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Individual Superlatives


Points: 33, Laticia Morris vs. South Alabama
Field Goals Made: 14, Tara Williams vs. South Carolina
Field Goals Attempted: 24, Tara Williams vs. Texas Tech
3-Pointers Made: 7, Tiffany Krantz vs. Vanderbilt*
3-Pointers Attempted: 10, Tiffany Krantz vs. Miss. State
Free Throws Made: 10, Laticia Morris vs. Alabama
Free Throws Attempted: 13, Laticia Morris vs. Alabama
Rebounds: 12, Justine Agbatan vs. UAB
12, Tonia Trail vs. DePaul
12, Tonia Trail vs. Northwestern State
12, Tara Williams vs. Miss. State
Offensive Rebounds: 9, Justine Agbatan vs. UAB
Defensive Rebounds: 10, Tonia Trail vs. Troy State
Assists: 8, Tamika Slade vs. Texas Tech
8, Tamika Slade vs. Troy State
Turnovers: 10, Laticia Morris vs. Georiga
Blocks: 5, Tara Williams vs. George Mason
Steals: 8, Justine Agbatan vs. UAB


Points: 32, Pietra Gay, LSU
Field Goals Made: 10, Kim Williams, DePaul
10, DeLisha Milton, Florida
10, Tamicha Jackson, La. Tech
Field Goals Attempted: 20, Kim Williams, DePaul
3-Pointers Made: 7, Pietra Gay, LSU
3-Pointers Attempted: 14, Suzan Shirley, Jacksonville State
Free Throws Made: 12, Haley Harris, Louisville
Free Throws Attempted: 13, Haley Harris, Louisville
Rebounds: 19, Tiffani Johnson, Tennessee
Offensive Rebounds: 9, Tiffani Johnson, Tennesse
Defensive Rebounds: 10, Tiffani Johnson, Tennessee
Assists: 10, Olivia Heitter, Northern Illinois
Turnovers: 10, Jennifer Steadman, CharlestonS'thern
Blocks: 9, Amy Lundquist, DePaul
Steals: 6, Kim Williams, DePaul

*School Record

Miscellaneous Numbers:

Games as Leading Scorer: Tara Williams (13--Jacksonville St., UAB, TexasTech, Troy State, DePaul, Florida, Miss. State, Kentucky, Jax St., Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennes see (SEC)) Laticia Morris (14--Northern Illinois, Providence, Northwestern St., George Mason, Alabama, Georgia, South Alabama, South ern Miss, LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss (SEC), Florida (SEC), La. Tech) Tiffany Krantz (4--Charleston Southern, Vandy, Georgia (SEC), Louisville) Justine Agbatan (1--Georgia Southern)

Games as Leading Rebounder: Justine Agbatan (10--Jackson ville State,Charleston Southern (t), UAB, NIU (t), South Ala bama, Alabama (t), Georgia (SEC), Florida (SEC), Louisville (t)), La. Tech (t)); Tamika Slade (1--Charleston S'thern (t)); Laticia Morris (6--NIU (t), Providence, Alabama, USM, Vandy, Louisville (t)); Tara Williams (13--NIU (t), Florida, Georgia, Miss. State, LSU, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Ole Miss (SEC), Tennessee (SEC), La. Tech (t)). Krisztina Bernath (2--Georgia Southern, Jax St.); Tonia Trail (7--Texas Tech, Troy State, DePaul,Northwestern State, George Mason, USM, Louisville (t)) T.J. Williams (1--Alabama (t))

Games as Leader in Assists: Tiffany Krantz (13--Jacksonville State, Northwestern St. (t), George Mason (t), Florida, Miss. State (t), LSU, UK (t), Jax State, Alabama (t), USC (t), Ole Miss (SEC), Georgia (SECt), Florida (SECt)) Tamika Slade (12--Charleston Southern, Ga. Southern, UAB(t), Texas Tech, Troy State, DePaul, Providence, Northwestern State (t), George Mason (t), Vandy, Tennessee (t), USC (t)); Justine Agbatan (11--UAB (t), NIU (t), Alabama, Miss. State (t), Alabama (t), Tennessee (t), USC (t), Ole Miss, Georgia (SEC)t), Florida (SECt), Louisville) Laticia Morris (11--NIU (t), Alabama (t), Georgia, S.Ala., USM, UK (t), Arkansas, Alabama (t), Tennessee (SEC), Florida (SECt), La. Tech) T.J. Williams (1--Georgia (SEC) t)) Tara Williams (1--Florida (SECt))

Games Scoring in Double Figures:

    Agbatan     5   Trail           7
    Bernath     2   T.J. Williams   2
    Krantz      18  Younger         1
    T. Williams 28  L. Morris       24
    J. Morris   1   Slade           1

Games Scoring 20 or More Points:

    T. Williams 12  Krantz          4
    Agbatan     1   L. Morris       10

Games Rebounding in Double Figures:

    Agbatan     4   Trail       5
    Bernath     1   Morris      6
    T. Williams 3

Games Scoring and Rebounding in Double Figures:

    Agbatan     2   Trail       2
    Bernath     1   Morris      5
    T. Williams 3

Games in Double Figures in Assists: NA

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Last Modified July 27, 1997
Auburn Media Relations

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