand how to find my own passions and how to pursue them with an open heart. I have had an unbelievable experience as a student-athlete at Auburn. I don't think you will find anywhere else with so many people willing to care, serve and invest in each individual student.

There are many individuals who have had a significant impact on me as a student, and athlete, and as a person. Each of these people has exemplified the definition of the Auburn Creed. And because these people believe in all of these things, I will ALWAYS believe in Auburn and I will ALWAYS love it.

War Eagle!