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Auburn vs. Tulane Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 21, 2006

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Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Tulane

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

"It was a good day. I'm proud of our guys who came out and played. We played hard and made some mistakes. Defensively, we gave up too many yards. That is probably the best quarterback (Lester Ricard) that we have seen this year. He put it on the money, and we weren't able to get pressure on him in the first half. Offensively, we took care of business. We held some guys out in Tim Duckworth, Kenny Irons and Brad Lester got a little sore after the first few plays so we pulled him out. It was a big day for Ben Tate. The offensive line really played well, but we could have another problem. It looks like (Jason) Bosley has hurt his knee. We'll have to do some scrambling starting tomorrow. This group is getting so beat up, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. We'll find somebody to step up.

"We gave up too many plays on defense. We have to find out the reason for that. We are not getting hands on receivers. They had a running back (Matt Forte) rush for 117 yards, and that is way too much. They came in and played hard. They had a good scheme against us. We weren't playing on a lot of emotion. I thought our technique and fundamentals were pretty good. John Vaughn kicked that long field goal before the half, and that was good to see that happen. He became the leading scorer in Auburn history (now has 284 points). Just looking back on the day before looking at the film, we were a lot more consistent on offense. We were able to run the ball, and we were able to throw play-action. We dropped a couple in the first half that would have made a difference with a few more points. We'll take 38-13 and go on. These injuries are getting pretty serious down the stretch here, especially going on the road in the SEC. We need something good to happen to us.

(On going for it on 4th and 1)
"We got slammed. We ran the quarterback sneak and lost half a yard. That doesn't happen very often. They beat us off the ball. We let them get penetration. That was my fault. We should have never gone for that. We were just trying to run out the clock. The defense held their own and held them to three points. Then we came back and were able to get the three back. That was a pretty good job by the special teams. The offense being able to get three points back after that * that was just my fault. We should have never done that."

(On Brandon Cox)
"Brandon had a great day. He threw a couple on his back foot. The ball started wobbling on him. That is the best protection that we've had. He's getting a lot more confident throwing to different receivers. We are going to have to do that as we go down the stretch. We are going to have to step up, and we are going to have to get the ball down the field offensively threw the air and not just running the ball every down."

(On Ben Tate)
"Ben did a good job for the second time to play. We are going to need him. We are just beat up. As we look at it right now, Kenny (Irons) is still hobbling around. Brad is going to be hobbling. I don't know how much playing time he will get. He might be the starter next week. It just depends on what happens."

Auburn Offensive Player Quotes

Brandon Cox, QB

On the offense...

"With the exception of a couple of drives where we went three and out, we were able to move to the ball, run, pass and finish.  We were able to put the ball in the endzone; it was a big improvement over last week."


On defense and special teams giving offense good field position...

"We had a couple big kick returns and the defense got a couple key turnovers.  We didn't capitalize on the big kick return coming out of the half.  Other than that, we did a good job of making those plays count."



Courtney Taylor, WR

The passing game...

"We came out today and wanted to put an emphasis on throwing the ball and especially on being more efficient.  Brandon [Cox] was excellent today and we were able to put together some passing plays."


On returning to SEC play next week...

"Because of our situation, all of our SEC games are big games.  We are going on the road and it is going to be a hostile environment.  We can't afford to let up."



Ben Tate, RB

On his carries...

"It felt good to get out there and play for long stretches.  I didn't expect to get that many carries.  I think the coaches wanted to put me out there and test me and see how I would do over a long stretch.  Hopefully, I will grade out well and I will get more opportunities in SEC games."


On the offensive line...

"The offensive line did a great job protecting Brandon [Cox] and opening up lanes for us to run.  Their success today is what made us go on offense."


Auburn Defense


Zach Gilbert, DB

On Tulane's offense...

"They have a pretty good offense. They average a few hundred yards a game coming into this game. They are real good passing the ball, which should prepare us for other pass-happy teams. They remind me a lot of Florida and South Carolina."


On his own play...

"I played pretty well. I had the interception there at the end. I could have played better, but I think I played alright overall."


On Auburn's ability to stay focused coming off of last week's Florida game...

"We did a pretty good job coming off that big win. We have a lot of things to work on. We have to stop giving up big plays. There are a lot of things we need to change, but I think we did a good job."


Will Herring, LB

On Tulane's running game...

"They are a pass-first team, but they did a real good job of spreading us out when we were in our nickel and dime packages and then running in the middle of us. It was good because we got a lot of young guys in the game and got them ready to play in bigger games."


On Tulane's passing game...

"They are the kind of team that throws the ball a lot. They have a real good next-level-type quarterback and lots of good receivers. We did a pretty good job of not giving up many big plays. There were a few of them, but overall we did pretty well."


Tristan Davis, FS

On his kick returns...

"I feel good about my role on this team. I broke a couple of long ones this week and last week. We had some good returners last year, and we have some more good returners this year. Overall I like our chances of returning a long one."


On his play today...

"I played well. I felt like I covered my assignments and I did everything else pretty much right. I missed one tackle, but other than that I feel like I didn't mess up that much."


Tulane Players


Damarcus Davis, WR

On Tulane's offense...

"We feel like we can move the ball against anybody.  Next week we will have to work on finishing drives.  We felt like we played hard, but every time we got it inside the 20, we had to either kick it or we turned it over.  We know we have a good offense, we just have to get it in the end zone.  We left a lot of points on the field today."


Israel Route, CB

On Auburn's offense...

"Auburn runs a lot of sweeps and a lot of zone.  Their running backs get outside so they can make moves in open space, and that is why they are the number four team (BCS) in the country."


Jeremy Foreman, CB

On Auburn's run game...

"We knew their game plan would be to run the ball and we handled the run pretty well all day.  They had a couple breaks here and there, but we know if we work on that, we will be alright."


On being worn down by Auburn's rushing attack...

"We weren't run down because we were well conditioned for the game.  They just had some blocks and made some plays in the second half."


Matt Forte, RB

On not converting on offense...

"We left at least 28 points on the board today.  We got the turnover right before half, go all the way down the field and just got a field goal.  We can't do that.  In the second half, we drove down there twice and got a field goal and a fumble.  We left a lot of points on the field and you can't do that if you want to win games."


On being able to move the ball against Auburn's defense...

"It is really frustrating because we moved the ball so well, and then we turn the ball over like that.  Our turnovers put the defense in bad situations.  We can't do that and we have to work on not turning the ball over.  The only way you can win ball games is if you score points, and when you get in the red zone, that is what you have to do."


On Tulane's mentality at halftime...

"The mentality at halftime was the same as we had at the beginning of the game.  We wanted to go out there, have fun and just play as a team.  We wanted to play the game that we knew how to play.  We weren't really worried about who was on the field, we just wanted to do what we had to and execute, and we knew we would be alright."



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