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Post-Game Quotes

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Auburn Postgame Quotes

Auburn vs. Tennessee Tech

Jordan-Hare Stadium

November 3, 2007


Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville


"We had a chance to look at a lot of young guys.  We didn't do a whole lot.  It was a good mental week for us where they could relax a little bit with the starters.  We practiced the backups quite a bit.  We were physically and mentally drained.  It was a good effort on both sides.  We gave up some yards on defense and gave up a lot of short passes.  We didn't do anything special.  We played mostly base defense most of the time.  That is what these games are about.  Tennessee Tech came in, obviously, overmanned.  They came in and played hard.  They had a good game plan and they did some things that gave us some problems on defense.  We were able to keep them out of the end zone. We didn't get the shutout of zero but at least they only had three points."


On Blake Field's play:

            "I thought he did pretty good.  It's the first time that he has played in a while.  He got a little antsy in the pocket. We wanted to throw with him some. We only played with two running backs. We normally would have run the ball a little more in the second half. We threw the ball and tried to get it to our wide receivers. We didn't do anything spectacular in terms of formations. We just went base plays and didn't check off a whole lot. We didn't get a chance of throwing the ball a few times because of what they were in. We would have done something a little different. It was good to get him in the game, and Neil Caudle got a series. Kodi (Burns) struggled a little bit throwing the ball. He was a little bit nervous. That is to be expected. I thought the second team offensive line did a pretty good job.  They had a couple of holding calls, but overall it was good to get them all in there. It was good for practice. These guys bust their tail all year long and never get to see the field. Games like this, you need to be able to have a little bit of fun. Guys had smiles on their faces, and it has been a long 10 weeks in terms of the first nine games, we were on our heels most of the time trying to finish and get a win. That's what these games are all about."


On Kodi Burns :

            "He just looked a little bit off balance. We threw a little bit more today. You could tell he was a little bit nervous.  That is to be expected. He has been struggling a while throwing the ball, and we are asking him to do more and more mental stuff. When you do that, it affects everything else you do. He runs a lot more of the offense than the other groups do. We were trying to see how much he could handle.


Have you ever played four quarterbacks in a game?:

            "It was good to see all of them get out there. We would have liked to have played Brandon (Cox) a little bit more.  We got up so quick, we wanted to get them all in there."


On Walter McFadden's intereception return for a TD:

            "It wasn't a very good dance, but it was a good interception. Walt is getting better.  He has a lot of speed as he showed. He's played quite a bit this year. He breaks on the ball well. He is a smart player. He will be a starter next year for us. It was good to see him get a little confidence."


On Robert Dunn:

            "He dropped a pass or two on third down which he needs to catch in the next couple of games that we play. Our receivers still are not as consistent as we would like them to be. I think we just lost our concentration, got a little sloppy.  Robert has overcome his problem hopefully. I think he has woken up a little bit. His big deal for us is punt returns. That is going to be one thing that we are going to need out of him for the next couple of games."


On Auburn's kick coverage:

            "The coverage wasn't very good was it? It was awful. We are just looking for a kicker. Wesley (Byrum) will be our kicker. We are just looking for a guy who can kick it. Today we were supposed to kick it right and we kicked it left. The coverage was on the wrong side. That's the problem when you have different kickers kicking off. We come back next week and Wesley will be 100 percent, and we will be ready to go. We will be a lot better. We will see some guys that weren't out there today. We had a lot of backups in the starting roles in the beginning. It will be a lot better the next couple of games."


On how you feel going into the last two games?

            "We are 7-3, but we would like to be a little bit better than that. We can't control anything other than trying to play better this week. We know we are going into a hornet's nest going into Georgia next week. Georgia is a team that is playing to go to Atlanta just like we are, but I think they can control their destiny if I am not mistaken. We will get their best shot. It will be one of those cross-state battles. Our two big games are at the end of the year. Our players are looking forward to it. It will be a great game. We are looking forward to it."  





Offensive Player Quotes


Blake Field, QB

On touchdown pass to Robert Dunn in third quarter...

"The coaches made some great calls and we were very effective moving the ball.  The backs did a great job of getting us down there.  You have to give credit to the line.  They gave Robert enough time to punch through."


On getting in on ...

"It was time and the coaches told me to go.  I just knew I had to stay patient and I would get in.  I knew I had to always be ready because I could go in at any time."


Robert Dunn, WR

On two touchdown completions...

"It feels really good getting my first two today.  I knew I was going to get one, but I ended up with the two of them.  I've moved on from the past and I'm just looking forward to the future."


On upcoming test on the road versus Georgia...

"We have two really good teams coming up and we know we have to take them one at a time.  Georgia has a great secondary so we're going to have to come out, stay focused and play our brand of football."


On personal performance...

"I'm just excited to be out there on the field.  I love it out there.  Whatever I'm doing I want to help the team out as much as I possibly can."


Carl Stewart, FB

On first quarter 55-yard touchdown reception...

"I was pretty wide open and (Brandon) Cox threw it out there where I could get it.  I tried to outrun their secondary, but they caught me just before I could get into the end zone."


On coming out big, allowing younger players playing time...

"It was definitely important getting some of the younger and less experienced out there.  Some of the starters got the rest they needed and we got some of the younger guys' feet wet. 




Defensive Player Quotes


Mike McNeil, DB

On getting more playing time today...

"In the second half we got a chance to get more reps and to give the older guys a rest. It is always good for me to get reps out there. The more experience I get, the better player I will be in the future."


On allowing only three points...

"Our goal was to keep the goose-egg, but we let them get the field goal early. So, we really didn't do what we wanted to do, but we kept them out of the end zone."


On the overall defense...

"Coach Muschamp is the best defensive coordinator in the nation. With him, we know that as long as we read our keys and play or assignments like he tells us, we will be in good shape. He gives us a chance to be successful."



Jerraud Powers, DB

On forcing turnovers...

"At half time the coaches challenged us to get more turnovers in the second half. The more turnovers we get, the more momentum we give to our team, including our offense. It makes the whole team play better, so getting turnovers is a huge goal for us every game."


On his interception...

"We were in a defense where the safety had the tight end and I was underneath him. I saw the running back go out for a pass and I read the quarterback's eyes and was able to come across and get the pick."


Walter McFadden, DB

On his interception...

"I was watching the older guys the entire game and I saw how they were covering Larry Shipp when he would run the slant. I saw the mistakes they made, so I knew what I was going to do when I got the chance to get out there."


On getting more playing time this week...

"It was exciting. My family was here so I'm proud to be able to show them that I am a veteran player now and that now I have experience and am doing better. Getting more experience will make me a better player."





Tennessee Tech Postgame Quotes

Auburn vs. Tennessee Tech

Jordan-Hare Stadium

November 3, 2007


Tennessee Tech Head Coach Watson Brown


"I am proud of my guys.  I thought they had poise and they looked like they were proud to be who they are.  I appreciate that.  They really played hard, but they have done that all year.  I appreciate Tommy Tuberville, he did a good job with us.  He handled it well for us and got what he needed out of it.  That showed a lot of class to me.  Tommy got a lot of his guys some work too.  It was a neat day for our kids.  Most of these kids have never done anything like this.  They were taking pictures in the stadium on Friday.  I think I did this 40 times at UAB, so this was not my first rodeo, but it was neat for the kids.  I appreciate Tommy and the Auburn people being good to us.  I was proud of my guys. I thought they handled themselves well."


On the Tennessee Tech defense...

"I thought they did well.  They have done well all year.  When a pass is thrown I just held my breath and the problem in college football is they do throw passes.  We have struggled with the pass and played well with the run all year.  Passing has been our Achilles heel from start to finish this year."


On Tennessee Tech running game...

"We have decent guys up front to play and we have tough kids on the side.  Jeff Fela does a good job with the run.  We just tinker around and try to give them a bad play, sometimes we are better off when we don't give them a bad play and keep them running and put them to sleep.  If we get them third-and-eight; that might be the worst thing we could do.  We played the run well today and we ate a lot of clock.  That was good because our defense didn't have to play a lot.  We were able to run the ball in the first half against Auburn's best players, so I was proud of that."


On Tennessee Tech's speed...

"The size is what is so different in Division I and Division I-AA football.  We are a very average I-AA team.  We are three or four inches shorter and 25 or 35 pounds lighter.  A lot of our kids can't run the same as Auburn's.  The range and the strength factor, it is such a big deal because football is played so much now with hands.  It does make a difference."


On Henry Sailes...

"We got three points and we fumbled twice going in to the end zone.  That is all part of it.  I am proud of them, we did a good job today and I appreciate Tommy."





Lee Sweeney, QB

"We hung in and moved the ball pretty well today. The offensive line gave me plenty of time to throw the ball. We didn't have any sacks and I don't think I was touched but once or twice. We did a good job keeping the defense off the field and not putting them in a bad situation."


"As well as we moved the ball, we killed ourselves with turnovers and missed opportunities. We had a chance to score seven on our first drive, but we were only able to get a field goal and that was a big momentum-turner."


On TTU's gameplan...

"Auburn's got a great defense and we wanted to come in and get some rhythm offensively. Our plan was to throw a lot of short, quick passes and get some continuity on the offensive line. Basically we got a lot of confidence from how we started and the coaches kept that confidence in us throughout the game."


On the differences between divisions...

"A lot of people think it is speed, but I think the biggest thing is the size. A lot of Auburn's players average 6-6 where our offensive line averages right at 6-0. We didn't feel we were out-matched in terms of speed, but the size was definitely different."


Daniel Brown, TE

On the experience of playing at Auburn...

"The whole week I was in shock. Going out there and seeing 80-thousand people was just amazing. I was kind of star-struck, then Quentin Groves popped me once and I remembered we were playing a football game."


On TTU's performance...

"Overall we played well. We had a few mistakes and they capitalized on them. I am really proud of the way we held our own and the way the team played."


Nick Goodwin, DB

On the experience of playing at Auburn...

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I got to play in front of family, old friends and all those people. Also, I got to play against my favorite team's arch-rival."


On the team's morale...

"We are walking away with our chins up. We all feel good about the way we played against a D-I school and we feel that our confidence will carry over."


Taron Ryce, DB

On his performance...

"I feel I played well. I should have had an interception or two, I just didn't capitalize."


On the team's performance...

"We feel good about ourselves. We executed some things real well and being able to move the ball on a team like Auburn really boosts our confidence."


On how this will carry over into their next game...

"We play Eastern Kentucky next (Nov. 17) and if we win we will have improved our record from last year. I feel if we played the way we did today, we have a good chance of winning."




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