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Postgame Quotes vs. Ole Miss

Jan. 10, 2013

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Auburn vs. Ole Miss
January 10, 2013
Auburn, Ala.

Auburn head coach Terri Williams-Flournoy

On the game...

"I thought our kids came out immediately and set the tone against Ole Miss. Right away Tyrese Tanner was very aggressive at the top of our press. She got some breakaway layups and then Blanche Alverson hit the three to start the game and gave us the energy we really needed to get going right away.

On Blanche Alverson... "She shot it pretty deep so right away you know it will at least be a good night for Blanche offensively. How the rest of the night will go, we're not sure, but we know we'll be able to run some stuff and get Blanche some shots."

On rebounding... "I thought we did a horrible job rebounding. I thought we gave up a lot of offensive rebounds on the defensive end. It looked like more than two. Maybe just those two back to back made it seem like more, but that was one point of emphasis that we had talked about, because we got outrebounded at Missouri. We definitely need to get to the boards and offensively as well."

On Najat Ouardad... "She has got 14 assists tonight, and I think she had 10 the other night. She has done a very good job of not just seeing the floor, but finding her teammates in situations where it's easy for them to score. There's not a lot of decisions that have to be made when they catch it. She's finding them right at the opportune time to score. She's doing a really good job of pushing the ball for us. Sometimes those are the best nights for point guards. They don't really have to score. If they can control the game and make their teammates look better, it's a good game for them."

On the difference between halves... "I thought at one point we went through a little scoring drought in the second half where we didn't score and almost got loose a few times on some breakaways. They got some shots. I think Tia Faleru hit a few for them. They're a team in the SEC. You're not going to just completely hold them from scoring altogether. We just wanted to contain them. They're averaging 68 points a game. One of our goals was to hold them to 55, so we hit our defensive goal."

Auburn Player Quotes
Blanche Alverson, Sr., F

On getting 1,000 career points...

"I think it just represents the career I have had here and how I have enjoyed it. I have had a great career here the past four years. It just says a lot about the experiences we have had here. I owe it all to my teammates, because without Najat (Ouardad) or other people giving me the ball, I wouldn't have scored a point. I am blessed to say I was able to score over 1,000 points, but I owe it all to them."

On how fitting it was to get her 1,000th career point on a three-pointer...

"I think it was. That is what I do. I was aware that I was only six points away, so I wanted to get it out of the way, so I didn't have to worry about it."

On being in a groove offensively...

"I am just trying to do what I can for the team. I know I have to stretch the defense out so we can open up the paint and let our other scorers score. If I can do that, we are good to go. I know I have to bring that to the table."

On having one of her best all-around games...

"I would I say so, because I was able to rebound and play defense. As a team, we just wanted to come out and make a statement early. We all hated to lose to Missouri. We just wanted to come in focused today. We got back to what we do and we allowed the game to flow that way."

Najat Ouardad, Sr., G

On if she has ever had more than 14 assists in a game before...

"Yes, I think I had 15 once in junior college. It is just great that my teammates are able to finish."

On getting a win after the loss to Missouri...

"We had to bounce back. We knew that we couldn't have two losses in a row. We made it back, and now we have to focus on Texas A&M."

On controlling the game offensively...

"I don't care about scoring, but I feel like I did my job which is managing the tempo and making it easier for the other girls to score. I always say that when I score, it was open back to me. I am as pleased to have 14 assists as I am 14 points."

On being able to manufacture assists in a variety of ways...

"With my size, I just try to see what is going on and adapt to the situation. That is what point guards are supposed to do."

Ole Miss Head Coach - Brett Frank

Opening statement... "First of all, we obviously didn't execute the game plan that we had intended very well. I think that is a great tribute to Coach Flo and the job she does. I thought they did a great job of disrupting us and the things we felt like would be affected against them. They're a great group. They're very athletic, they're long, they're going to create a lot of problems and I think people that have maybe overlooked them in the past are going to be shocked when they come in this year to compete against them. Again, I give all the credit to Coach Flo and her staff. They did an amazing job, kids competed well, competed hard. I'm not very excited about the outcome, but like I said I think they're going to have a great SEC season."

On Blanche Alverson...

"I thought Blanche did a great job. Every time she got 3s she made us pay for it, including a couple of times right at the shot clock, as the shot clock was going down 3-2-1. Those weren't even 3s, those were a couple of mid-range shots, but she's such a great shooter, pure shooter. You really have to know and recognize where she is at all times. I think one of the things that makes her so effective, particularly in this offense, is as a pure shooter she really has the capability of stretching defenders out which really allows the other players on the perimeter to use their athleticism, and I think that makes them much more effective players as well. I think they complement each other really, really well."

On rebounding in the first half...

"For us, we had two defensive rebounds the entire first half. I think that's probably what I was most disappointed in as far as our team is concerned. We talk a lot about the things that are effort statistics, and amongst those are rebounding and the number of times you take a charge, the number of times you take a dive on the floor for a loose ball. We talk about the things we can control and the things we can't control. Definitely the things that we do control are whether or not we choose to play defense, whether or not we choose to block out, whether or not we make a solid effort on every rebound, and I really was not very pleased with our team tonight. I don't think we competed as we should have."



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