Carr Honored as Auburn's SEC Legend

Gregg Carr

Dec. 6, 2010

AUBURN -- Former Auburn All-American linebacker Gregg Carr was one of 12 former Southeastern Conference football greats honored at the SEC Legends Dinner in Atlanta on Friday for his accomplishments on and off the field.

Carr was a consensus All-American and three-time All-SEC selection at Auburn during his outstanding career from 1981-1984. A member of the 1983 Southeastern Conference champion Tigers, Carr led the team in tackles in both his sophomore and junior seasons.

"It's a incredible honor for me to represent Auburn University," Carr said. "It's a university that I love, and I could never repay to Auburn all that it gave me as student there and the education it gave me. My experience at Auburn was a stepping stone for me and gave me the foundation to be successful in life. I just feel very thankful for Auburn University and I am honored that I was chosen to represent Auburn this year."

Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs, who played with Carr during his football career, said it was an honor to attend the Legends Dinner.

"Gregg Carr is a class act and a great man who was also one of the greatest linebackers in Auburn history," Jacobs said. "He represents the best and highest ideals of a student-athlete as a former consensus All-American and four-time member of the Academic All-SEC team. It was an honor to be there with Gregg as he was recognized at the Legends Dinner in Atlanta, just as it was a privilege to call him a teammate during our playing days in Atlanta."

Jacobs said Carr has represented Auburn with class and integrity from the time of his playing career to his successful professional career as an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham.

"Gregg embodies the Auburn spirit and reflects the values we hold dear in the Auburn Creed, both personally and professionally," Jacobs said. "It was a great night for Auburn as one of our best and brightest was honored on what was a special night for Auburn University and the Southeastern Conference."