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Football Holds 2012 Pro Day
Former Tiger Josh Harris works out on Tuesday.

March 6, 2012

Pro Day Results | Photo Gallery 

AUBURN—The Auburn football program held its annual NFL Pro Day Tuesday with 10 former Tigers working out in from of NFL scouts for nearly four hours inside the Indoor Practice facility.

The group spent time in two different sessions. In the first session, the groups were separated alphabetically into two sub-groups and conducted workouts in measurable testing. Those drills included the 40-yard dash, standing long jumps, vertical jumps, 225-pound bench presses and shuttle cone drills.

After completing the testing, each player went through position-specific drills variable to their specialty. Included in this portion were sessions for kickers, defensive backs/linebackers, offensive linemen, running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks.

Participating in the event were former Auburn student-athletes Chandler Brooks, Wes Byrum, Eltoro Freeman, Josh Harris, Brandon Mosley, Eric Smith, Neiko Thorpe, Barrett Trotter and Jay Wisner. Former North Alabama player Wes Holland also went through drills.

The NFL Draft will be held April 26, 2012 in New York City.

2012 Auburn Pro Day Quotes

Linebacker Eltoro Freeman

On if he got tired the latter part of Pro Day…
"The last part of the day was position drills. When you’ve been only a linebacker, and me doing linebacker drills, then DB drills, I got a little winded. It was all fun."

On what’s next after Pro Day…
"Continue to work. That’s it. Just continue to work."

On how he felt about Pro Day…
"I felt great. I felt like I came out and tested well. It’s just a blessing for me to be living my dream. I’m going to cherish every moment of this."

Offensive lineman Brandon Mosley

On feedback from scouts…
"It’s pretty much all the same. That I’ve done a good job and they will be in touch and watch some film. It’s been good stuff. They don’t really tell you too much."

On what it would feel like to get drafted…
"It’s a dream. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was growing up. It’s a life-long dream. I feel really blessed to be in this situation."

On how it felt to go through Pro Day…
"It’s been awesome, a great experience. I grew up watching the combine. I grew up watching college football. It’s just been a huge dream to be in this situation and to be able to perform for these coaches and let them know that I can play in the league."

Quarterback Barrett Trotter

On how Pro Day went…
"I thought we all did well and ran pretty well. I threw the ball well. I’m happy with how I did. I could’ve done better, I could’ve done worse, but overall, I’m pretty happy."

On if Pro Day was what he thought it would be…
"It was pretty much what I expected. You know coming in. In training they kind of prepare you for what is going to happen. You pretty much know ahead of time what you are going to do and how they are going to do it. I talked with Coach Yoxall earlier this week and just got the plan and schedule of how exactly and what we were going to do first all the way to the very end and it was exactly like he planned it. You pretty much know what’s coming."

On why he went through Pro Day…
"You know, exposure. Getting out there and getting in front of these scouts. Showing them you can throw the ball and jump and run and do all those things that it takes to play quarterback."

Long snapper Josh Harris

On Pro Day…
"I think it went well. I got a good look with all these guys at the combine, so really here today was just doing a lot of the agility stuff that I didn’t do there. I didn’t snap a ton because I snapped a little over 200 balls in Indy. I felt like today went well. I tested pretty good, so we’ll just have to see where it goes from here."

On plan for after draft…
"Rarely do snappers get draft. There’s only been a handful since they started everything. My goal is to just get into camp somewhere and have a walk-on tryout, just at the next level. If my phone rings in the sixth or seventh round, then that’s awesome. I’m just hoping to get my chance and make the most of it and try to make a roster."

On the combine…
"Indy went great. I didn’t do much testing wise. I snapped a lot. I was the only snapper there and there were six punters and five kickers, so I got a lot of good work in snapping-wise. The only other stuff that I did was that I did the bench test and I ran the 40. They said I did well for a snapper. It’s usually one of those things where they don’t really expect much out of a snapper, but I like to take my position seriously and show them that I’m an athlete too. I want to be able to show them that I can run a little bit and do those kinds of things. They said it went well."

Defensive back Neiko Thorpe

On Pro Day performance…
"I felt like I did good. I felt like I took advantage of the opportunity. Of course, like any athlete, I felt like there were a lot of areas I really wanted to do better in. Overall, I felt like I did really good."

On his expectations for Pro Day…
"My expectations were to kill it, to be flawless, which is really hard. I was training hard and that was my goal to hit all my goals. Like I said, I didn’t, but I don’t regret anything I did today."

On if he felt like he impressed the scouts…
"I do. I just wanted to come out and show them that I’m a guy that moved to safety my last year. I can play corner, safety, nickel. I talked to a lot of teams. I told them I played a lot of special teams. I just wanted to get out here and show them what I can do."

On if it’s an exciting time for him right now…
"It is an exciting time right now. It’s something that I haven’t been through. I talked to some former teammates prior to going into this to find out what I should be looking for. They helped me out a lot. Today is the day that I’ve been waiting on."



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