Auburn Equestrian Falls to Georgia, 12-7


Feb. 28, 2009

BISHOP, Georgia - The No. 4 Auburn equestrian team (4-2) was handed its second loss of the season Saturday as No. 2 and conference rival Georgia
(9-3) defeated the Tigers 12-7. The Bulldogs defeated the Tigers 6-4 in Hunt Seat and 6-3 in Western.

"Our riders rode really well," said Auburn head coach Greg Williams. "We had very few mistakes. If we keep riding like we're doing, we're going to be fine."

Georgia won all four events. The Bulldogs took MVP honors in all the events making up for the loss to Auburn on Oct. 18.

Georgia won Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences 3-2 behind MVP Haylie Jayne, who defeated Dottie Grubb 89-77. Other Bulldog winners included Emma Lipman over Jenny Reinhart 84-40 and Kacy Jenkins over Ali Loprete 89-85. Tiger winners included Grace Socha over Katie Hagerty 85-72 and Anna Schierholz over Kelley Cowperthwait 88-82.

Georgia won Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 3-2 behind MVP Katie Hagerty, who defeated Chelsea Anheuser 82-76. Other Bulldog winners included Emma Lipman over Ali Loprete 72-70.5 and Haylie Jayne over Rebecca Rifkin 82-76. Tiger winners included Katie Breedlove over Daisy Whelan 75.5-71 and Maggie McAlary over Amy Klebesadel 77.5-77.

Georgia won Western Horsemanship 3-1 behind MVP Kelly Mundrick, who defeated Shannon Hinton 74.5-68.5. Other Bulldog winners included Alicia Shrum over Mary Casey 74.5-71.5 and Lauren Love over Jessica Jones 72-69.5. Tiger winners include Courtney Kobak over Katelyn Van Allen 74.5-69.5. Tying with a score of 72 were Auburn's Kylie Miller and Georgia's Dana Kennedy.

Georgia won Western Reining 3-2 behind MVP Sarah Locker, who defeated Kelsey George 69.5-0 (0 refers to a no score because of a penalty). Other Bulldog winners included Kate Stewart over Lyndsey Jordan 70.5-66.5 and Nicole Grant over Ashton Fairey 68.5-66.5. Tiger winners included Paige Monfore over Hannah Dyer 64.5-60 and Kim Pope over Diandra St. Hilaire 68-62.

Auburn travels to Texas for a doubleheader against Baylor March 7 at 11 a.m. CT and against Southern Methodist March 8 at 9 a.m. CT.