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Auburn vs. Ole Miss Postgame Quotes

Oct. 30, 2010

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Auburn Locker Room

Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik

Opening Comments:
"It was a great win for us. I can't say enough about our football team week in and week out trying to find ways to win. I really felt like our team stepped up to the plate. This is a very tough place to play against a very good team. It was a great road win for our football team. I couldn't be more proud of our coaches and the plans that they're putting together for our team every week. The players are playing hard and doing everything they can to execute to the best of their ability. We don't play perfect all the time. It isn't always as pretty as we would like it to be, but the results are the same this week as have happened in the past eight weeks."

On Ole Miss shutting down Cam Newton's running game:
"Every week we have to figure out what is the best thing to do to move the football. It doesn't matter who is running, throwing, or catching it. I'm not sure how many yards Michael Dyer rushed for tonight. It was well over one hundred yards and probably closer to two hundred. Everybody can't rush for one hundred or two hundred yards every week, so you have to work with what the defense is giving you. You have to go to the next thing. Tonight they did a nice job of taking Cameron away in terms of the run game, and that was their plan. We had to work other avenues. I'm really proud of our plan."

On consistent performances:
"Our team is focused and ready to move onto the next game. Other than that, I don't think we are trying to make any statements anywhere. We have to find a way to get better every week. We have another challenge coming up every week. We will enjoy this one tonight, and then we'll move on."

On Auburn playing their first game this season ranked number one:
"I'm not worried about the way they respond being the number one team in the country. I don't think that really plays a part in what we are trying to accomplish every week. They hear it and they see it, but it does not play a part in how we proceed day-by-day."

On thanking Rodney Scott after the game:
"It was the first time I have seen the young man in person. I have talked to him on the phone before. It was a tough night for Zach [Etheridge] in terms of revisiting some of that. We are very thankful and feel very blessed that he [Scott] did what he did. I wanted to thank him for that face to face."

Quarterback Cam Newton

What was more exciting: touchdown catch or touchdown saving tackle?
"I think the touchdown catch by far. That was a lack of execution, especially on me, and the defense did an excellent job on getting us the ball back so we could get back down there and score."

Anything unexpected to not be able to run the ball as much:
"They had an excellent game plan with the scheme that we had, but with what they were giving us it makes me go to other options I had, which is handing the ball off every single time which is what I had to do."

On the Ole Miss coverage of Auburn's receivers:
"That just goes to show you what we are capable of doing. I think we have an excellent passing attack that is capable of striking at anytime. I think a lot of people haven't really seen that yet, but the execution of our passing game has to be just as effective as our running game."

Wide Receiver Emory Blake

Do you feel like you have a lot of weapons on offense?
"All we really did was run the ball, but we are aware we have talent on the perimeter and we know what our ability is."

Did you give Cam Newton any pointers on that TD catch?
"That was all Cameron right there. They practice that every week. He's 6-6, so he better come down with the ball."

Did you come in overlooking Ole Miss?
"We are a team that has our mind set on a business mission. We are aware that the last couple of weeks, the number one team has gone down, and we practiced all week like we wanted to win this game. And I think that says a lot about our team."

Were you mentally prepared?
"I think so. We didn't come in overlooking Ole Miss, so you know we came in here looking to win and we did that."

Ole Miss Locker Room

Head Coach Houston Nutt

Opening comments:
"It was a great crowd tonight and we started out just like wanted it to with 7-0. You have to give Auburn credit. They have a great football team. We came out tonight wanting to stop number two (Cam Newton) from running the ball and we did that, but he has many other weapons. I think Auburn's offensive line does not get enough credit. I was proud of the way our guys fought, but we have to finish now as we head towards November."

On Auburn's blocking game:
"They have a very experienced offensive line, and they are very fast at the skill position. You want to go out and stop certain players, but when you gang up on one you leave other bases uncovered. They had a good blocking team and experienced offensive line. They are a very good team."

On Auburn's passing game:
"(Newton) has a very strong arm. We went in geared up to try and put a little bit more attention to the box. You have to give him (Newton) credit. He is very accurate and has a great arm. On offense I feel like they hit a streak and found rhythm."

On Jeff Scott:
"He is an electrifying guy and can fly. He outran a championship-caliber team, and that is saying a lot for a freshman. We got a lot of babies out there tonight and I was proud of them. I think they did a good job."

Linebacker D.T. Shackelford

On defensive play against Auburn:
"I feel like we played horrible on defense, it wasn't good. We just didn't get the job done, our third down defense had to be better. We were able to play good defense in the first and second quarters. On third down they kept eating us up, we kept giving up big plays, the same thing as last week. We gave up a kick-off, a long run and we can't have that. Through all of it we're going to remain a team, we're going to stick together and work this thing out."

What to take out of the loss to Auburn: >
"We have to press on, we all have wrist bands that say press on, and everything isn't going to go how you want it to go. We came into the season with big plans and it didn't turn out our way, so we just have to press on. Every SEC team works really hard between games, and we didn't work to be like this. We just have to make sure we come out prepared and come out hard these last few games."

Safety Fon Ingram

On defensive play against Auburn:
"I feel like we were prepared, we just didn't execute enough. Coach had the proper calls, but we just have to go out there and play. I think we left a lot of missed tackles out on the field, and just didn't execute as a defense."

What to take out of loss to Auburn:
"We can't keep our heads down around here, everyone feels bad about it, but we have to come in and go to work. We've been having really good practices the last three or four weeks, so we just have to keep that up. We have to keep putting more emphasis on tackling."

Running Back Jeff Scott
On his 82-yard run: "The offensive line did a good job holding their blocks, Markieth Summers made a key block down field, and I just hit it."

On rest of the season:
"Like Coach Nutt said, we have to come back and work hard, we have four games and left, and have to win three of those."

On difference from high school football to college:
"The speed is a lot different, you don't have time to cut back and make an extra move. You only have time for one cut and then you just hit it."

Running Back Brandon Bolden

On two touchdown runs:
"I just trusted my lineman to make their blocks, and then the holes just opened up. The second one was the same play but the defense slanted so we just cut differently."

On Auburn's defense:
"Their defense didn't want to be blocked, we tried to fight with them and hang with them, hang on to the rope and don't let go. I'm proud of the team though, we played all four quarters and didn't give up."



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