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Auburn vs. Buffalo Quotes

Sept. 23, 2006

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Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Buffalo

Saturday September 23, 2006



Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

            "It's like I just told the team.  You can't play with it every week.  We had a tough one last week.  We got the job done.  It was a good day at the office.  We had a tough one last week.  I could even tell it with the crowd.  Everybody was still thinking about last week.  We got the job done.  I take my hat off to Buffalo.  They played hard.  They gave it all they had.  They have a good scheme on offense that kept us on defense more than we would have liked.  It was good that our defense got to see that.  We'll have to make some adjustments, and it will give us an opportunity to look at the film and see what mistakes we made.  Offensively, we didn't block very well the first half, but they had something to do with that.  We just didn't come off the ball and stay on our blocks.  The punting game still stands out.  It is hard to say anything bad about a win like that.  Again, we needed it.  It came at a great time.  We played a lot of players in the first half.  We had to rest some guys.  Tomorrow, we will come back.  We have a very quick turnaround.  Tomorrow will basically be Tuesday for us in game week.  We have to come back and get this one out of the way and try to get our legs back and get after it because we have a tough road game on TV next Thursday night."




Would you have liked to get the starters out of the game quicker?

"We would have liked to.  It was basically their offense.  We couldn't get them off the field.  They did a good job.  They ball-controlled and did a few things we hadn't seen.  I thought we adjusted well at halftime.  They have a pretty good team.  They made some improvement.  I was impressed with what they did and how they blocked and how their running backs ran.  Again, we didn't do a whole lot.  We played a lot of base defense.  I think we had two blitzes the first half.  When you don't do a whole lot, for us, as small as we are, you tend to stay on the field for quite a long time."


Were you impressed with running of Tre Smith and Ben Tate?

"Yes, Tre Smith, Ben Tate and Brad Lester.  This was a day for everybody.  We held Kenny (Irons).  We held (Jonathan) Wilhite.  We held Karibi (Dede).  We didn't play some guys who were beat up as much as we normally would.  It was a good day to play everybody.  It was a good day to kind of go out and look at some things.  It was a good game for our defense.  We made a mistake and gave up a 4th and 5 (on the Buffalo TD in the 3rd quarter), and they scored there.  We hope we learned a lesson because that won't be the last time we see something like that on the goal line."


What was the difference offensively in the second half from the first half?

"We just stayed on our blocks longer.  We were trying a few different things.  Again, us playing more than what they were playing, we just kind of wore them down a little bit.  I think that had more to do with it than anything.  We came out and played with a little bit more emotion the second half.  You can't go out there and play with it every week.  You can't talk about it all the time.  Next week will be a week where we will have to play at a higher level earlier and try to play all the way through.  That was one where we wanted to get as many people into the game that we could and we did."


On Brandon Cox not moving around as well as he normally does...

"He wasn't moving around too well because he was taped up so much in one area where he was sore.  That was for just protection.  It won't be that way this week.  We wanted to make sure if he got hit down on his leg that he would be fine.  He wasn't 100 percent, but he wanted to play.  He needed to play, and I think that will get it out of his mind and now he will go on and feel a lot better come next Thursday."


On the kicking game...

"Matt Clark was excellent.  John's (Vaughn) field goal was good right before half and gave us a 10-point lead.  Kody (Bliss) continued to boom them.  Our kicking game is in good shape.  We have to get a little better on the punt return team.  Our kickoff return looked good today.  We almost broke a couple.  On our punt return, we will make a few more adjustments.  Robert (Dunn) is getting closer.  He is kind of understanding how to get ground and do a little bit more things after he catches the ball."


What did you say to the team in the locker room at halftime?

"There is not a whole lot to say.  They know.  There wasn't a lot of hollering and screaming.  I think that Will (Muschamp) and Al (Borges) tried to get their attention a little bit more.  They understood.  You have to play with a lot more fire than what we played.  You have to go out and win like that.  It wasn't a very pretty game.  It was pretty much ugly.  We got it done.  Good football teams do that."


On Ben Tate...

"He looked good.  We had kind of worn them down so it was a little bit different from when Brad (Lester) was in there.  He's going to be a good football player.  He's strong.  He's elusive.  He has speed.  He went the wrong way on a screen pass one time, but that's the reason you play and practice, and he'll learn from that.  He was obviously very nervous, but it was good to see him get out there and get a few plays." 



Brad Lester, RB

On the offense today...

"We struggled, but those things are going to happen when you underestimate an opponent. We were able to recover in the second half. Some of our older guys really stepped up."


On if the offense improved from the LSU game...

"I don't think we were very much better. We didn't produce like we can in the first half. We still have a lot of adjustments to make watching film and in practice. We need to improve for next week."



Courtney Taylor, WR

On if he wanted the offense to throw more...

"I'm a wide receiver, so I'm going to say that every game. But in a game like this, you just want to keep things simple and get ready to get back into SEC play."


On the offensive production...

"There is room for improvement, regardless of the competition today. We need to get off to a faster start. We improved in the second half, but we have to start putting four quarters together."



Ben Tate, RB

On how it felt to get significant carries...

"It felt good to get out there and get a real feel for the game. Being a freshman, I was a little nervous on the first few plays. I got a lot more comfortable once I got in the flow of the offense."


On his big play capability...

"To be an Auburn running back, you have to be a big time back, and one of the things that goes with that is the ability to make big runs. We have a lot of running backs that can break big runs. We have great fullbacks and offensive lineman, too. Those guys are throwing great blocks."



Brandon Cox, QB

On first half production...

"The first half wasn't very good. We were still coming off a big win and had some guys still banged up and sore from that physical game."


On his personal play...

"I did pretty good, I am a little sore and I am still not 100 percent. We didn't really throw the ball that much. That one interception was really just a bad read."


On why the offense improved in the second half...

"Other than the great play calling, we just came together at halftime and said we wanted to be more physical and play the way we know how to play. We just came out and took care of business after that."



Steve Gandy, LB

On AU's ability to stop the run...

"We didn't do as well as we should have. It was kind of a let-down game, but we got the `W' and we got to play a lot of guys."


On AU's ability to stop the pass...

"I thought we did a good job, but we could have done a lot better. We have to get better each week and we got a lot better in the second half."


On the game being good preparation for South Carolina...

"South Carolina is going to come out fired up. We whupped them up last year and they are going to be ready to play. We've got to win all of our SEC games."



Kevin Sears, LB

On AU's intensity...

"At the start of the first half we were not intense. They were here to play ball and we weren't, and that is why they hung around. In the second half we played Auburn defense and it was over after that."


On his own performance...

"I need to get better. It was good to just run around and have some fun, that's what I like to do."



Quentin Groves, DE

On Buffalo's offense...

"They were pretty good. They have a stable running game. The offensive line was good. They came out ready and we were slow out of the blocks, but we picked it up in the second half."


On Auburn's defensive execution...

"It could have been a whole lot better. We have some areas that we need to and will improve on."





Buffalo Post-Game Quotes

Auburn vs. Buffalo

Saturday September 23, 2006



Buffalo Head Coach Turner Gill


On the game...

"It was a great experience for our football team to come into a great venue here. We played very hard. Auburn is solid offensively and defensively. Our team responded fairly well and took away some of the things that they do well. Effort is what we talk about all the time and the effort was there. We have to learn from what we did here. We talk about competing on every play and our guys did that. We competed and our guys handled their assignments."


On the exposure Buffalo gets from playing Auburn...

"It can't do anything but help us. We played Auburn pretty tough in the first half. The thing about it was to give us exposure, that's what it's all about. It was good to give our football team experience playing against a big-time opponent. Our players enjoyed this college football experience. We came here to play hard and we came here to win the football game. That's the way I coach and that's the way our players play. That's what we talked about all week. There was no difference in our preparation for this game."


On moving the ball early...

"We got down inside the 30-yard line but we couldn't find a way to get touchdowns or even field goals. You have to keep on going back to that, you have to zero in on scoring in the red zone. We'll keep working. There are some very positive things that came from this game. Our offense did a great job of taking care of the football, and that gives us a chance to win some football games."


Chad Upshaw, TE

On the game...

"We were thinking upset when we got on the plane to come here.  Obviously our focus throughout the game was to have great effort.  It's like coach (Turner Gill) says, `Tell me which games we are going to lose, and I will stay home.'"



Drew Willy, QB

On preparing for the game...

"The word this week was fight, fight until the end.  We knew we could hang with them (Auburn), we just had to keep fighting.  We feel good about what we have here at Buffalo.  We are going to continue to fight in every game throughout the MAC (Mid-American Conference)."



James Starks, RB

On moving the ball early...

"The offensive line was blocking great.  Coach was calling the right plays for the defensive setup Auburn was using, and I just had to capitalize on it."


On not being intimidated by Auburn's defense...

"We came into the game thinking we could move the ball and I was confident in our offense.  They (Auburn) put their clothes on the same way we do."

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