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Post-Game Quotes

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Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Georgia

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

            "First of all, congratulations to Georgia.  They came in here today on a mission, and they got it done at the expense of us.  I probably tried to do too many things on defense, and we couldn't get the ball back from them.  That's my fault.  These players played their tail off.  They played hard.  Offensively, when you turn it over against a team that is going to control the ball on you, then you are going to have problems.  We've been living on that all year long.  We've been on the other side ... controlling the football, playing good defense, getting off the field and having a good kicking game.  Today was one of those days where it wasn't anything going on our way.  Don't take anything away from Georgia.  They are a good football team.  You find out a lot about yourself when you stumble a little bit like they did, and they bounced back.  It was just a tough day for us all the way around.  It's none of these players fault.  It's mine.  We'll get it corrected because we have a big game next week."


Did Brandon Cox get hurt on that first sack?

            "He's been gimpy all year.  That wasn't anything.  They got to him a little bit.  He was trying to force the ball in.  He made some plays this year.  They did a good job reading him and breaking on the ball and getting to it and making plays."


Did you ever consider playing Blake Field earlier in the second half?

            "No.  Brandon (Cox) is our guy.  We know what he can do.  He is more than just a thrower.  He gets us in the right running plays and all of those things.  I am proud of Brandon.  He has fought all year long.  We have had a couple of new offensive tackles.  He has been tough.  He has been hit.  He has been hurt.  Today wasn't one of his better days.  He'll bounce back next week."


On Georgia's offense...

            "We couldn't get them off the field.  The quarterback draw hurt us.  Heck, we knew they were going to run it, and we still couldn't stop them.  We just looked like we weren't reacting very well.  They had us on the ropes and kind of had us guessing.  When you get things going that way that happens to you.  Then, we get the ball back, and we put the defense right back out there.  It is just one of those things where we couldn't keep the water from coming through the dike.  It got bigger and bigger as we went on.  The score probably should have been more than what it was. 


"Again, we were ready to play.  We had good practices all week.  I probably tried to do too much with them going into this game thinking that we could have done some more things defensively.  Offensively, we probably didn't run the ball enough the first half.  Again, that is my call.  We went in with that game plan and it didn't work."


On Georgia QB Matthew Stafford...

            "This one stood in the pocket, and we didn't get any pressure on him.  Their offensive line did a good job of giving him time.  He's tall and able to see over the defensive line.  He made some good throws, but their receivers caught the ball.  Their receivers have been talked about and criticized quite a bit this year.  They've lost some to injury, and Mark (Richt) has battled back from that.  Again, their receivers caught the ball today.  That is a credit to them.  Take nothing away from them.  They played an excellent football game and wish we could have given them a better battle when they played one of their better games.  We just didn't do it today."


On Auburn not being able to make the big play...

            "We couldn't get it off the field.  We couldn't make the big play.  When we did score, we looked like we were just controlling the line of scrimmage.  Misdirection helped us a little bit, but we never got the ball back consistently.  They had the ball almost three quarters.  We probably had it a quarter.  Again, a lot of that is our offense's fault.  We didn't move the chains.  We went three and out.  I think a couple of times they got defensive points.  When that happens in a game like this, you are not going to win many of them."


How are you going to get this team back ready to play Alabama?

"I don't think we will have any problem getting them back.  They know the importance."


On Kenny Irons and Auburn's running game...

            "Kenny's been up and down.  He has been fighting different battles.  He is a good running back.  Today, we were hoping that we would get a little bit more out of him.  We got behind so quick, and we threw the ball down the field.  We just seemed to never get in any rhythm with any running game.  Brad (Lester), Kenny, Bo Jackson ... it wouldn't have made any difference who we had back there you know.  We just weren't executing and getting the ball down the field.  When we did, they ended up with it, and we didn't."



Auburn Offense



Brandon Cox, QB

On the interceptions...

"The safeties made good reads on the first two.  I think the third one got tipped and the last one I just under threw it."


On Georgia's pass rush...

"I don't think their pass rush affected me. The offensive line did a good job.  There were a couple times that we just got beat.  You have to credit Georgia for how they played."


On the team bouncing back for Alabama...

"This was a hard loss.  We will be ready next week.  You definitely don't want to close out the regular season losing two in a row."


Brad Lester, RB

On struggles in the running game...

"We didn't get to run the ball too much because we got behind.  We ended up having to throw the ball.  It isn't good when a wide receiver is your leading rusher."


On the game plan...

"We had a good game plan coming in.  We needed to do a better job of protecting Brandon [Cox].  Everybody takes the blame for that.  We just have to execute better."


Ben Grubbs, OL

On Alabama game...

"Next week is going to be a new game.  We have to put this one behind us.  We need to bounce back, come out ready to play, just like we did in the Florida game when we had lost to Arkansas the week before."


On protecting the quarterback...

"We are going to have to go back and watch the film.  I think they got us on a couple of corner blitzes that we didn't pick up.  We just need to go back and look at the game and see what went wrong."


Auburn Defense


Tray Blackmon, LB

On Georgia's running game...

"They ran it pretty good.  We had a few missed tackles here and there but other than that I think we played well." 


On Georgia's passing game...

"They hit a few big plays.  We contained them pretty well but it is tough when you give up those plays."


On Auburn's execution...

"The effort was there.  We played really hard.  We made some plays but they made more big plays than we did."


Jerraud Powers, DB

On Matthew Stafford...

"He read his keys pretty well and he got some good runs.  What hurt us was our lack of pressure and his ability to tuck and run.  He hurt us a lot on third-and-down."


On Alabama...

"This game gives us no choice but to bounce back.  This hurts really bad and it makes everybody work to get ready.  We have to be ready to play the biggest game of the year."


Will Herring, LB

On Auburn's pass defense...

"We obviously have some errors to work on.  We missed too many tackles and gave up way too many big plays."


On Auburn's defense...

"We just were not sharp.  We missed way too many tackles and I missed a big one that cost us a touchdown.  I think our run defense was okay but I would need to see it again on film."



Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt 

Opening Statement

"I am extremely proud of this team.  If there has been one saving grace for me through all the bad things that have happened it has been that we have stayed together and stay unified.  We didn't give in, we kept grinding and we kept working.  We didn't really know how to act except that we were going to try and act in a first-class manner and try to continue to grind and work and do the things we need to do to win."


On Tra Battle

"He is a great football player.  He isn't the biggest guy but he never would have started as a true freshman walk-on if he didn't' have football instincts and some ability.  He plays big and is very intelligent.  He has been making big plays for us."


On the game plan...

"I didn't think I did a very good job on the game plan.  Last night I was probably as low as I have been all season.  I looked at the game plan I had offensively and I thought that it was the worst thing I had ever seen.  I was looking at how I could get Matthew [Stafford] some confidence and I thought this [game plan] is awful.  Last night I talked to the team about how we started the season and our goals and what was left to salvage.  I told them there was a lot to play for but I think words are fairly cheap and we needed to start making some plays and we did."


On the quarterback draw...

"The quarterback draw is effective just about every game.  The defense has to account for one more person and if they have to account for the quarterback it spreads them a little bit thin.  That is why a lot of teams are going to that.  I don't like to put Matthew [Stafford] out there a lot of times but he is an athletic quarterback and when he learns to hold onto the ball people are going to have to account for him."


Georgia Players


Quentin Moses, DE

On Georgia's emotions...

"This team has been through a lot of ups and downs.  To start hot the way we did and then hit that slump that we did losing four of the last five games, it was a big burden to overcome.  We had to take the criticism that we took and stick together.  It was criticism that we deserved, but we stuck together.  To go out and beat a top-five team just feels good.  It assures us that we go out there and work hard, and we are still a good team.


On pressuring Auburn's Brandon Cox...

"Coach (Willie) Martinez had some great calls, and we just got pressure on him.  Ray Gant had a spectacular game.  A couple of guys had sacks.  We had pressure on him.  It's just a big victory.  Tra Battle had an outstanding game.  Defensively, we came together again.  We stuck together, and the offensive played a good game."


On winning the game after the team's recent struggles...

"We have just been trying to hang in there and stay positive.  A lot of times coaches try to get in your face and punish you when you get in a slump, but Coach Richt never did that.  He kept uplifting us.  He did whatever we had to do to give us a break, give us a little rest.  It paid off for us today."


Tra Battle, ROV

On the game...

This maybe one of the best feelings I have had since I have been at Georgia.  I anticipated one interception, just from film study and their tendencies, but three?  That is unimaginable. 


On his touchdown...

"I have been dreaming about that my whole career.  I have come close to touchdowns on a couple of other picks that I have had.  When I got to the goal line, I said I am diving.  That is summer workouts coming in right there.  I'm just ecstatic.  It's unbelievable right now."


On bouncing back from adversity...

"It says a lot about us.  It shows our character.  We have taken a bashing about how we can't stop the big play on some occasions.  It shows the character of this defense.  Whenever we are hit with adversity, we have shown that we can come back up."


On preparation this week

"The main thing that we were saying when we were practicing was that we had to re-gain our respect.  We knew what caliber team we had.  Coach brought in our summer poster in and said, `This is a team with national championship aspirations.'  We lost that drive.  I think we found that spark today."


Matthew Stafford, QB

On thinking about the Tennessee game at halfime...

"Not so much thinking about Tennessee, just thinking about us.  If we take care of our business, we should have success."


On the quarterback draws...

"We thought we would have a couple of quarterback runs.  We always have that in.  They were giving us a couple of looks.  The offensive line did a great job of blocking.  I was just trying to get some yards.  




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