Auburn Equestrian Falls to South Carolina 12-8


Oct. 2, 2009

AUBURN - The Auburn equestrian team (2-1) was handed its first loss of the season Friday as conference rival South Carolina (1-1) defeated the Tigers 12-8. The Gamecocks defeated the Tigers 8-2 in Hunt Seat, but lost 6-4 in Western.

"The first half (of the meet) was great," said Auburn head coach Greg Williams. "We had a couple of errors that would have been recoverable, but in the second half, we just didn't ride well."

South Carolina won Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences 3-2. Auburn's Dottie Grubb earned MVP honors defeating Paige Dekko 86-70. Other Tiger winners include Grace Socha over Eleanor Kunsman 85-68. Gamecock winners included Kimberly McCormick over Chelsea Anheuser 82-70, Megan Massaro over Elise Fraza 83-0 (0 refers to a no score because of a penalty) and Nicole Bourgeois over Anna Schierholz 79-69.

South Carolina swept Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 5-0, behind MVP Megan Massaro, who defeated Katie Breedlove 83-80. Other Gamecock winners included Colvin Hedgepeth over Anna Schierholz 72-61, Kimberly McCormick over Elise Fraza 67-61, Alex Haskell over Lindsay Portela 74-71 and Carly Babcock over Chelsea Anheuser 77-65.

Auburn won Western Horsemanship 4-1 behind MVP Indy Roper, who defeated Maggie Fortune 75.5-74. Other Tiger winners included Jessica Jones over Taylor Singmaster 71.5-70.5, Kristin Hansen over Emily Bookwalter 71.5-70 and Bailey Dymond over Amy Biffle 73-71.5. Gamecock winners include Haley Thornton over Kylie Miller 70-67.5.



South Carolina won Western Reining 3-2 behind MVP Lydia Roof, who defeated Kristin Hansen 69-66. Other Gamecock winners included winners Annie Laurie McDonald over Kim Pope 67.5-65.5 and Chloe Gray over Lyndsey Jordan 69-68.5. Tiger winners included Jillian Fuller over Audrey Jewell 61.5-61 and Paige Monfore over Amanda Pope 68.5-67.5.

Auburn travels to Martin, Tenn., to face Tennessee-Martin Oct. 9.