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Auburn vs. Texas A&M Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 30, 2014

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On the second half...

"We knew going in at halftime we could turn them over. It was just a matter of us turning them over and not converting those into points. I think during the first half we played a little timid and a little scared. They jumped right on our point guards and that set the tone immediately to start the game."

On point guards...

"It's very hard. You try one point guard, you try another point guard and then we go back with Kiani Parker, who isn't a point guard. Tonight we were just trying to find the best option to get us up the floor and get us some points."

On Tyrese Tanner's foul trouble...

"She's got to work on not getting those dumb fouls. There was the one where the kids were already on the floor and she went in diving and got the foul. Then the foul where she set a screen and pushed off, you can't get those fouls. When we made that run and we were down by seven she picked up her fourth foul. It's hard for this team to keep fighting when we're in their senior leader is in foul trouble."

On the next game against Arkansas...

"We've got some things we need to fix. It's just coming down to us being able to play as hard as we can every single possession and to keep working and get a win."

On the first half...
"We definitely didn't come out in the first half like we were supposed to.  We usually start out with a bang, but we let them punch first. We kind of relaxed after those two steals, I think relaxing was our biggest downfall.""

On mindset to start the second half...
"That we had to at least cut it to 10. We had to keep attacking the basket. When they came out for their warm-up they were actually relaxed, they were just going through there motions. We went strong and cut it to 10 but after that it was hard to hold on."

On foul trouble...
"It's pretty tough. It's hard to sit there and watch and not be able to help your team. It's the price you pay when you foul."

On mindset going forward...
"We are hungry. We are going to continue to play hard. We have to play better in the first half like we did in the Kentucky game, but we didn't finish. If we play hard for the whole 40 minutes we will win."

On forcing 27 turnovers...
"The pressure was pretty good, forcing a team to have that many turnovers, we should have won. Twenty-seven is a lot but we didn't turn the turnovers into enough points. We did a good job of playing our one, which is what we usually run, it's our bread and butter. It's just frustrating not to win the game."

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Texas A&M Head Coach Gary Blair

On tonight's game...
"This is the first time I played in your new facility. (It is a) Great facility and great crowd. We were very fortunate to be able to start the game well enough to take your students out of the game. Those students would have really been riled up if y'all would have been able to take the lead. I know what a student body crowd can do. You have a great venue for it here.

This is the most we have ever turned the ball over and won a ball game ever in our lives. We worked on it. You can work against the men's practice, and the second group, but you cannot simulate how well they played that third quarter defense, especially when they have (Hasina) Muhammad out front who has arms from here to the ceiling. You are only as good as your point guard plays, too many times our point guard didn't want the ball. Jordan Jones played a great first half and then she got frustrated. She got four fouls and a technical, she will learn.

I had to put a freshman out there. You don't make a living with a freshman on the road in the SEC. She hung in there and did some great things. Karla Gilbert is a senior and got inside. She knew what to do when she got the ball. Tori Scott, coming off the bench, is a junior she attacks and she scores. She did a great job. Auburn is going to get better and better. I know they lost four games, but we just came off a 21 point butt-kicking by Tennessee. We have got to get better. But I have four road wins in the SEC out of four tries. I am on house money for a while. These kids have done a great job playing well on the road. You had a good crowd in there and a great atmosphere."

On first half...
"When you play the defense they are playing, trying to trap you on the wings, that leaves you one-on-one inside. Unless you drop down Muhammad all the way down. We got too many good looks, when we finally did penetrate. We got one-on-one looks. Karla is supposed to finish. We tried to throw a couple home run passes to her. She is very good when she can make a single move. When she makes a double move she travels. That is why she got five turnovers. You have to learn to catch it and finish. Look at the game 46-26 in the paint, but a lot of those were layups coming off of the break. Instead of trying to set up our offense I said what the hell let them fly. It turned into a rec center game for both of us coaches. We probably both feel we lost control of the game. You just have to let players play through their mistakes and I had a little bit more of a seasoned team than Auburn has right now."

On bouncing back from a 21-point loss...
"It's huge because we are staying on the road. To be able first to take coaching and teach it. We are teachers first and coaches second. I was having to teach and coach more in this ball game than any win I have ever did in 10 years. We were making mistakes through your good play on the press. We were turning the ball over. I lost a little bit of control. I don't like to coach that way. I like for my point guards to take care of the situation and have a little bit of swag out there. But if you get your butt kicked by 21, Auburn knows what winning national championships is all about, and we know how to compete for one. We have three sophomore guards and three more guards coming off the bench. Karla Gilbert is the only senior that plays. And I think we have a shot. We do not have to play Tennessee and South Carolina again. We are going to take it one game at a time. We are fixing to play two very smart guards in Vanderbilt. We will have our hands full. But this is what the SEC is all about."

Senior Karla Gilbert
On first half...
"There was most definitely a focus going in. The coaches did a great job scouting the team. We saw a bunch of openings within that scouting. We were able to execute also on the play. And that is what led us to the win."




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