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Post-Game Quotes

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Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Arkansas State

Saturday, November 4, 2006



Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening statement...

            "I thought our guys competed.  We had the opportunity to play a lot of players.  We held a couple of guys out.  The only injury it looks like we had was Eric Brock, who turned his ankle on the first play.  We will have to see how that is tomorrow and the next day.  Other than that, we are in pretty good shape.  We didn't play very well on offense.  We had turnovers and you can't turn the ball over.  We had stupid penalties.  Defensively, we played good the first half and then we started to play everybody else.  It was good to play that many players.  It was good to see Ben Tate come back and have a good game.  We started out Kenny (Irons) just to make sure the got the rust off.  Luckily, we did.  He fumbled the first pitch out.  It was one of those games we were just trying to get through and get the win and get it over with.  Preseason is over with.  We have 10 games behind us and have nine wins.  It has been good so far, but those mean nothing when you have these two coming up.  We will change our focus tomorrow, coaches and players.  We will get our mind right.  We are going to work harder.  We are going to work longer.  We are going to put our best effort forward, and we look forward to the next two games.  We put an emphasis on these two games like no other games during the year.  We always look forward to it.  You get four hours of each team each year, and we are going to give them our best shot and see how that works."


On Auburn's mistakes...

            "We just made them.  Arkansas State made a couple of good interceptions.  We forced the ball a couple of times.  We won't do that against these next two teams coming up.  We just have to get our focus.  We tried to run some things probably we shouldn't have.  Fifty plays, it's not very good when we got the ball back as much as we did early.  Again, we turned it over.  Penalties cost us two touchdowns off the board on the motion penalty and then the holding penalty in the end zone.  That is very discouraging, but again we can wipe all that out.  We are going to have a different football team next week from top to bottom from tomorrow when we walk into the offices at 12:30 until the time we play the last game in two weeks."


On the next two games...

            "We are just going to try to get ready and try to make ourselves better and keep going.  I know there are a lot of people wondering when the game is going to be played and it doesn't make any difference.  If you want to see a good ball game, show up next week.  For us, it's our two biggest games."


On Joe Cope...

            "Joe Cope did good.  He is fine.  He will probably be a little sore tomorrow.  We had a couple of fumbled snaps, but that was actually on (Jason) Bosley.  Joe did good and competed well.  Hopefully next week, we will get Cole Bennett back and get some plays out of him.  We would love to.  He wants to play in a game, but we will just see how that works."



Auburn Defense


Lorenzo Ferguson, DB

On Arkansas State's offense and rushing game...

"They were alright. They came out of the shoot well and got after us, gaining a few yards here and there, but we were able to shut them down, which is what we are going to have to do in the next few weeks."


On his own play...

"I played pretty good. I had to come in and step in for Eric Brock and Tristan Davis, and I think I did a pretty good job of filling their shoes. I'm just glad to help us get ready to play the (Georgia) Bulldogs."



Trey Blackmon, LB

On Auburn's intensity...

"We came out ready. We challenged ourselves before the game to play 60 minutes of our kind of football, and I think we did that."


On getting ready for Georgia and Alabama...

"We need to just keep getting better and continuing to play our style of football. Doing that in this game is going to help us to get ready to play those two hard games down the road."



Sen'Derrick Marks, DT

On getting the shutout...

"It's always nice to get the shutout, it makes the defense feel good. We did what we had to do. It helps us get comfortable in our own skin, knowing what we need to do."


On Auburn's ability to put pressure on the quarterback...

"We always need to do that. When we come off the end with Quentin Groves and Marquis Gunn like we did today, we are going to get good pressure. We are a team that thrives on that. We have the ability to do that every game because our defensive tackles get a good push."



Auburn Offense


Carl Stewart, FB

On his touchdowns...

"I'm glad I could contribute a little bit on the scoreboard. I try to help the team in any way possible."


On the passing game...

"We came out and the running game was a little sluggish, but we were able to execute in pass protection and people made plays. The quarterback and the wide receivers did a good job of moving the ball."



Brandon Cox, QB

On the passing game...

"It was more of a response to them stopping the run than it was in our game plan. They were bringing the safety up to the line of scrimmage, just like everyone else has this year, so the passes were there."


On red zone efficiency...

"We did a good job of moving the ball, just like we have been, but today we did a better job of finishing drives. I would still like for us to be a little more efficient, but today was better."


On the amount of turnovers...

"On the first interception, the defensive back made a good play. The fumble was a bad exchange. The second interception, the corner made a good read. Arkansas State has been good at creating turnovers, and that's something our offense hasn't done much of this season."



Courtney Taylor, WR

On the prospect of the seniors winning 40 games...

"Honestly, we haven't talked about it. I didn't even know. It is amazing. It just shows you what kind of program that Coach Tuberville has put together."




Arkansas State Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Arkansas State

Saturday, November 4, 2006



Arkansas State Head Coach Steve Roberts


Opening Statement

"We didn't win the football game.  We came down here to compete and have an opportunity to win and obviously we did not get that done.  We were proud of the effort of our players.  I thought they played extremely hard.  We gave up a couple big plays early in the ballgame that I felt that we had the opportunity to make.  We didn't get the job done there." 


On the defense...

"The defense forced four turnovers on the night after Auburn had only committed nine during the season.  I really felt good about the way we played defensively, we got after them.  The guys placed extremely hard and made some great plays."


On the offense...

"Offensively it was tough for us to get anything going in the first half.  We felt like we had to get some first downs running the football to keep them from teeing off on us.  We only had eight or nine plays that we called in the first half that were passing plays, some of those we obviously didn't get off.  We got a couple first downs at the end of the first half and I thought that would be beneficial for us and it was.  We wanted to come out in the second half and mix it up and bit and maybe keep them off balance and not allow them to blitz us.  We were able to move the ball well in the second half to get some things done.  I am pleased with that." 


On next week's game against Middle Tennessee State...

"We still have some things to work on.  We now have to concentrate on getting healthy and getting ready to play Middle Tennessee State next week.  It will be the biggest game that has been played in Indian Stadium in a long time.  It is a very meaningful game for our team."


Arkansas State Players


Corey Leonard, QB

"For the most part, we played well.  At times, we established our running game.  Later on in the game, we decided to open up a little bit.  What really killed us was not being consistent.  We had some drives and whether it be penalties or just going against a better defense, we needed to make a play sometimes, but they cut it down.  Overall, I thought our defense played great.  They kept us in the game in the first half.  We just have to learn to put more points on the board.  We have to come out and be more consistent."


On Auburn's Defense...

"They are a really good defense.  I have nothing against them, but when we lined up I thought those guys aren't as big as you think.  But as soon as that first snap comes, you see why they are as good as they are.  They are fast everywhere from their defensive tackles to their safeties.  They watch the ball.  You are not going to have the opportunity to have coverage busts.  They are going to make you beat them every play.  You have to beat them by technique and who wants it more.  They are very fast, and they are a good defense."


On Auburn's Defensive Speed Disrupting Arkansas State's Defense...

"I don't know if it is disrupting.  Sometimes, we just disrupted ourselves with penalties.  They definitely gave us a look that we haven't seen so far this year as far as a total team defensive speed.  I give it to their two defensive ends and their linebackers.  They were fast and made up ground very quickly.   A lot of times booting out, it was the first time this year I had a defensive end chasing after me because of how fast and athletic they are.  They are just as good as advertised."


Khayyam Burns, DB

            "Overall, we did pretty well.  We did well stopping the run.  They had three or four big plays on us that cost us touchdowns and field goals.  Overall, we did well and played hard.  We gave it all that we had."


On Arkansas State's mood...

"It's a loss so we are down.  There is no question that Auburn is a good team.  We don't take it as they were supposed to win.  This is a loss.  It hurts.  We have to get ready and prepare for next week against Middle Tennessee."


On Arkansas State's defense...

"We played really well swarming the ball.  We had three interceptions in the game.  We did well defending some of their passes.  I think we can get better with our communication.  I think that may have hurt us a little bit.  Overall, we did pretty good."




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