Former Tigers Participate At Auburn's Annual NFL Pro Day

Quentin Groves

March 10, 2008


AUBURN - Auburn football held its annual NFL Pro Day Monday with 11 former Tigers working out in front of NFL scouts for just over three hours.

The group, which was broken up into different sub-groups primarily based on positions, spent time in two different sessions. The first session was held indoors at the John H. Watson Fieldhouse, and consisted of workouts in measurable testing. Those drills included standing long jumps, vertical jumps, 225-pound bench presses, the 40-yard dash and shuttle cone drills.

After spending approximately two hours indoors, the groups moved outdoors where each worked on position specific drills. Groups included defensive backs, linebackers, wide receivers and running backs, offensive linemen and defensive linemen. Each group spent 15 minutes apiece outdoors, and all were staggered so that each could work out on the Sprinturf artificial field behind the Athletics Complex.

The NFL Draft will be held April 26-27 in New York City.

Quoting Auburn Players

Quentin Groves

On his performance:
"I think I had a pretty good day. I'm a little tired today, after doing linebacker and defensive line drills and coming off symptoms of the flu last week. It was a great day I think. I showed I could drop, I showed I could catch, and I showed I could do defensive line drills. From here, I'll work out for some teams and then just pray to get drafted as high as possible."

Was there less pressure today since you had already been through the NFL combine?
"I think so because you know what to expect. The only downside was we didn't do the combine-specific drills here, so that was kind of tough."

Pat Sims

On his expectations for today:
"I really didn't have any. I just wanted to go out there and show them what kind of ability I have and show them what kind of player I am. I just went out there and showed them what I was capable of doing."



On his decision to enter the draft this year:
"I made the decision so I have to live with it. I'm not looking back at it. It's just something that I chose to do."

Patrick Lee

On his performance today:
"It went alright. I felt like I could have done better, but I worked hard and did what I had to do."

On where he might get selected in the draft:
"I really don't listen to that. I'll lay back and when it happens it happens. I'll just wait until that day, and when it happens I'll be blessed and I'll be happy.

Carl Stewart

On his prospects for the upcoming NFL season:
"I have no idea. I'm taking the hard road and don't have any estimate of where I'm going to be. So I'm just praying and we'll see where I end up."

On his role on Auburn's team:
"I'm just happy I got to do my part for the team. I'm a team kind of guy, so whatever they asked me to do I did. You have to get in where you fit in and that's what I did.

On if he is better suited for tailback or fullback:
"The 40 that I ran today was really good, and I think teams would look to play me at both positions. I feel comfortable at both positions, so it doesn't really matter. They can put me at offensive guard, as long as they put me on the team, I'm good."