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Quoting Coach Tommy Tuberville - Preseason Press Conference

Quoting Coach Tommy Tuberville - Preseason Press Conference

Press Conference Audio  l  Practice Report 

August 6, 2004

Tuberville Press Conference 090203

 Tommy Tuberville

AUBURN - Quoting Coach Tommy Tuberville from the August 6, 2004 Preseason Press Conference.

On the weather for the first day of practice
I'm very disappointed.  No football team should have the opportunity to start out two-a-days in weather like this.  It's way too cool, but in the next 28 practices we'll have the opportunity to break a sweat.

On the first practice
It was a good first day.  Not a lot other than going through the basics with some of the younger guys.  It's kind of odd when you have your younger guys and older guys together for the first time.  It's the second year we've done this so we have some experience.

On the two players added today
We had two new additions today.  Lorenzo Ferguson was cleared to practice with us, as was Chris Browder.  That leaves us Corey Raymond, who we're still waiting for clearance from the clearinghouse.

Everything is in, we're just waiting for them.  As we know this time of year everything's stacked up, but we're just waiting on the clearinghouse

On the condition of players
The entire group is in great physical condition.  We've had the opportunity to have all of our guys here this summer, as well as a lot of our freshmen.  This has given them the opportunity to get insight into what it's all about. 

On upcoming practices
We're looking forward to the next few practices.  We have one more in shorts, and we start practice with pads on Sunday.

On the Clearinghouse and Corey Raymond
If you turn things in to the clearinghouse and they turn it down for any reason, that player cannot practice.  Corey Raymond had not turned in all of his transcripts in because he had transferred several times, so he was turned down.  Once you've been turned down once, you have to wait until they clear you.

On practice goals
The first three days are just to get everybody back and start with the basics.  This is our sixteenth day in this offense, so we've still got a lot of work to do there.  We're trying to evaluate these younger guys between now and the day we put our full pads on to see who we might want to put in a situation this year to make this team this year.  Or to realize that they still have a lot to learn and put them somewhere where they can learn slowly and not have to put their feet in the fire in the first couple of weeks. 

On players' positions
We also want to get everybody in the right positions, especially the young guys.  We have made some changes.  Quentin Groves moved to defensive end, Travis Williams started at middle linebacker and he will probably play middle and outside linebacker.  We don't know where the younger guys are going to play, with today being our first day.  It will take some time to find out where they'll be.  There's a lot of work we're going to have to do between now and the beginning of next week to find out everybody's potential.



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