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Auburn vs. Duke Postgame Quotes

Nov. 18, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Auburn Head Coach Nell Fortner

Opening Statement:
"Well if it was a 20 minute ball game, I probably would feel really good about it, but it is a 40 minute game. The last 20 minutes was pretty tough for us. Elizabeth Williams is something else. She is a great rebounder and just a force. She is a force that is just hard to deal with. I was very impressed with her. I don't think we did a very good job keeping her off the boards. She pretty much had her way with us. We have some work to do in that department, but I thought we competed hard and did some good things in 20 minutes. We just have to learn how to play a 40 minute game."

On what she was impressed with by her team:
"I thought we fought hard. When you go on the road and you are playing a top 10 team, you can get defeated pretty early. We would get down eight and ten, and then we came back. I thought our fight, really just staying with it, staying positive and believing in ourselves was really good. I thought we executed better offensively in the first 20 minutes. We turned into a different team in the second half. We got down, and I think we panicked a little bit. We just didn't really execute well offensively and didn't keep them off the boards very well."

On if Duke gave them a different effort in the second half:
"I think so. I think they were sharper. They attacked....I thought we created some problems for them in the first half. They came out and dismounted which shows me that they made some adjustments."

On Duke's depth:
"They're depth is very good. They don't drop off. I thought their intensity was better in the second half, and it created panic on our part."

On Jassany Williams seven block shots:
"Williams is a good shot blocker. That might have made a difference with them, but it didn't seem to make a difference in the second half. Once they got the first 20 minutes under their belt, they came out and settled down a bit. We went the other direction as oppose to staying with what had gotten us there. It disintegrated on us."



Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement:
"We really are very, very pleased with our second half in particular. I thought Haley's [Peters] leadership and the way she played in the second half and how aggressive she was, I though the team fed off of that in a very, very positive way. To hold any team to 19 second half points, I think is a remarkable accomplishment - especially [against] Auburn, a very physical team with a lot of talent and a lot of shooters. Elizabeth [Williams] was just very powerful out there. She was aggressive and extremely powerful on the floor, and when that happens, really good things can happen. That was important to our team because I thought Elizabeth was powerful throughout her minutes, and it's important to send that energy to her teammates. I love that we outrebounded them by that margin - 52-35. We understood that this would be the first team we played that really would be physical on the boards. I thought it was really physical. I appreciate the officials; they let some things go that were kind of like NCAA-time-of-year no-calls, but I appreciate that because our team needs to understand it's not about easy and that it's about playing through whatever you need to play through."

On the importance of the second half adjustments:
"We talked about it at halftime - the put-backs - and how that had fortified their offense and how we were trying to do some careless things with the basketball in the first half. That registered with the team. They understand that, and we want to play really great basketball. We don't want to play funny basketball. The team made those adjustments in the second half."

On the halftime discussion with the team:
"They also out-hustled us. They got a put-back when we didn't run the floor. That was a big focus we talked about. And then laying it out there: here's the put-backs; here's how they scored. When we looked at how they scored, they didn't score off their offense or first shot attempts. I thought in the second half - I mean 19 points - I don't think we gave them anything."

On if Elizabeth Williams has looked as dominant in practices as she did today:
"Yes, in spurts. I think that it's part of growing and us growing together as a team, and getting comfortable out there. There's a process. Elizabeth's got great confidence about her[self] and, she's pretty comfortable about the process, and I think that's important."

On why Haley Peters playing time in the first half:
"Ali [Vernerey] did some nice things out there; just rotation, nothing particular. Sometimes [in] the first half, you've got to get a feel for things, and I was upset about some other things [like] not getting down the floor at times, but that wasn't just Haley, that was everybody."

I believe I went to a four-guard set. I was trying to see, defensively, what it looked like. [Tricia] Liston came in, and there was a period of time where I was rotating one post [player]."

On the impact of Shay Selby and other players coming off the bench:
"Shay's been pretty steady as a great sixth player for us right now - coming off the bench and being really into it, as to what's going on, on the floor. I thought she had a great game. Those rebounds were aggressive. Those four offensive rebounds were just incredible. She's got to keep that up. She's a very special player. She's got to be able to contribute that physicality because it's part of who she is, and she's a no-fear player. She'll take that ball in there against anybody, and that's an important piece to have."

"Allison [Vernerey] - I thought she made incredible plays. That steal at half-court and finish with the kid hanging on her - honestly - Allison showed great resolve and quickness out there, and that helps us out there because she's very long and rangy. She only played 11 minutes in the game, but obviously she's extremely productive in the 11 she played."

On playing Allison Vernerey and Elizabeth Williams together:
"Well, we're very long when we do that. There's so much growing we have to do as a team, and there's so much trusting we have to do as a team right now because there's so much learning we have to do, and part of that learning is how can you play with other players and other positions. I thought they did great together, and I thought they gave us a lot of quickness."

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