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25 things you didn't know: Evan Osteen

June 10, 2014

Evan Osteen, who has been an assistant golf coach for Nick Clinard for the past six years, sat down with to play 25 questions.

1. My favorite color is blue.

2. Hamilton's is my favorite place to eat in Auburn.

3. I once was disqualified for the first 18 holes for having too many clubs in my golf bag in a collegiate tournament. I was then penalized four strokes in the next 18 for having a practice club at the bottom of my bag that I didn't see.

4. My favorite movie is either Remember the Titans or Hoosiers.

5. As a kid, I played soccer, basketball, baseball and I also was a kicker on the football team in high school.

6. Michael Jackson is my favorite singer of all-time. Thriller is my favorite song of his.

7. I always use a quarter from the 1960s to mark my ball when playing golf.

8. Qualifying for the US Amateur is my greatest golf accomplishment.

9. If I wasn't coaching, I would want to be in an administrative role at a high school.

10. The best part about Auburn is how everyone is so friendly and the camaraderie. When we walk through airports and hotels we always hear a "War Eagle".

11. Everybody tells me I have awesome one-liners.

12. I'm always singing whether I am in the shower or in the car recruiting.

13. I grew up a Carolina Panthers fan, but I really love college sports.

14. I grew up in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, which is about 30 minutes from Charlotte.

15. My favorite golf course is Augusta National because of the tradition.

16. If I could play any golf course it would be Cyprus Point in California. It is right on the water and looks beautiful.

17. I love watching Sports Center.

18. When I was in college I once dressed up for Halloween in a full body turkey costume.

19. Whenever I am back home in North Carolina, my favorite thing to do is play golf with my dad.

20. I cry during movies that are based on real events. I am an emotional guy, so I cry whenever the underdog wins. Chick flicks don't really affect me as much as sports movies, though.

21. If I got stuck on an island I would want Mellow Mushroom Pizza, an iPad and an airplane so I could get off.

22. My friends back home called me Steve from 90210.

23. My favorite golfer is Tiger Woods.

24. My most prized possessions are the gift cards laying on my counter.

25. Prior to coaching, I worked in operations at the Pablo Creek Golf Club in Jacksonville, Fla., where I also worked for AXA Advisors as a financial professional.



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