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Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 13, 2008

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Auburn Head Coach Nell Fortner

"I am a really happy coach today. I think the team absolutely responded to a couple really tough days of practice. There was a tremendous challenge put in front of them, like who are we? We go to Tennessee and have that kind of performance and it was just not indicative of who we are, so we had to figure out who we are and they rose to the occasion today. I thought we did an outstanding job in following exactly what we wanted to do in guarding Georgia and I'm just really proud of them."

On coming back from the Tennessee loss...
"It was everything. It is just one ball game, but it was a huge ball game in terms of where we are going to go from here. Were we going to compete or were we going to stand up and fight. Do we have the desire to be the team that I felt like we could be and they just had to answer that question tonight and I think they answered it in a tremendous way. There was a fire back in them."

On DeWanna Bonner's performance...
"That's what we expect from DeWanna every game and she has been very consistent. She played multiple positions on the floor. She is leading in a tremendous way on both ends of the floor."

On Alli Smalley's leadership...
"Her teammates have loved her from day one. She is a very soft spoken kid but her game speaks volumes. They have tremendous respect for her game. That's how kids are, you get respect from your game. They love playing with her. What Alli had to work on was being more vocal. We have to hear her call plays. They love playing for her and they will fight for her."

Auburn Junior DeWanna Bonner

Bouncing back after the loss to Tennessee...
"It was very important we had to show everybody that we were a ranked team, we went out there and played kind of scared, we had to believe we could win, and I do not think we did that. It was very important to come out here and show the world or whoever that we are better than where we were when we played Tennessee."

Starting well to gain confidence...
"That's one of the reasons we have been losing our games because we have been getting off to bad start. When we played George Washington, I do not think we had confidence at the beginning, so we did not have enough at the end. I think when we had the lead, it gave us confidence. We were running and playing, and that's why we came out on top."

Auburn Freshman Alli Smalley

On playing a fast paced game...
"We are going on a three game losing streak, and we are trying to break that. Coach Fortner talked how we need to push the ball according to the pace of game. I felt like it was to our benefit to speed it up, and it worked for us."

On running the team...
"It has been a difficult process; you cannot replace someone like Whitney and the type of point guard she is. Our chemistry is coming together, and hopefully we can continue to feed off one another throughout the SEC season and play like we did today."

Georgia Head Coach Andy Landers

Getting the ball inside...
"It wasn't as difficult to get it in as it was to do anything with it when we did. The shooting percentage inside was awful. Some of the passes thrown down low were pretty good, but some of the players dropped them causing turnovers. Let me take you back to the beginning of the game, one of our post players missed a pass from point blank range, then, got the rebound and missed a lay-up from point blank range. Then, a minute later she does the same thing and is 0 for 4 from two foot range. The foul situation took some minutes away from them so we couldn't get the ball to them that much. Then at times, when we put the ball in there, they made poor decisions and were double-teamed. That really stopped our post game.

On first half game plan...
"You run the course of a game regardless of who you play. You run certain sets to accomplish different things, and you play to the strengths you have on the floor And that's what we were doing for the most part."

On not being able to regroup...
"I thought that in the first half there were a few times we did regroup. We made some stops and did some things to get us going, but then the two things that hurt us today are the offensive rebounds and fast break points. It seemed that every time we made a shot we would either give up a fast break point or turn over the ball. Generally, one of those things happened every time we made a shot."

Georgia Senior Tasha Humphrey

On scoring down low...
"Every time I caught the ball there were two or three people surrounding me, and it was hard to score. They were doing a good job double-teaming and sometimes triple-teaming us."

On Auburn rebounds...
"The only place we are really big is down low. They still have a lot of players who can run in and get rebounds. If you look down the line, everybody they played had at least four or five rebounds. We have to do better job of boxing out and getting rebounds."



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