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Post-Game Quotes

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October 28, 2006

Postgame Quotes


Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening Comments

"I thought they would get about 250 yards. The amount of points they got is about what they average every game. They were fired up to play, we were here to try to make ourselves better and thankfully at the end we had enough points to win. That's a sign of a good team you find a way to win on the road. I don't know how good we are. I don't know if we are good enough to keep anyone under 200 yards. Their quarterback is mobile. He gave them a chance by making some good plays. He threw a couple up that I'm sure he would love to have back, but again our defensive backs played much better today."


On how the interceptions changed the momentum of the game

"Turnovers are the death of a football team. We were fortunate. We came out and didn't do anything the first drive (of the second half). I think we made one first down and had to punt. We gave them good field position. They tried to play action. They threw the same route they completed a pass for 20 or 30 yards earlier. Eric Brock just read it perfectly. He kind of baited him (Schaeffer) into throwing it and he threw it right to him. It was one of the big plays of the game. Turnovers are motivators for you, especially when you are on the road."




#24 DB Jonathan Wilhite

On the tempo of the game

"For me, it just felt like `Dang, we need to step up.' Every time we would get a step up, we would turn around and let them right back in the game. Fortunately, toward the end, we started playing Auburn football."


#9 SS Tristan Davis

On the big kickoff return to set up Auburn's go-ahead field goal

"We knew that they would be good in kicking it deep. Coach told me that if they hit a line drive, I could take it out of I wanted to. It was a deep ball, but I took it out and found a hole to hit and was able to get some pretty good yards out of it."


On the late hit penalty

"I was kind of frustrated. But I felt that I had to make it up to get us back it the game. I just saw an opportunity and took advantage of that on the kickoff. After the penalty, we needed that spark."


#1 TB Brad Lester

On the Auburn offense

"It seemed like we were moving that ball pretty well, but then we would take little steps back that hurt us. Some costly interceptions, a few penalties that hurt us. If we had not made those mistakes, I feel like the game would have been more in hand for us."


On his touchdown run

"It was an audible. I saw the hole, but it started to close. I just pitched to the right and dove in. I pretty much knew it was a touchdown, because the guys were signaling me off the field. But took awhile for the horn to blow."


#86 WR Courtney Taylor

On the Auburn offense in the first half

"We moved the ball all over the field, but we would just start shooting ourselves in the foot. We would make too many penalties and stupid mistakes. We should have more points on the board."


On his dropped pass

"It's not like me to drop balls. Everybody knows that. We are all going to make mistakes, but I take great pride in what I do. I will be back after practice, catching that same route 10 times after practice."


#12 QB Brandon Cox

On the overall performance of the offense

"We played hard, but we made some costly mistakes. The two interceptions hurt us. We hurt ourselves in the redzone a couple of times. We put up good numbers, but so did they. We got the win, so I can't complain about the numbers."


On the Ole Miss defense not getting a sack

"They bring the safeties up to put pressure on you. They did a good job of that today. I have been working on my drops, and have gotten better timing. That helps out the offensive line knowing that they don't have to take a lot of time. That is something that we have worked on."


On the screen pass

"It was a screen pass, and the receiver got tied up. I think that they got a little more concerned breaking up the screen and forgot about me. They finally saw me, but I had enough time to get rid of the ball."


Ole Miss Head Coach Ed Orgeron

Opening Statement

"Obviously, our team battled very hard today against Auburn, who is a very good football team. We had some chances to make some plays on third down, and we didn't. I think the two turnovers in the third quarter were critical. To have a chance to win you cannot make those types of mistakes."


On the play of our Offensive and Defensive Lines

"I thought both our lines of scrimmages played very well and very physical, which was our goal coming into the game. We wanted to play physical football against a physical football team. I thought our guys competed very well."


On scoring quickly to open up the game (Mico McSwain Touchdown)

"That was a big plus for this team. It gave us some early momentum. I was glad to see the ball get into our playmakers' hands and see them make plays for us."


On the return of Robert Lane from injury

"It was great to have him back, and great to see him make plays out there. He brings a spark offensively that we really need."


On the overall team play

"That is the team I have been seeing everyday at practice. Our guys have been coming to work and playing hard. We have guys that will put up a fight on every down and that is the kind of thing I like to see from them."


On using a few new plays offensively

"We came up with a few new schemes. All of our new stuff seems to get the guys really energized, excited and they go out and play hard and execute."




#13 LB Jamarca Sanford

On Changing Positions

"When you're in the box to start the play, obviously there is a lot more contact, but it's still football. I have to be a little more physical, but it's pretty much the same."


On the Game

"We played pretty well on defense, we just couldn't make the big play when we needed to. We stepped up, but we ended up beating ourselves in the end."


"We are always a threat to upset when we play together as a team, today we just made too many mistakes. Our advantage is that we know how well we can play when we put it all together and other teams don't."


#49 LB Patrick Willis

On the New Defense

"It was fun to have Jamarca (Sanford) in the box with us. He's a play-maker, we had confidence in both him and Bryan (Brown), he's always been a tough guy."


On the Game

"One thing Coach O told us from the beginning was that we have to play for ourselves, that there will be times when you put it together and win and times you will put it together and lose. This game gives us confidence, especially after a poor showing last week."


"This shows everyone who watched this game that Ole Miss is coming. We are right around the corner, and we will turn that corner. We can play with anybody, and we'll come out and compete no matter who they are or what they may be ranked."


#7 QB Brent Schaeffer

On the Game

"We just took the No. 7 team down to the wire. All we have to do is catch up in the execution department. We have to learn to make the big plays when they are there, and when an opportunity pops up we have to jump all over it."


"There are small things we need to work on other than talent that we need to patch up. We can play with anybody. People have to deal with us. We know what we have to do, what we have to work for. Coach O is doing a good job of helping us work on the things we need to during the week in practice."


On getting Robert Lane into the mix

"He had a great game at the fullback position. Those couple plays were big plays for us. Auburn was coming in looking for BenJarvus (Green-Ellis) to run the ball a lot. Lane was getting around them on the play-action.


#23 RB Bruce Hall

On the game

"We came out and we fought, but we came up a couple plays short. We are just trying to

go out there and compete."


On the pass play

"My number got called. I just came out and tried to make a play. I faked a run to the right and threw back to the quarterback."


On playing on special teams

"That's been my whole goal since I got here. I just want to contribute and do what I can to help the team."


#15 TE Robert Lane

On the big plays

"It was good to get the game started off with a big play. It was the third play of the game which led to a touchdown. The next one led to a field goal. We have to find some way to make the big plays when we need to. We've played some close games this year. We will find a way to get better this week."


On his knee

"It's feeling a lot better. I am just going to keep rehabbing it and try to keep it strong and finish up the season strong."


On the catch over the middle and protecting the football

"Coach Orgeron stresses that a lot. I try to do whatever I have to do to protect the ball. I was trying to gain as many yards as I could."


On trying to get a win

"We just have to keep working hard and focus on Northwestern State."


#40 RB Mico McSwain

On TD play

"It reminded me of what I used to do last year. It was good to help the team. Mike Wallace had the key block that allowed me to score."


Have you ever seen linemen that size?

"Yes Tennessee probably has linemen as big as Auburn's."


On finishing the season and trying to win

"Coach told us we just have to put this one behind us and get ready for Northwestern State."


#20 DB Charles Clark

On interception

"I had help from the back side. I looked at the No. 3 receiver (X) and I saw him coming across. When he (Cox) made the throw I just broke on it and made the pick."


On almost getting another interception late in the game

"We were in zone coverage. I saw the tight end release and saw the quarterback watching him. I tried to break on the ball. I had it in my hands, but I just dropped it when I hit the ground."


On being a senior leader

"We have to keep pushing and keep our heads up. We have three more games left. The bye week will help some of our injured guys get back. We have to stay positive."



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