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Oct. 29, 2005

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"It was a good comeback from last week. I thought our guys fought hard. Obviously, it looked like we had a little bit of a headache in the first quarter. We had some mental mistakes. We normally don't make too many of those. But, we overcame them. I thought our offense played outstanding. We continue to get better defensively. We are one of those bend don't break * we don't give a lot of negative plays, but we are starting to play a lot better overall from the front seven to the back four.

"Offensively, we didn't finish the first half on some of our drives. We kind of got bogged down. In the second half, we finished much better. That's what we asked our offense to do. Their defensive front is the best we've seen. They can get after it and gave us some fits. They weren't going to let us run the football. I thought that was a great gameplan from Ole Miss. They hung around there, obviously. They couldn't get anything going on offense, but their defense gave us a fit, especially with our offensive line.

"Special teams got better. I am proud of John Vaughn. He bounced back and made some plays. I am really proud of him. He has his technique and form back. It was a good day for us. It was one of those that we needed. It was good to get back home and play in front of our fans. It was a great turnout and great crowd. We will go back to work tomorrow."

(On Auburn's offensive line):
"We have a lot of work to do. They were doing a lot of things up front that were giving us some problems. We probably could have thrown the ball a little bit more. We got a lead and kind of sat on it. We were kind of forced to run. You can't take anything away from him. It is not as much as what he did as what they did. They whipped us on several plays up front and got good penetration. We had a good gameplan, but we will go back and study film and work on it. We will try to get better and go to Lexington to see what we can do."



(Why Auburn didn't kick a field goal in the first quarter):
"It was more of a concern about field position. We knew if we didn't make it, we could hopefully get good field position turned around. I don't know if we had a touchdown or a field goal on the next drive. It is something that we need to work on, and it is something we need to get more confidence in doing. Vaughn did a good job. We appreciate our fans sticking with him. He had a big smile on his face."

(On Courtney Taylor):
"Courtney came and asked me at the end of the game when he was going to catch a touchdown. I guess he is not satisfied with throwing one. We have been working on that play. It is obviously a trick play, but it is a play that we built up because of how successful that toss has been. Courtney did a good job with it. It has worked for us really well in practice. They were stabbing us pretty good with their front seven. Again, we needed something to loosen them up. In the second half, we went back and started with the end around to loosen them up a little bit more. It was a good game. Again our offense didn't finish as much, but you have to go back and credit Ole Miss. They really played hard and played well."

(On the first reviewed play on the Tre Smith's fumble on the punt return):
"I called that one. I was standing on top of it so I called it for review. We saw our guy was on top of the ball, but he was also half out of bounds. I don't know if I was in front of the official or not. It was one of those * that's the reason we have instant replay to get the call right. You just don't know how it is going to go or whether you saw it right with how quick it happens. You could imagine how officials have to make the decision very quickly. That's the reason instant replay is there and fortunately for us, it went our way. It was a good return, but you have to hold on to the ball."

(On Kenny Irons):
"Kenny Irons had a solid day. We have to go back and look at the film. I am sure they were not going to let him run up and down the field like he did the last couple of weeks. The yards he got, I think he got over 100 yards, were very tough yards. Kenny is doing better. He is learning to pass protect and learning to be a complete player. I have been impressed with him the last three weeks."

(On Steve Gandy):
"He is a Mississippi product. He started this game because of how he has practiced and played. I thought he played well. At safety, we have some talent back there. There is not a lot of difference. We are able to move them in and out which is going to help down the stretch. The thing he has to learn is how to play the run and tackle in the open field. But, he'll do that. He has to keep gaining experience, and he is earning his confidence."

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