Auburn Soccer Falls 5-0 To Atlanta Beat In Exhibition Match


Auburn Soccer Falls 5-0 To Atlanta Beat In
Exhibition Match

March 16, 2003

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 Auburn Soccer vs. Atlanta Beat

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — The Auburn women’s soccer team fell 5-0 to the Atlanta Beat of the WUSA here Sunday evening in an exhibition match at McCurry Park South.

“The team did a good job,” Auburn head coach Karen Hoppa said. “We started out strong and kept going after them. We didn’t sit back and just defend and I was proud of that. Atlanta is one of the best teams in the league (WUSA) and they scored some good goals on us.”

Five separate Beat players scored on Auburn including Homare Sawa and Abby Crumpton in the first half and Kerry Gragg, Emily Burt and Kristen Warren in the second half.

Auburn had a few chances of its’ own in the game including Jenny Zarzour sending a shot just over the crossbar about six minutes into the game. Another chance came, also in the first half, when Sara Power crossed to Chrissy Culver, who dribbled to four yards outside the goal with an opportunity, but an Atlanta defender came in a knocked the ball out for a corner kick.

Most likely the Tigers’ best chance at scoring came at the 61 minute mark when Kellie Evans sent the ball forward to the Atlanta goalkeeper. The goalkeeper came forward, but slipped missing the ball, which was just out of reach of Auburn’s Jaqueline Schwarz, who tried to tap it in the net.

Chrissy Culver action 102902“I was very pleased with the level of play of Auburn,” Atlanta Beat head coach Tom Stone said. “Some college teams lay down defensively, but Auburn was very competitive. It took us 25 minutes to get into the game and that is a huge compliment to Auburn for how they played.

“There are a few reasons we play these games,” Stone added. “First of all we want to develop our players and get them ready for the season. The second reason we play these is so we can see which college kids can handle the pros and this level of play. There are a few that play for Auburn that could handle this. Karen (Hoppa) does a great job of preparing them.”