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ULM vs. Auburn Postgame Quotes

Oct. 2, 2010

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Auburn Locker Room

Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik

"It is great to be 5-0 and it is great to have another win and with us trying to stay on track of just taking everything one game at a time. Our goal this week was really about Auburn. It was trying to get better in some little things as a whole football team. That was what we set our minds on today. I think we got better in some areas. We started fast, and I thought we lost some focus there later in the game, later in the second half and then a little bit later in the game, but they kept playing. I think we did improve on some things. I thought our discipline this week with the penalties. I think that showed up. That was a positive. Our goal was to get better as a football team, and I feel like we will look at it tomorrow, and there will be some places that I think we did improve. We have to continue on that track with a tough month of October left."

Did you go into this game not wanting Cam Newton to run the ball?
"Every game week to week, we are going to sit down and figure out what we feel like we have to do to win the game. If that includes him running the ball several times, then that is what we'll do. If we feel like because of what they are doing defensively that is not the best thing to do, then we won't. It is just going to be week to week. It really is. We are going to do and call and run what we feel like we have to run to win the game. Today was just one of those days where we felt like we could do some other things and take advantage of some things that they were doing defensively without running the quarterback as much."

Did you know what to do with yourself in the fourth quarter not having to sweat out a win?
"Yes, it was a very bizarre feeling, very bizarre. But, I will take it every time. It was unchartered waters for us up to this point. It was a fun. A lot of kids got to play."

On the differences of being 5-0 this year to being 5-0 last year
"I don't know. I don't know. I think it is hard to compare teams. It is different guys. It is different dynamics. It is just different. We will know more as we play game six. Obviously, again as I have stated earlier, we have to get better as a football team. One of the things I think our team does understand is that we have so much room for improvement still. Our best game is still lurking out there. It's going to have to come in the month of October. That's for sure. I don't know what the differences in the two are. I just know that we have to get better to have a chance to win next week."

On playing so many different young guys in the second half and not giving up a touchdown
"It was really good. I think at one time you could look out there and it was basically all freshmen and sophomores defensively. They played hard. They had fun. I think we had a good mix of young guys in the game early as well. That was good to see. It was just good to see them step up and guys making some plays. We have a guy like Anthony Morgan that's gone both ways. He played offense. He played defense. It is just good to see those guys out there having fun. They played hard, and it was good to see they didn't give a touchdown up."

On Mario Fannin's play
"I was very proud of Mario. What we decide to do with each one of these guys every week, certainly with him it has been some health issues and he is getting better. We just felt like we could get him more involved in some of the perimeter game. He also ran a little bit inside today, too. I think his confidence is getting back up there with just being nicked up and beat up, so it was good to see him run the ball like he did today."

On starting Dee Ford at defensive end and was it because you wanted to give Antoine Carter rest?
"It is good again to see some young guys being able to step up to the plate when we have to have them. Dee played a lot today. Corey Lemonier played a lot today. There are guys who we felt like are bumped and bruised up. We have to watch out. It is a long road here before we get any week off. We are just trying to be very prudent on how we proceed."

How important was a game like today to get into the upcoming four game stretch?
"This four game stretch is brutal. A game like today, like I told the team, we did what we were supposed to do. We will go back tomorrow and see what we have to improve on. It is good to have a game like this under your belt where you can have some confidence. You had some experience with some of your twos and threes in there. We are just still not a deep team. Those young guys can't get enough reps. It is obviously good to always have an opportunity to get guys into the game."

On Jake Holland playing linebacker
"I thought Jake did well. I thought he was very confident out there and very poised. We have really been repping him to the point where we feel like there is a great comfort level there. You just talk about this next month stretch. We have to be able to count on some young guys to go in there early in the game and play. He was in there in the third series and a lot of plays after that. We won't know how he did until we really look at the film. It seemed to me that he did what we asked him to do."

Was it encouraging that Cam Newton didn't have to be Cam Newton today with the other guys making the plays?
"I just want to be real clear. There are 10 other guys out there. Of course, the quarterback is going to get the blame and the credit, but there are 10 other guys out there who play their rear end off every snap, every game. He does not have to win the games for us. We have a lot of good players out there, and he needs to do what we ask him to do within the offense to help us win the game, but he does not need to win the games. We have other good players out there, and they all just need to play within the structure of the offense, and we have some guys who can be productive."

How well did Cam Newton do as a drop back passer today?
"There was one errant pass in there that we wish we could have had back. I thought we got careless with the ball in that particular instance, but we won't know exactly again until we see it tomorrow, but it looked like there were some passes that were thrown well. There is a lot of room for improvement in there for everybody, receivers' protection, quarterbacks, everybody."

On Auburn's defense stepping up today
"I was proud of our defense. They threw the ball (41) times, and there were times where we obviously could have played better. There were times where we didn't tackle well, but they stood up, particularly in the second half and got off the field a good bit, which was good to see with a lot of young guys. I am proud of our defense. They have a ton of room for improvement, and they are going to have to improve for us in this next month. Today, I was proud of them. I thought they played hard."

Onterio McCalebb, RB

On his touchdown run... "It was awesome. The offensive line did their job and everybody did their blocking assignments and it ended up being a nice run."

On averaging 14 yards a carry...
"I give all the credit to my offensive line and my receivers for blocking for me. Without them, I wouldn't have those yards.

On the offensive performance as a whole...
"We came in thinking that we have to go out there and do what we have to do. No matter what team we're playing, we want to win and be champions."

Cam Newton, QB

On his overall performance...
"We came out here and had a solid game plan. We wanted to keep it really simple, but our main focus today was to execute the game plan and we did that for the most part."

On the first two drives being under 60 seconds...
That goes to show you what this offense is capable of doing when everybody is executing. We're on the right path for success. "

On having no rushing yards...
"I think it speaks for itself that I didn't need to run the ball. A couple of guys picked up the torch and ran with it. Mario (Fannin), Michael (Dyer) and Onterio (McCalebb) all had a good game. They put this team up on their back."

On his punt...
"It's something we've been practicing. I think I could have better technique and they could be better in the future."

Jake Holland, LB

On his first college game at linebacker...
"I felt like I played pretty well. I think I went out there and did my job. I missed it to tell you the truth. Getting back out there and playing again was a good experience and I just didn't quit."

On advice he received from other players...
"What you need to do is prepare, know your assignment and alignment, and just go out there and have fun."

Mario Fannin, RB

On his performance today...
"It feels good to get back out there. It was the first time I had ten carries since my sophomore year. I was just glad to help my teammates out."

On being able to get to the corner so fast...
"Our guards did a great job of pulling, and they did a great job of setting the play up. The receivers did a great job of blocking downfield. It was open so I just made sure I hit it."

On the offense's execution...
"That's what Coach Chizik has really been harping on. We need to come out here and make another statement because we can't take a week off. We could tell they were a good team from the film of the Arkansas game, and you can't underestimate anybody. We came into the game making sure we did everything we needed to."

On scoring in two plays on the first two drives...
"That's something we understand about Coach Malzahn's offense. We had a great run by Onterio (McCalebb) and a great throw and catch by Cam (Newton) and Emory (Blake). With our offense, we can score at any time as long as we execute."

Nick Fairley, DT

On the defense's performance...
"We played pretty well today. We had to stay focused on this game and not overlook anybody. We went in trying to stop the run and we did that."

On creating havoc in the backfield...
"I'm just doing what Coach Rocker tells me to do. If he tells me to do a move I'm going to do it. If he tells me to move my hands I'm going to move my hands."

On holding them to 38 yards rushing...
"The front four of the defensive line, that's what we pound on. We know we have to stop the run, and that's one thing we did today."

Emory Blake, WR

On putting up fifty-two points...
"We were able to move the ball consistently down the field and get some big plays. We really executed when it counted."

On his ninety-four yard reception...
"There were no defenders there. It was a play that we practice all the time. It's nice when you do it in a game and it pays off. I could tell they thought we were going to run a speed sweep, so they really bit down on it, and the safety came down and I was wide open."

Ryan Pugh, OL

On the offense's productive day...
"A couple weeks ago, we got challenged and now it feels like we have a challenge every week now no matter which coach gives it to us or not. We have a challenge to come out and to play just as tough as we did against South Carolina."

On what can the team take away from this game and improve...
"There is always stuff you can improve on whether it's taking the right steps, slowing down or speeding up. We will look at the film on Sunday but overall there is always something that you improve on whether it be the big things or the little things."

On carrying momentum into next week...
"Without a doubt we carry it over. It just keeps adding to our confidence. The only thing we can do is to build off this game and to take it over to the next game."

T'Sharvan Bell, DB

On holding ULM to only three points...
"Communication was a big thing. We had to communicate on defense. I think we did a good job communicating today. We got everybody in the right places and just made plays."

On carrying momentum into next week...
"It is a great win. Any win is a good win, but next week it is not going to be the same kind of match-up. We will go and prepare a little harder and do a little extra work here and carry that into next week."

On what the defense will look to improve on...
"Probably tackling, which is a big thing for us. There is always room to improve on in tackling."

Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE

On the offensive performance...
"We just took what the defense was giving us. We have a lot of great coaches and we study a lot of film and know what their defensive tendencies are. We just made plays off from what the defense was giving us and it worked out pretty well."

On his touchdown catch...
"It was just a roll-out right and Cam (Newton) put it on the spot and threw it to me. Lee Ziemba and Mike Berry did a good job getting down field to block a couple guys and I just found the end-zone."

ULM Locker Room

ULM Head Coach Todd Berry

Opening Statement
"Auburn has an excellent football team. Coach Gene Chizik has every reason to be proud of what he has right now and the direction that they are heading in. I think they played exceptionally hard and they kept us off balance from the offensive perspective. We have a lot of young players and we could not find the football and that is because of the style that Auburn runs. They have good athletes all around the field, but they just have a better, more mature team. I do think we need to play smarter. The penalties during the game obviously hurt us. The quarterback fumble toward the end of the game without any contact is an example of things we can correct."

On team's passing performance...
"We knew we were not going to be able to push their defensive front so I put a lot of emphasis on our passing game this week in practice. We have a young quarterback that continues to mature. Most of the time we tried to get the ball out of our hands quickly in order to make sure that the defensive line was negated. This worked at times and sometimes it did not. I am pleased with our new quarterback, Kolton Browning, in the sense that he continues to grow up. The game is starting to slow down for him. I am also pleased with redshirt freshman, Tavarese Maye. It is very interesting to watch this man develop and I think he has a chance to become a very special player."

On the defensive performance...
"We did not do much good today. I think we played hard. We could not find the football and we had guys who were not playing their responsibilities because they did not believe what they saw. Against Auburn's style of offense, you need to stay on your man because you never know when the ball is going to come back around because of the mastery of the quarterback's ball fakes. Every player is live in this style of offense. Most of the time we played a lot of man coverage to try and load up the box and make it difficult for them to run and in the process, we turned the guys loose all over the field."

On the momentum shifts during the game...
"The penalties were huge. We had some drives canceled out because of penalties and that cannot happen. Another part of it is field position. If you look at our field position, it was not very good throughout the course of the game."

Kolton Browning, QB

On a good day passing the ball...
"We came out, and we prepared well all week as far as what we wanted to do offensively. I felt like we were able to move the ball fairly well, but penalties killed us this game. The offensive line was doing pretty well for us, as far as giving me time to throw the quick game, like we did. I think we need to get more balanced, and produce a running game."

On the reason for penalties in the game...
"I don't know what it was, if it was crowd noise, or they just didn't get the calls, or they couldn't hear me. It happens, but we can't have that every week. It's hard to throw the ball to get in place where you can run some plays. You've got to look to screens, and plays like that to get you downfield. It's tough when [defenses] are kind of expecting that."

On moving the ball early on offense...
"I think experience has helped, as far as the game slowing down for all of us, especially the young guys. We came out with a regular game plan, and it produced really well and it helped us move the ball down the field. I don't think we had too much trouble with it. When you get down in the red zone, I think we got down there a few times, but once we got down there, we had some penalties that kicked us out. We had some negative plays, and we had to go with the field goal. We can't have that anymore."

On the speed of an SEC defense...
"They are a lot quicker. It is the flow of the game. I don't know if it is adrenaline or what, but I think we have a lot of athletic receivers and I think we had chances to run up and down the field against the safeties, corner and linebackers. But, I think they are pretty athletic. They bull-rushed a lot, kept me contained and I thought they did a really good job closing down on me when I was trying to escape."

Theo Smith, LB

On defending a player like Cam Newton...
"Our big problem today was just being disciplined. The things he did we saw on film, and we expected everything he did because we practiced it to perfection. But the fact is that we came out today and we weren't disciplined. If you've got a certain zone, that's your zone. And, with the type of offense that they run, they kind of bank on you being undisciplined, and today we played right into their angle."

On having confidence coming into the game after a strong week of practice...
"Honestly, if I could put my hand on exactly what went wrong today, I would tell you, but I think once we get into the film room we can dissect each play and see what was done right or wrong and then we'll have a better idea of what went wrong. Because you're right, we had a great week of practice, and we came in here pretty confident that we would be able to stop what we were going to see today, and we just didn't."

On putting this week behind them and getting into conference play...
"I think when we actually stay disciplined, and we play our responsibilities and cut out the penalties, we're a good defense. I think anybody that watches us can tell that, so once the penalties and stuff are cut out, we will be fine."

Bryan Glenn, NT

On what they can take away from a game like this...
"We had a great week of practice. We were confident in the fact that what you've been told will work, and it will work, when you come in and you play a caliber team as we just did it exposes certain things. Character was on the line today, and certain people learned who they really were today. In short, when you come in and play a team like this and into an environment like this, you really find out who you are as a player and then you find out who's next to you, because that's important as well."

On whether the penalties were a factor in the defensive play...
"That's anticipation. You can't explain it. That's on a person-to-person basis. You have to look at down and distance, you have to look at everything, and that will tell that. But there's no overall instance why this happened. You have to look time and time again."



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