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Post-Game Quotes

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Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Ole Miss

Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium

October 27, 2007



Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

"One of the hardest things in our profession is to bounce back after a disappointment. Last week, we had a huge one. This week, we came back and regrouped. We didn't play great, but we fought hard. We did some things good, but we were pretty conservative offensively. We controlled the ball. We thought we could run the ball a little bit more on them. You have to give a lot of credit to Ole Miss. They played hard. They came in after last week's disappointment not playing very well and did a good job. They moved the ball on us a little bit at the end of the first half which concerned us some. Defensively, we adjusted. If we can keep somebody under 200 yards (total offense) in our conference, we've done a pretty good day's work.

"Our kicking game was pretty good. We kicked Zach Kutch earlier. Wesley Byrum did not kick most of the week. He has a pulled muscle. He pulled it two weeks ago. We just tried to get him healthy. After the bad miss of the field goal, we decided a field goal might make the difference in this game with the way we were playing. So, we put Wesley in, and he kicked the field goal and did a good job.

"We kept plugging. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win ... a SEC win. It got us to six wins. We have a non-conference game next week, and we have to get some people healthy. Craig Stevens hurt his foot. They x-rayed it. Brandon (Cox) bruised his non-throwing shoulder, and he will probably be out a couple of days. He will be real sore."

On Auburn's offense:

"We were being conservative, obviously. We didn't throw the ball a lot. We felt like we controlled the ball. We wanted to keep our defense off the field. We probably played it close to the vest a little bit too much. They are a team that is getting better. They play hard. As I told our guys, we were going to get the hardest game from Ole Miss tonight as anyone has all year because of what happened to them last week. They were ready to play. I'm proud of our guys because we were on the verge of scoring a few more points. The red zone kind of hurt us tonight. We weren't that much of an oiled machine on offense. We'll go back to work and try to get better for next game."

On Antonio Coleman...

"He has picked up where Quentin (Groves) left off. Those two are going to be a good one-two punch the rest of the season. Antonio is playing well. He is smart. Tonight, when they put the other young man in there when we knew they were going to run bootleg, he did a good job on that. He did a good job of reading the inside, what we call an inside zone play. He is just a heads up player. He's a guy who is always around the ball. He got a little frustrated early. They were pushing him around a little bit late. He is one of those guys who is calm and cool, but I think they got a little bit under his skin a little bit. He turned it up another notch. That is not a guy who you want to rile up."

On Patrick Lee's interception in the end zone...

"They put the other quarterback in and you can't tell from down on the field, but it looks like he threw to the wrong route. He thought maybe it was a post route. Patrick has been getting better and better. He plays the ball a lot better than he used to. He used to just play the man and now he is playing the man and the ball. He is experienced. He is going to be a heck of a player on the next level. He will get better every week."

On falling into a lull playing Ole Miss and Tennessee Tech back-to-back...

"We need to get in a lull. It has been a long nine weeks. These guys had to get to the top of their game or try to play at the top of their game every week. The schedule that we've had has been brutal. There hasn't been any gimmies so to speak. It has been tough. It has been as much mental as it has physical. We have become better. We have become better in the last six or seven weeks. It didn't look like it tonight, but we knew we would get this type of effort. We had a gutty effort, but we were just a little off sync on offense. That is part of it, and Ole Miss had something to say about it. They didn't want to get embarrassed like they did last week. They did a good job."

On the pooch punt by Wes Byrum:

"It's called a field goal punt. It was into the wind and Wesley couldn't get a full swing on it. We felt like the best thing to do with a 10-3 lead was to make them go 99 yards. We work on it two or three times a week, and that is the first time that we have run it in awhile. It paid off for us. They got a good drive out of it and moved it all the way down to about the 30 yard line. It is tough to drive it 90 yards against our defense."


Offensive Player Quotes


Brandon Cox, QB                                             

On final drive...

"We have been moving the ball well all game. We just took it down and didn't make any mistakes, this time we put it in the end zone. They brought everybody at me on the last play. I didn't even see Rod when he made the catch."


On the Ole Miss defense...

"They were bringing the pressure all night. They are a very talented defense."


Rod Smith, WR

On his touchdown throw to Rod Smith...

"I wasn't even supposed to get the ball. They said to look blitz. I turned around and saw the ball coming. I came hard to try to make the play and I made it to the endzone."


On the Ole Miss defense...

"We knew they would come in and play us tough. It was a hard, physical battle. We took our best shot."


Brad Lester, RB

On his personal best...

"I was fighting for the hundred. I told Ben to let me get in there. Ben joked that I would lose yards."


On the Ole Miss run-defense...

"It started out well, very solid defense. We wore them out as the game went on. We finished with a strong drive and came out with a win."


On the AU offensive line...

"They came out and looked good again. They are getting better each week. It is amazing to see how they are improving. I am excited to see what they are going to do next year."


Defensive Player Quotes


Pat Lee, DB

On his interception...

"We were in man-coverage. We had good coverage on all of their receivers. Our defensive line and linebackers had great pressure on the quarterback. He had to force a throw he did not want to make and I had to do what I had to do. I was able to come off the receiver and get the football. I wanted to run out of the endzone, but I didn't see any lanes so I finally took a knee."


On limiting their offense...

"We practiced hard all week. It is our goal to stop the run and I give a ton of credit to the linebackers and defensive line. They have a good running back, but everybody on our side did a good job."


Tray Blackmon, LB

On limiting Ole Miss's running back...

"We knew they were going to run the ball on us. They have a good running back and that's their first priority. All week we talked about stopping the run. It's our main job and it's what we love to do. This is what happens when you play hard."


On getting pressure on the quarterback..

"We produce pressure the way we did tonight when we execute our defense. It's all about want to. Eighty percent of football is just want to and we wanted to get their quarterback on the ground."


On his personal performance...

"I feel like I played well. There are a lot of things I need to work on, but there are also a lot of things I did well. I thank God that I was even able to play today after all the injuries I have been through this year."


Antonio Coleman, DE

On his ability to pressure...

"Coming into the game I knew they had a good line. The man I was going up against all night is a great player.  My focus is getting to the quarterback and we just had to make that happen."


On the Ole Miss running game...

"We came in and knew we had to shut BenJarves Green-Ellis down. We were determined to do that. We wanted to get a hat on him all game. I give all the credit in the world to our defensive line and linebackers."



Ole Miss Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Ole Miss

Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium

October 27, 2007



Ole Miss Head Coach Ed Orgeron


"Our team came out and battled and I was pleased with the defense for most of the game.  The last drive and the third downs hurt us.  On offense we tried to make something happen.  Overall I thought John Thompson called a good game.   Our team fought today and I thought they were prepared after a very tough week and a bad performance against Arkansas last Saturday.  I was not pleased with the way the offense played.  When we had the ball at the one-inch yard-line, we had a fantastic drive, but again we made a poor decision with the football.  I thought Auburn's defensive line had too much penetration tonight and I will need to see why that happened.  As far as the team's competitive spirit, I was proud of them, but we are in no way happy with the performance of the football game tonight.  We came here to win and fell short."


On the interception in the fourth quarter...

"I need to find out if there was miscommunication before I can comment on that."


On playing Brent Schaeffer...

"There was a couple times during the game when I talked about putting him in.  He threw some good balls tonight.  His balls and his mobility were good, but the interception hurt us as we were going down to try and tie the game up."


On the Ole Miss defense...

"We have guys like Tony Fein that came through tonight.  I talked to him and told him he played extremely well, but I need to watch the film.  Viciente DeLoach stepped in and did a fine job for us and I am really pleased to see him do well.  He is a senior and deserves to play.  Ashlee Palmer had a good game."


On Viciente DeLoach...

"Greg Hardy was suspended for disciplinary reasons and we are going to handle that Monday when we get back.  I thought moving Marcus Tillman to the left-side linebacker position was a good decision.  Viciente had a good week of practice and I thought he was the best choice to replace Greg."


On Lawon Scott...

"I was very pleased to see the play of Lawon Scott.  We moved him to nose tackle and he had a good week of practice.  We were having problems staying in the end gap, but he showed flexibility and mobility and it was a good way for a freshman to be broken in."


On Seth Adams...

"I will have to watch the film.  I am watching the game just like everyone else but from a head coaches position.  Sometimes they would put a lot of coverage on Seth.  Basically Auburn just played a base defense and they rushed him and sometimes our guys couldn't get open."


On scoring 11 points in last two games...

"Auburn had a great four-man rush.  There is no mystery to that.  Auburn played cover two with two safeties and they re-routed and gave us a good rush.  We were getting those deep balls a lot.  Auburn was playing man on our receivers."


On holding Auburn to 10 points majoring of the game...

"We were much improved.  I was happy with the linebackers and there was much improvement with the defensive fronts.  Our safety helped us a lot and I have to give credit to the defensive staff, they worked very hard and we were disappointed in giving up 44 points against Arkansas.  We felt we had a good week of preparation and our linebackers are fitting better and guys are playing hard."


Ole Miss Player Quotes


Tony Fein, LB

"We came to Ole Miss because of games like this.  We put in a good week of practice.  We (the defense) had a heart-to-heart with each other.  The defensive leaders all got together and wanted to show what we could do.  It was a soul-searching week.  Our pride was hurt after the loss to Arkansas. 


On the rest of the season...

"We can't throw in the towel.  LSU comes in next week.  We still have games against Mississippi State left, and there are a lot of big games left in our season."


On his play at linebacker...

"I am realizing what it takes to be a linebacker in the SEC.  It's not just about being physical.  I am putting a lot of time in the film room and studying my keys for each game."


On Ole Miss' season...

"It's disappointing we didn't play well as a team tonight.  It seems like this season when the offense plays well, the defense doesn't.  We just haven't put together a complete game."


Johnny Brown, CB

"We studied everything that they were going to do tonight. They didn't catch us by surprise with anything.  We knew they were going to try and run straight at us and that is exactly what they did.  We felt like we were more physical tonight and did a really good job tackling.  We had 11 hats flying to the ball on every play."


On DB Jamarca Sanford...

"Jamarca was a big boost to our defense tonight.  We felt really good with him back.  He is a like a coach on the field." 


Viciente DeLoach, DE

On his de-commitment from Auburn and his signing with Ole Miss:  "I felt the better choice was Ole Miss for me.  Going to Ole Miss gave my family a better chance to see me.  That was really important to me and overall, I thought that was the right choice to make."


Seth Adams, QB

On a miscommunication in the game...

"No it wasn't a miscommunication. He went one way and I went the other. I was just trying to play smart and not turn the ball over."


On Auburn's defense...

"They did a good job. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. They gave us the short stuff but we couldn't finish our drives."


On being pulled from the game and put back in...

"It disoriented me a little. I completed a few balls but came up short on fourth down and that really hurt us in the end."


BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB

On the offense...

"They did a good job on pursuit, but in the end we just didn't execute and that really hurt us."


On scoring 11 points in two games...

"It's our execution that has been our problem. We just can't finish our drives, so we can't score any points."

On adjusting to the cover two defense...


"They did a really good job, but we need to run better when they put seven in the box and find ways to break big plays if it is through the run or passing."


Mike Wallace, WR

On penalties in key situations...

"We have to eliminate those penalties. You just can't have those, especially with a crowd like what Auburn has."





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