Ramblin' around with Phillip Marshall: Help from Trovon

Feb. 26, 2014

Why did offensive tackle Greg Robinson decide to leave Thibodaux, La., and play for Auburn on his way to making a fortune in the NFL? The coaches who recruited him certainly played a part, but much of the credit goes to senior Auburn wide receiver Trovon Reed.

Here's what Robinson told me in an interview the week before Auburn's game against Florida State in the BCS Championship Game:

"I got noticed because of him. He was real highly recruited, and all the schools came. They came to see him, but they saw me, too. I made him a promise that I was going to go to school wherever he went. He thought I was just blowing smoke. He thought I was going to LSU."

First-year Auburn softball coach Clint Myers will be the first to tell you that he's just getting started building Auburn's softball program. The Tigers have yet to play a Southeastern Conference game.

But Myers has already made it clear that times have changed in a sport in which Auburn has struggled to be in the middle of the pack. The Tigers, long offensively challenged, have bashed their way into the Top 25 with a 13-1-1 record. They will play the biggest game of Myers' first season when they meet No. 9 Florida State today at 5 p.m. at Jane B. Moore Field. It will be cool, but the forecast calls for rain to have moved on in plenty of time for the game.

You don't go to the College World Series seven times in eight seasons and win two national championships, which Myers did at Arizona State, by accident. It's way too early to predict this Auburn team will make it eight out of nine, but it's quite obvious that it is just a matter of time.



CBSSports.com reports that NCAA officials, concerned about concussions, had serious talks last month about limiting in-season full-contact practices to one per week. That, some would have us all believe, is a huge story.

It isn't.

No one has more than two full-contact practices a week during the season. Frequently, teams have just one. Limiting teams to one full-contact practice a week would actually very little impact on anything.

Auburn baseball coach Sunny Golloway says the unusually high number of bunts and attempted steals will decline as the season moves on.

"I've emphasized the short game because that's the part of the game that you have to get good at so you can rely on it when you need to," Golloway said. "We are bunting more now than we will later in the year.  We are stealing more now, too."

Am I the only one that doesn't see Florida's basketball team as a likely national champion? The Gators, according to head coach Billy Donovan, don't have a first-round NBA draft choice on the roster. They were very fortunate to beat Auburn at home last week and very fortunate to beat Vanderbilt on the road Tuesday night. Donovan said his team has very little room for error.

Yes, the Gators are ranked No. 1. But they have piled up wins in the weakest SEC in recent memory? Sweet 16? Sure. It's hard for a No. 1 seed not to do that. Elite Eight? Probably. Final Four? Maybe. National champion? I don't see it.

Has any football player ever gotten more mileage out of one hit on a play when he wasn't blocked than Jadeveon Clowney? I know he's big and I know he's fast and I know he's athletic, but after Clowney's lackluster cruise through his final season at South Carolina, I wonder how much of an impact he'll actually make in the NFL.

Sometimes, playing for the money cranks a guy's motor. And sometimes it doesn't. We will see.

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