Auburn Equestrian Victorious against Texas A&M 10-8



Oct. 16, 2009

AUBURN - The Auburn equestrian team (4-1) defeated Texas A&M (1-1) 10-8 Friday at the Auburn Equestrian Center. The Tigers defeated the Aggies 8-2 in Hunt Seat and lost 6-2 in Western.

"Our Hunt Seat team was phenomenal," said Auburn head coach Greg Williams. "We actually had something happen to us against South Carolina where in one of our events we went scoreless, and that hadn't happened to that group before. I think it made them mad and made them try harder all the way through the finish. They had a very dominant performance. Our (Western) Horsemanship girls rode really well today, but our (Western) Reiners didn't perform as well as they usually do. It was a great win and kudos to Hunt Seat for winning all those points."

Auburn swept Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences 5-0 behind MVP Grace Socha, who defeated Jackie O'Connell 89-72. Other Tiger winners included Dottie Grubb over Lindsay Smith 84-74, Anna Becker over Brooke Coleman 83-78, Maggie McAlary over Maggie Earle 92-77 and Anna Schierholz over Lia Chafee 86-85.

Auburn won Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 3-2 behind MVP Maggie McAlary, who defeated Hannah Siolbelhman 79-61. Other Tiger winners included Lindsay Portela over Brittany Dodson 76-63 and Katie Breedlove over Christina Heine 85-67. Aggie winners included Elizabeth Solch over Anna Schierholz 60-52 and Megan Webb over Chelsea Anheuser 66-63.



Texas A&M won Western Horsemanship 3-2 behind MVP Carey Nowacek, who defeated Bailey Dymond 73.5-68. Other Aggie winners included Randi Standley over Mary Casey 71-68 and Caroline Gunn over Kylie Miller 75.5-73. Tiger winners included Indy Roper over Kelsey Adams 73-69 and Kristin Hansen over Dana Hall 68.5-0 (0 refers to a no score because of a penalty).

Texas A&M won Western Reining 3-0 behind MVP Abigail Grabein, who defeated Jillian Fuller 69-61. Other Aggie winners included Courtney Dawe over Paige Monfore 63-62.5 and Maggie Gratny over Kristin Hansen 69.5-64.5. Tying with a score of 68 were Auburn's Kim Pope and Texas A&M's Randi Standley and with a score of 66.5 were Auburn's Lyndsey Jordan and Texas A&M's Tara Christiansen.

Auburn travels to Bethany, Conn., and Dover, Del., to face Sacred Heart and Delaware State Nov. 7-8.