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Ramblin' around with Phillip Marshall: Rule questions

March 2, 2014

If I was sitting in the room with the NCAA rules committee, I would have some questions about the proposed 10-second rule that will probably die a well-deserved death in the next few days.

* Since there is not a shred of evidence that hurryup offenses cause more injuries, why was this even discussed in a year in which rules can be changed only for safety reasons? Whose idea was it and what was his agenda?

* Why, during their deliberations, did they only choose to hear from coaches who are outspoken opponents of hurryup offenses? Why not invite Gus Malzahn or Kevin Sumlin or Chad Morris or any number of other coaches to offer their input?

* Why do people keep saying the defense is not allowed to substitute unless the offense does? The defense certainly can substitute and does in many cases. It just has to do it in a hurry.

* Did they not find it even a little bit suspect that only in the past year has safety become an supposed issue with hurryup offenses and that the coaches who brought it up have made it clear they hate playing against hurryup offenses?

* Why did the Big 12, which has more hurryup offenses than anybody, have the fewest injuries per play and why does that not matter?

* How in the world is there an issue with getting injured players out of any game? Players are told to stay on the ground if they are injured. If they stay on the ground, the ball won’t be snapped.

With sentiment clearly against those wanting the rule, the latest thing is that something needs to be done so the officials can get into position. Let me get this straight: The coaches who want to slow the game down say that hurryup offenses rarely snap the ball within 10 seconds anyway. And then they say that hurryup offenses are a problem because officials can’t get into position and those offenses need to be slowed down even though they rarely snap the ball that quickly anyway.



I’m confused.

Moving on:

Keegan Thompson is as impressive on the mound as any Auburn freshman I’ve seen in a long, long time. It would be difficult to pitch any better than he did in dazzling Presbyterian with a one-hit shutout on Saturday.

Oh, by the way, he’s a terrific defensive first baseman and good hitter, too.

Auburn has had a lot of great women’s basketball players over the years, and senior Tyrese Tanner has to be considered right there with the best of them.

Tanner put her team on her shoulders when Alabama led by 17 in the second half last Thursday at Auburn Arena. That’s what she does. She’s at her best when it matters most. Off the court, she’s everything you’d want a student-athlete to be or want your own daughter to be.

I wonder how long it’s going to be before the administration at Kentucky tells basketball coach John Calipari this one-and-done thing isn’t working.

With a roster stocked with players using Kentucky as a one-year stop on the way to the NBA, Kentucky didn’t make the NCAA Tournament at all last season. It will be there this season, but it doesn’t look like a team that is likely to stay around for long.

Kentucky being ranked No. 1 in the preseason polls based on recruiting rankings clearly made no sense at all.


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