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Auburn vs. LSU Postgame Quotes

Oct. 22, 2011

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HEAD COACH Gene Chizik

Opening Statement ...
?gObviously, that was very disappointing. That?fs not our standard of how we need to play. The reality of it is we got beat in just about every phase of the game. We made all the classic mistakes that prevent you from winning a game on the road. We turned the ball over in the kicking game, we turned the ball over throwing an interception for a touchdown. We had the game about where we wanted it with five minutes left to go in the second quarter. We had them in 3rd?]and?]14, and we let that one get away from us. There were some penalties at critical times that kept drives alive and those drives turned into points for the other team. Offensively, when you give up six sacks and you can?ft run the football, you have a hard time winning. That?fs what happened today, and that?fs why we lost. We will go back to work tomorrow, and we will try to get better. We have an important game next week, so there will be a lot we can learn from this one.?h

On playing on the road against LSU ...
?gOn the road, our margin for error is zero. We?fre not good enough to consistently overcome negative things happening to us. We had three critical penalties on drives where we could have got (LSU) behind the chains or at least in a favorable position for us. You can?ft give up two deep balls to a team like LSU. We had them in 3rd?]and?]14 with five minutes to go in the half at a 7?]3 score and (Rueben Randle) just ran by us. You can?ft win when you let things like that happen. We had trouble in the return game, so we couldn?ft get any kind of field position.?h

On evaluating starting quarterback Clint Moseley ...
?gIt?fs really difficult to really assess how he did. Six sacks are unacceptable. You don?ft win any football games by allowing six sacks. That was an anemic job of protecting the quarterback. We have a lot of work to do and a lot of research to do to figure out how to stop the bleeding in that regard.?h

On the LSU defense ...
?gWe knew it was going to be a challenge. They did a lot of whatever they wanted. They blitzed, they four?]man rushed and they disrupted us. There were no new things we had to adjust to. They just pressured us, with or without the blitz successfully most of the time. We knew that was a great defense, which is fast and physical.?h

QB Kiehl Frazier

On how the game got away?c
?gThey are a good team, and you can?ft make that amount of mistakes against a good team. We put our defense in a real bad situation today. We didn?ft click the way we wanted to, and against a good team like that you can?ft let that happen.?h

On what LSU did to disrupt the offense?c
?gThey blitz a lot. We didn?ft know where they were coming from, and we really didn?ft execute like we should have as a team.?h

RB Onterio McCalebb

On the hard hit he took at the end of the game?c
?gGetting hit hard is part of the game. I got back up and got back on the field. I never give up on my team. I always go back out there and fight.?h

On the pressure to perform?c
?gLSU is a good team all around, and everybody knows that. We are a good team too, but we just had one of our bad games. We have to come out here tomorrow and correct everything so we are ready for Ole Miss next week.?h

QB Clint Moseley

On key plays that changed the game?c
?gThere are obviously plays that I wish I could have back. All I can think about is the negative plays that I made, and I am going to do the best I can to get that corrected. It is my first start and you can use that as an excuse if you want to, but that doesn?ft work with me. It doesn?ft make me feel any better. I have a lot of getting better to do.?h

On being under pressure?c
?gI have definitely never been under that kind of heat before. I thought that Sweet Water in high school was bad. This is a whole different league. They really put the pressure on me, and it definitely got to me a couple of times. I have never been under that much pressure before.?h

DT Jeffrey Whitaker

On the big plays?c
?gThere were some big plays that happened that we didn?ft execute well. We just kept fighting, and that?fs the only thing we could do. You remember it. You let it soak in, and you try to do your best to not let it happen again. We?fre going to keep fighting. We?fre going to weather the storm, and we have to look on to next week.?h

On the play of the defense?c
?gHats off to LSU. They played a good game. Their offense is good, but at the same time we gave up some big plays. That hurts, and during the year we never really did that. I think that was the problem today with the penalties and third downs. When you come in here and play a team like LSU you just can?ft do that.?h

LE Corey Lemonier

On the third quarter?c
?gIt all came fast. It all unraveled fast, and we just weren?ft ready for that. Most of the game was decided on penalties. The game could have been a lot closer if we had played smarter and not been so aggressive on some plays.?h

On the play of LSU?c
?gThat?fs why they are the No. 1 team in the nation. They came out here firing. We weren?ft ready for it, and that?fs why they deserve to be No. 1.?h

S Demetruce McNeal

On mistakes?c
?gIt was a big play on 3rd?]and?]14 when Jefferson fumbled the football in the back field, and we get a facemask. When you do things like that on the road against a good team like LSU there is no way you come out a winner. We will have to go back in and do better. All the penalties and big plays won?ft do it.?h

On the touchdown passes?c
?gOn the first one we were in cover three, and it wasn?ft a busted coverage. The cornerback was pressing with no safety over the top. He played inside, and (Rueben) Randle shot over the top. I just couldn?ft get there in time. One the second one we were in a man concept, read the quarter back and try to figure out what is going on. Neiko (Thorpe) tried to help out the cornerback. By the time he looked over he was running by Chris (Davis). Chris was playing the slant too, and he just shot outside.?h



Opening Statement?c
?gOur football team obviously wanted to play extremely well against a quality Auburn team. I felt like there were some things that we didn?ft quite get done a year ago when we played. We needed to make amends. We did that. You look at the strength of the team. It must be displayed in all three phases: offense, defense and special teams. If you watched our kickoffs, when we went to the field we put 11 guys on the field that were heroic. They had courage and they struck. To me, that was a challenge that we administered to that team because they (Auburn) have a very talented kickoff return team. They decided that we would answer that call. Defensively, you play a very talented running attack with guys with speed and the ability to attack in a diverse manner. The defense then has to expand its role, learn different keys and adjust. They did that in this game. Offensively, we needed to have balance, throw the football deep and have the ability to run the football when we wanted to. We did all of that. In this game it is very much a team victory. We have improved. We have improved on offense, defense and special teams.

?gI told my team at the end of the game. This is a momentum that was started at the beginning of the year. It was done with the specific goal of learning to play on the road. We?fve put ourselves in position at this point to play a very significant game. We have the opportunity to take the lead in the West. That is really where we are at now. It was a nice job and a game well played.?h

On the team?fs depth?c
?gIt is a great piece of the team. A team is never about a single player. It is never about the injury that you miss or the coach. It is about the strength and the abilities of the sum. This is a quality team. These are great young kids. They fight like hell. They?fre tough and enjoy playing. Do you realize how much fun was had tonight? You?fve got to understand something. When we take the field, these guys are at risk and they enjoy it fully. I like them. They?fre fun to coach.?h

On playing well despite distractions?c
?gI think we have quality assistant coaches. We have guys with relationships on the team and player coach relationships that allow us to care for how everyone feels. The want for the team to have success is shared. That is a mark of a great team. We are a team that continues to find ways to win and expand its role. There were guys that played defensive back tonight who really got their first start for time, guys that played special teams that really played the entire game in the secondary. That is what is needed to get accomplished to win. That is what our team did.?h

QB Jarrett Lee

On Rueben Randle ?c
?gHe?fs just an athletic player. That?fs why we recruited him to come to LSU. He makes those kinds of plays. Right now he?fs separating really well. He?fs getting open, and we?fve got to get the ball in his hands. He?fs a special player for us.?h

On the team overcoming adversity ?c
?gWe understand how special this season is and how we want it to be. We also understand that certain situations are going to happen and you just have to be prepared so that when your opportunity comes you make the most of it. We have a special thing going, and we have a special group of guys. We just have to continue to stay focused and play hard.?h

RB Michael Ford

On the team relationship?c
?gWe?fre a family at the end of the day. We have to bring each other together and become closer, and that?fs what we do. We can?ft let outsiders and negativity come in and get to us, so we just become closer.?h

On the success of the running game ?c
?gIt all goes to Coach Frank (Wilson). He did a great job getting us prepared, from watching film to practices.?h

WR Rueben Randle

On Kenny Hilliard ?c
?gHe?fs powerful and hard to tackle. If Coach Miles gives him more and more opportunities, I think he?fll be a great back for us.?h

On his progress at LSU ?c
?gIt was tough when I first started as receiver. I think this year with Coach Studrawa having more faith in me I?fll be able to get the ball down the field and make more plays.?h

CB Ron Brooks

On stepping in as a starter at cornerback ?c
?gIt?fs not about me; it?fs about my team. I?fm just trying to contribute and help my team win. We achieved our goals with an overall win, and it made me feel good.?h

On replacing Tyrann Mathieu ?c
?gI don?ft try to impersonate anybody. I don?ft want to be named after anybody. Tyrann (Mathieu) is like my little brother, so I?fm not trying to imitate him. I let him have his own thing.?h

DT Michael Brockers

On the team?fs performance ?c
?gWe?fre very physical, we practice hard and we do what we have to do to win. Coach (Miles) asked us to be the most dominant people on the field, and that?fs what we did. We have one goal, and that?fs to get to a national championship. I feel like we did what we had to do to.?h

On sacking the Auburn quarterback ?c
?gI just lined up for the next play. They were going at a high tempo, so after the play I moved from the sideline and got back in my position.?h

DE Barkevious Mingo

On Auburn ?c
?gThey got a little winded late in the third quarter. They showed signs that it wasn?ft going their way. We had to turn up the pressure and take the wheel away from them.?h

On back?]to?]back sacks ?c
?gIt felt really good. It?fs just something that you have to do and then move on to the next play. You can?ft live on that last sack.?h



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