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DeWanna Bonner Q&A

July 18, 2007

How was it getting back with coach Joanne McCallie?
"It was very good because I already knew what she wanted. It made it a little easier than last year."

You also had six teammates returning from last year's U-20 team.
"It was cool playing with a team I already knew. We already had that bond going for us. That was one of the reasons we were so successful and won by so many points."

When the team arrived in Frankfurt, 13 bags were misplaced by the airline, was yours one of them?
"No, my bag was not one of the ones that got lost. I was very happy about that."

What did you think of France?
"France was very cool and very pretty. The food was great."

When the team arrived in Russia, you immediately ate at a TGI Friday's.
"We wanted to go there everyday but obviously we couldn't."

You opened with Australia and had to battle back to take the win, 90-88.
"They caught us a little off guard. We didn't know what the competition was like yet. Plus we had just gotten off the plane. They gave us a good game."

You played eight games in as many days. During the regular season, you may play in two or three a week. What are some of the changes you had to make?
"We had to get a lot of rest. You're body gets very sore but was exciting. We never got a chance to celebrate because you were always playing another game the next day, so when we finally could celebrate, it was great."

Did you enjoy yourself at the U.S. Embassy?
"There were some kids there and we played some games with them. We were just as excited to see them as they were to see us."

Is there any nation that you enjoy playing more than any other?
"They're all about the same but I can tell you that Australia was our biggest competition both times we played them."

Not a lot of people can say they won a World Championship two years in a row. How does that feel?
"It was good to win back-to-back. There were a lot of people coming after us but the United States is good. It's a big accomplishment for our country and we're very excited."

How do you think you played in the tournament?
"I think I did very well. I rebounded well at the guard position and I scored when I needed to score."

What was the most memorable part of your trip to Russia?
"Probably the flight. It was the longest flight I have ever been on in my life. Washington to France took us 23 hours and it was another six from France to Russia."

What was the most positive memory of your trip?
"Winning the gold medal and having all the confetti coming down and to be standing on the podium while they're playing the National Anthem was really cool."

What did you learn from competing with the other girls that you can bring with you to the Auburn team?
"To be strong. You have to be strong with the European teams. I definitely learned more about the physical aspect of the game."



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