Q&A With Freshman Western Rider Lyndsey Jordan

Jan. 12, 2007

Q: Do you have any superstitions?
A: "I don't like to change my boots in the middle of the year."

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: "Ever since I've come to Auburn, I like to sleep. I like to go shopping, hang out with friends and play basketball."

Q: If there were no horses, what animal should be used?
A: "Probably cows. They are kind of like a horse."

Q: Who is your role model?
A: "My mom and dad because they have been awesome. On the team, Whitney Kimble and Ashley Griffith are my role models because they are awesome girls and they have encouraged me a lot."

Q: If you turn on your radio right now, what would be playing?
A: "Country music. I love Dierks Bentley."

Q: What is your most memorable moment?
A: "When I won the USEF Championship. I marked a 220.5 on my horse."

Q: How did you get started in equestrian?
A: "I have ridden for most of my life. I have grown up around it and it's always been a part of my family."

Q: What was the first concert you went to?
A: "I went to a Hanson concert when I was 12. I don't like to tell people that because it is embarrassing."

Q: What movie could you spend all day watching?
A: "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days."

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?
A: "I have had so many. I don't know if I am clumsy, but I do things without thinking about it and it turns out being embarrassing."



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