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Postgame Quotes vs. Jacksonville

Dec. 22, 2012

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Auburn vs. Jacksonville
Dec. 22, 2012
Auburn Arena

Auburn head coach Terri Williams-Flournoy

Opening statement...

"I thought our young ladies did a really good job. We really focused on getting the ball inside and after Peyton (Davis) got hurt, I thought Tra'cee (Tanner) stepped in and did a really good job. I thought the team did a really good job of getting the ball inside. That's why we came up with 28 assists in the game."

On how pleased she was with Tra'Cee Tanner's effort...

"Very pleased with the freshman. She's actually been practicing a lot better. Probably the last two weeks or so, I think the clock finally ticked over and she realized she was not a silly freshman. She was actually someone that we could use and could be very helpful to our team. She began to practice a little harder, got a little stronger, understood a little bit more what we were trying to get out of her."

On how important it is to give playing time to multiple players going into conference play...

"It's really good. The more confidence you can give your kids coming off the bench, the better they feel throughout the rest of the season. We've said before, we're always trying to get our bench to play a little bit better because we don't want our starters playing that many minutes because the way we play, they just can't play that many minutes. I think sometimes our starters are having to play way too many minutes, especially (Tyrese Tanner) at the top of the press because that's very tiresome."

On Julie King's play today...

"Julie doesn't do anything differently than what she does in practice. You guys just get to see it because she's out on the floor, but that's exactly what we see every day in practice. She's the first one to finish the sprints. She's just a hustler."

On Tra'Cee Tanner's development...

"When we do individual post-guard workouts, that's one of the things that we try to get her to understand is her body and sitting down a little bit because she has a tendency to stand. We tell her she has more power staying low and going up. When we can get her to jump, she's usually pretty effective at that point. I think sometimes they don't really understand, especially freshmen, they don't really understand how strong they are. She's pretty strong, and she can actually take a lot of people up with her."

On if she has to prepare Tra'Cee Tanner for some of the physicality she has to deal with in being one of the biggest on the court...

"It's just the price you pay for being a post player. It's like being a point guard. That's the price you pay for turning the ball over. You're the point guard. So being a post player, that's the price you pay for being inside. You are going to get hit. It's just how many beatings can you take?"

On if there is any sibling rivalry between Tyrese and Tra'Cee Tanner...

"The Tanner sisters act like fools sometimes in practice. Amazing. No, they really don't. They get on each other a little bit, but really not too much. It's usually Ty messing with the younger sister more than anything else. Sometimes that younger sister speaks up and yells out in practice at her older sister like she's completely lost her mind. Other than that, they're just your typical players."

On how fun it is for her to watch the sibling dynamic unfold on the court...

"It's fun. They're fun. They're a really good group of young ladies. Their mom has done a great job of coaching them up, so they're really fun. They have great personalities, and it's a joy to have them on the team."

Tyrese Tanner, Jr., G

On how proud she is for her younger sister's success today...

"I'm really proud. She works hard in practice. She's actually on the opposite team I play in practice all the time. She's always giving us a hard time, her and our other freshman Chadarryl (Clay). I get pretty angry in practice, but on the other side, I'm happy that she did this and was able to produce tonight."

On if practicing against her sister makes it easier to play with her during the games...

"I don't have to run. It's pretty good."

Tra'Cee Tanner, Fr., F

On if she's ever scored more points than her sister in a game...

"Me being the little sister, not much because she's more experienced than I am. There's always that competition to try to do better than her. It makes me want it more and be more determined."

On how she matches up against opponents' players in the post...

"For me, I like playing a physical game, so playing against our competitors, me and Peyton (Davis) always battle in the post in practice, so I'm kind of used to it. I played up when I was playing AAU and stuff, so I've always been used to the beating and just getting hit and stuff like that, so it just comes with the position I play."



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