Auburn Equestrian Victorious Against No. 1 Baylor 11-9


March 7, 2009

Waco, Texas - The No. 4 Auburn equestrian team (5-2) defeated No. 1 Baylor (11-3) 11-9 on Saturday. The Tigers defeated the Lady Bears 7-3 in Hunt Seat, but lost 6-4 in Western.

"Baylor put on a great meet," said Auburn head coach Greg Williams. "They are an extremely, good team. We had been No. 1 and fallen, so it's always good to beat the No. 1 team on the road. I'm very proud of the girls. It was a close meet, but it is a great victory for us."

Auburn won Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences 3-2 behind MVP Maggie McAlary, who defeated Heather Healy 83-68. Other Tiger winners included Ali Loprete over Kenda Vicary 81-76 and Jessica Braswell over Nicole Brown 83-82. Bear winners included Kara Fergusson over Grace Socha 78-75 and Lisa Goldman over Anna Schierholz 80-70.

Auburn won Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 4-1 behind MVP Ali Loprete, who defeated Cara Wilson 82-77. Other Tiger winners included Rebecca Rifkin over Mary Smitson 82-74, Chelsea Anheuser over Heather Healy 64-62 and Katie Breedlove over Margaret Beaudoin 75-70. Bear winners include Shelby White over Maggie McAlary 79-75.



Baylor won Western Horsemanship 4-1 behind MVP Allison Orosz, who defeated Shannon Hinton 77-60.5. Other Bear winners included Nicole McCoy over Mary Casey 67-66.5, Meghan Murphy over Courtney Kobak 76-74 and Lindsay Douglas over Jessica Jones 74.5-72. Tiger winners include Kylie Miller over Lindsey Tomko 72.5-69.5.

Auburn won Western Reining 3-2. Baylor's Michelle Reynolds won MVP honors defeating Ashton Fairey 69-67.5. Other Bear winners include Katie Buss over Jessica Jones 71-69. Tiger winners included Lyndsey Jordan over Amber Mooney 71-70, Kim Pope over Kim Marlowe 68.5-67.5 and Paige Monfore over Madelyn Mooney 71-70.

"I've got to give kudos to Coach Helfer and Coach Neubarth," said Williams. "They worked really hard and had the girls prepared."

Auburn returns to action tomorrow morning against Southern Methodist in Hunt Seat at 9 a.m. CT in Dallas.