MacArthur Bowl Claimed by the Auburn Tigers
Gene Chizik

Jan. 11, 2011

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame (NFF) today presented the MacArthur Bowl to the Auburn Tigers (14-0) as their prize for beating, 22-19, the Oregon Ducks (12-1) yesterday in the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game before a sellout crowd of 78,603 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. NFF President & CEO Steven J. Hatchell handed the national championship trophy to Head Coach Gene Chizik who accepted the prize on behalf of his team during today's 9 a.m. (MST) press conference at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort. Today's presentation marks the 52nd time that a team has claimed the prestigious trophy.

"On behalf of the National Football Foundation, our 12,000 members, our chairman Archie Manning and our board of directors, we are really proud to present this trophy to Coach Chizik and the Tigers," said Hatchell. "This trophy was started in 1959 by General Douglas MacArthur, Grantland Rice, the great sports writer and legendary coach Red Blaik, and etched on the side of this stadium replica in all silver are all of the subsequent national champions. As the keepers of the history and the legacy of the sport of football, we are exceptionally pleased to etch the 2010 Auburn team on its walls and are really proud to give it to Gene, who is not only a super coach and a great leader but has done such wonderful things for our sport."

Auburn, the 2010 SEC Champions, defeated Oregon, the 2010 Pac-10 Champions, marking the Tigers' first national title since 1957, and the first time the school has claimed the MacArthur Bowl, which was presented for the first time two years later in 1959. The 1957 Auburn team, coached by Hall of Fame Coach Shug Jordan, went 10-0 and claimed the Associated Press national championship. The Tigers' win continues the streak of SEC teams to claim the national crown, becoming the fifth straight SEC team to win the title game.

Representing the pinnacle of team achievement in college sports, the trophy was the gift of an anonymous donor, who commissioned Tiffany & Co. to craft it from 400 ounces of silver, in honor of NFF founder General Douglas A. MacArthur. It took eight months to make, and the trophy features MacArthur's famous quote: "There is no substitute for victory." The 2010 Auburn team will now have its name etched on the silver trophy, which will visit Auburn, Ala., until the 2011 champions claim it. Last year, more than 500,000 people saw the trophy while it was on display in Tuscaloosa, Ala., after the Alabama Crimson Tide's victory in the title game.

With the advent of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in 1998, the national championship game determines which team will be presented the MacArthur Bowl and have their named engraved on the sparkling archways aside the greatest teams of all time. The National Football Foundation, as an impartial arbiter, tabulates and releases the weekly BCS standings during the college football season.

First presented in 1959, previous NFF National Champions and MacArthur Bowl recipients include: Syracuse 1959, Minnesota 1960, Alabama 1961, Southern California 1962, Texas 1963, Notre Dame 1964, Michigan State 1965, Michigan State/Notre Dame 1966, Southern California 1967, Ohio State 1968, Texas 1969, Ohio State/Texas 1970, Nebraska 1971, Southern California 1972, Notre Dame 1973, Southern California 1974, Oklahoma 1975, Pittsburgh 1976, Notre Dame 1977, Alabama 1978, Alabama 1979, Georgia 1980, Clemson 1981, Penn State 1982, Miami (FL) 1983, Brigham Young 1984, Oklahoma 1985, Penn State 1986, Miami (FL) 1987, Notre Dame 1988, Miami (FL) 1989, Colorado 1990, Washington 1991, Alabama 1992, Florida State 1993, Nebraska 1994, Nebraska 1995, Florida 1996, Michigan 1997, Tennessee 1998, Florida State 1999, Oklahoma 2000, Miami (FL) 2001, Ohio State 2002, Louisiana State 2003, Southern California 2004; Texas 2005; Florida in 2006; LSU in 2007; Florida in 2008; and Alabama in 2009.

NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell (left) presents the MacArthur Bowl, the NFF's national championship trophy, to Auburn Coach GeneChizik , following his team's victory in the 2011 Tostitos BCS National Championship Game.


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