Alex Schweizer and Robbert Lathouwers End Run in Polo Ralph Lauren All-American Championships While Fall Season Continues Friday at Georgia Tech Invitational
Lukas Marsoun

Oct. 5, 2006

Alex Schweizer and Robbert Lathouwers finished their run in the Polo Ralph Lauren All-American Championship this evening falling in the first round of main draw competition.

Schweizer and Lathouwers advanced to the main draw competition by winning three rounds of qualifying matches earlier this week. They fell to Diego Camacho and Ross Cunningham of Tulsa 8-5 this evening.

The fall season will continue for the Tigers Friday when seven athletes will head to Atlanta, Ga. for the Georgia Tech Invitational. Singles and doubles competition will both begin Friday and end on Sunday.

In singles competition Lukas Marsoun will take on Sinan Sudas of Central Florida Friday at 8 a.m. Milan Krnjetin will compete against Pete Necajevs of Mississippi State at 10:30 a.m. Terence Nugent will play Gera Boryachinkskiy of Clemson at 11 a.m. Nick Maurillo will face Marc Boiron of Middle Tennessee State at 11 a.m. Hunter Mills will face Hendrik Stahmer of Nebraska at 11:30 a.m. Stephan Nash will battle Danielk Balong of Georgia State at 12 p.m. Aaron Williams will compete against Diego Martinez of Troy at 12:30 p.m.

In doubles action Milan Krnjetin and Nick Maurillo will face Sinan Sudas and Norman Alcantara of Central Florida at 8 a.m. Lukas Marsoun and Stephan Nash will take on Chris Motes and Joshua Varela of Georgia also at 8 a.m. and Hunter Mills and Terence Nugent will battle Mark Tate and Adrian Szatmary of Nebraska.

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