Senior Feature: Kelsey George

Senior Kelsey George

Oct. 27, 2011

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by: Anthony Alfano, Auburn media relations

Kelsey George was born in Wilmington, Del., but it was not until she settled down in Suwanee, Ga., that she found a love for not only equestrian, but for wildlife and the environment.

George, an only child, maintained a 4.0 GPA while taking AP courses throughout high school and also won the United States Achievement Academy National Business Merit Award. Although leaving for college is an exciting time for a prospective student, it can be a devastating time for one's parents.

"I remember when I initially left home for school my parents were sad that I left," said George. "They started to realize though that I'm about to pursue the next step in my life."

Upon arriving at Auburn, loneliness was not an issue as the support and kindness on the equestrian team was apparent right from the start. According to teammate, fellow senior and close friend, Rachel Cooper, George is just as kind as she is giving.

"Kelsey has an admirable ability to listen and give advice from a pure heart," Cooper said. "She is conscientious and always straight-forward."

These qualities have helped George become a mentor to her younger teammates. She remembers how previous seniors taught her skills to help her become a great teammate, a great student and a functional member of society.   

"Being an upperclassman there are a lot more leadership responsibilities," George said. "If any of the younger girls have questions they are going to ask the seniors on the team for guidance."

When George is not helping guide her teammates, practicing or studying, she enjoys playing with her two dogs, Callie and Licorice, hiking and camping.

This season George wants to continue the team's academic standard by maintaining above a 3.2 GPA in also achieving a Top Tiger Award status. She also has aspirations of winning yet another overall National Championship.

"Last year in Waco, Texas, was so special and something that none of us will ever forget," Cooper said. "It was one of the best times of our lives, and I hope we can experience it again."

This past summer George went to Dauphin Island, Ala., and attended environmental sciences courses. These classes have given her first-hand experience and have helped her with her decision to pursue an environmental law degree in the future.

George will graduate this year with a degree in fisheries and allied aquacultures. It is a degree that is both fun and fascinating to her because of her affection for animals and nature as she hopes to one day make the world more eco-friendly. 

"I believe I am the only rider in the equestrian team's history to major in fisheries studies," George said. "With my major I want to work with sustainability or in environmental research."