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Postgame Quotes

Sept. 26, 2009

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Auburn Post-Game Quotes
Auburn vs. Ball State
Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium, September 26, 2009

Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik
"it was great to get our fourth win tonight. We didn"t always play like we had hoped. Obviously, there were some very sloppy moments in the game. It just didn"t look like we were in sync a lot of times. I don"t know exactly what the issues were, I just know that we were sloppy, especially early on with the bobbled punt again and things of that nature. The bottom line is right now is that we found a way to win it again, and we will look at the film tomorrow and we will find a lot of good things that we did. Again, it was sloppy and that wasn"t the way we wanted to play, but we are happy with a win. We will go back to work tomorrow, and we have a very tough October that we are facing. We have a lot of work to be able to win the month of October. We will go back to work tomorrow. We will correct the things that we weren"t good at and we will move on."

On Terrell Zachery
"I am really proud of Terrell. T has really come in every game and you just see him show up, and he"s made some big plays. He's made some nice runs with the ball after catch, and has made some yards after catch that have been impressive. I just think he"s getting better every week. I think he has a comfort level with what he is doing out there. He has made quite a few not just routine catches. They are big catches, and he has made some runs that weren"t quite routine runs either. He has made some things happen after he has caught the ball, and he has gone up and made some tough catches. I think his game has improved as a lot of our receivers have, but he is certainly one I think has stood out."

On Chris Todd tying the Auburn single game TD passing record
"I"m really proud of Chris again. Chris has done an outstanding job week by week trying to operate and manage and run the offense, and he has done a really nice job of that. Again, tonight on several throws he put that ball about the only place you could put it. It was right in there. He has done really well, and he needs to continue to grow as our quarterback, but right now he is managing our team really well."

On 4 TDs in the first half with very short time period of drives
"That"s a great thing. I will take the scores any way and any time that I can get them. Where it gets a little bit unclear is that just for our depth defensively and our depth with on our special teams because every time we score they have to go down and cover another kick. Like I said, we will take it any way that we can get it. Scoring that fast sometimes does take a little bit out of your defense if they can"t go three and out. It all balances out. It has all balanced out real well so far. I"m just pleased we score. I don"t care if it is one second or a 10 minute drive. I am just proud of the offense putting up points on the board."

On the decision to fake the punt and on Onterio McCalebb
"With Onterio right now, we won"t know. We don"t really know at this point. Tomorrow we will know more obviously. The decision to fake the punt was we just felt like we faked one in the second game, and we just feel like we have it built into our package and we have some different things off those that we like to use. Our defense was playing really well at that point in time, so we decided to go with the fake and it didn"t work, but we will continue to fake them. That is just part of the offset we are trying to do with our punt team because we have a lot of athletes on our punt team."

On going to Tennessee now and are you ready to take this young team on the road?
"Whether I feel l like it or not we are going. I mean that is where we are going and we will be there a week from tonight. I think we have to get a lot of things cleaned up. It is a very young team and it is a very thin team. That"s a good football team we are going to play. That is going to be the beginning of a tough month, and we are going to have to play lights out to beat them. We will have to play heads and tails above of where we were tonight if we have a chance to beat Tennessee next week."

On Auburn"s special teams
"It"s still a concern. Opening obviously starting with the punt return at the beginning of the game, we have to try to continue to get better. We are continuing to improve in some areas and some areas we are going backward. Again, the continuity of those teams matter. I'm not sure that continuity wise we are where we need to be. I"m not sure that we can be right now. We will continue to work and try to get better at it."

On playing backups before the fourth quarter
"With our backups were in there before the fourth quarter started. We have to get guys reps, and we have to get those guys playing time. We felt like with a four touchdown lead at that point, it was a four touchdown game. We have to make decisions on - again it goes back to the depth of our football team. Our objective is to win the game, not to win the stats. Win the game and get out healthy so we can go into a tough month of October. We did what we had to do to get out of the game and try to keep everybody healthy."

On big sack by Craig Stevens at the end of the first quarter and how it seemed to get Auburn going
"It really was. The thing that our defense has really, really come on with are takeaways. I know we had 10 going into the game. We had a couple opportunities for even more than we got. If we can keep taking the ball away and keep giving our offense more chances with the football, obviously, the more chance we are going to have to win the game. So, those type of situations, and we feed off of that. It was a slow start, and I thought they fed off of that. The turnovers are really big for our defense right now."



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