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Auburn vs. Mississippi State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 9, 2010

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Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik

Opening Comments...
"I first want to start out by saying that Coach (Ted) Roof had a great game plan for a very potent offense dating back to last year. I thought the players played extremely hard and they executed what we ask them to do most of the time about as good as we could do it. We didn't play perfect, but I think Coach Roof had them in the right spots and they played physical and hard and that was encouraging to see them play as hard as they did because they were relentless down to the last snap. So I was proud to see that."

On the pressure of the second half...
"It was a great something to build on. We said before the game, if we win this game or if we lose this game, it doesn't necessary determine the outcome of the season. It only lets you have a great idea of where you are and where you need to move forward, and I think that gave us a good idea right now of how we can play. In games like this on the road in this league, it doesn't matter what stadium or where you go, you are going to have to win games like this. All the games are going to be close and you got to win them at the end. It is not nessecarily that you win them, it is how you win them and tonight was a good place for us to be in terms of how we won the game."

On Nick Fairley's play during the game...
"That young man played so hard tonight, I my opinion. I have to give him a lot of credit. Everytime you saw him he was in the back fi eld and he was doing things. Obviously he picked the one ball and I was just very proud of him tonight."

On the offense playing a lot slower than normal...
"There are times where we have to be able to do that. There are times when if we don't feel like the wearing down effect is happening, then we have to manage the game clock. We have the capability to do both, and at times during the game, we slowed it down and at times we went on normal pace and at times we went on fast pace and we just kind of mixed it up in there."

On playing without Lee Ziemba
"Brandon Mosley came in and we had to put Brandon in there. Again, my hat's off to everybody. It was a team win and some guys had to step up to the plate. Look at our young guys on kickoff coverage. It's an amazing difference between last year and this year."

Auburn Defensive Linemen Nick Fairley

"It was an all around night for us. My ends got pressure across the board. I made them step up so I could make a couple plays. The defense overall, we did good. We came into tonight, and we said we would have to hold them down because they had a good offense. We just wanted to get our offense the ball and we did that tonight."

On Auburn's defense putting pressure on the quarterback
"Our defensive ends like Antoine Carter and Michael Goggans, they got pressure on the edge and that made Mike Blanc's, Zach Clayton's and my job pretty easy for when he stepped up, we were able to make that play."

On bull rushing the State offense tonight with strength on strength
"I came into the game not wanting to use too many moves. I just wanted to see what my script was tonight. I came in and wanted to bull rush, get on the edge and use what speed that I have against them and it worked for me tonight."

On having an interception, fumble recovery and three sacks and how often do defensive linemen work on the tip drill?
"We work on that tip drill every day with Coach Rocker. We make sure we get that tip drill in. He says he wants an interception every game. I was happy to get one tonight. He threw it right to me."

On Mississippi State's last drive
"I huddled up the defense right before we went out for that last drive. I said no matter what if the offense scores, we have to go back out there and defend, and we did that. We got pressure up front. They made good plays in the back end. We picked up our defense and everybody went out there and played hard."

On holding Mississippi State to 246 yards total offense
"It was a good win for us. It was a short week. We didn't have much time to prepare. We just said that's all we were going to do. It was just going to be man against man. We had to man up and see where we are. It was an SEC win on the road and that is good for us."

02 - Cameron Newton - Jr. - QB

On Defense...
"We started on fi re, and we played efficiently as an offense. We put defense in binds at times but our defense stepped up and they held it down for us."

On his first SEC start... "Starting was very exciting. The atmosphere was electric and it was a top notch exciting experience. That's what I expected coming in to play in the SEC."

50 - Ryan Pugh - Sr. - OL

On the win...>
"Our offense moved the ball well and we had a good defense. The MSU defense played unbelievable in the second half and a we had a few mistakes when we got down on the 30 or 40 yard lines, but any win in the SEC is a good win."

On team effort...
"The defense played very impressive. They came out and played their butts off. This was truly a team win because when MSU was stopping us in the second half our defense did not bat an eye. We put drives together as a team."

89 - Darvin Adams - Jr. - WR

On second half...
"We put a lot of faith in our defense. We had a lot of anxiety but defense ultimately came through for our offense."

On penalties...
"We had a few penalties, and they were a couple of minor set backs. But we came back from those with a win."

Mississippi State Locker Room


Opening Comments...
"I am proud of the effort we played with. We were down 17-7 at halftime, and we came out and never stopped believing. I guess until that clock hit zero, those kids never stopped believing they were going to win that football game. I know our coaching staff did. I am proud of the way the kids fought, but there is nothing good in losing for us. You look at that game, and we had every opportunity to win that football game. We dropped fi ve passes, that hit kids in the hands. We turned the ball over twice on offense. I do not think we tackled real well on defense. We had a dropped interception that would have been a touchdown. We messed up and had some wrong calls on defense, and missed some support and gave up some big plays on defense. We scored a touchdown to get momentum and we get a personal foul right afterwards. We have to kick off from our own 20-yard line. Our kickoffs again, are average at best. I go watch them warm up, I come out and watch Sean at halftime and he is kicking them with great height to about the goal line. Then we kick off and it is a straight line drive. That is the execution that we have to get cleaned up, in every phase of the game. I could have had some better calls on offense and defense myself. We could have done some things better. The opportunity was there for us to win, but we did not grab it. We need to do that for this program to turn the corner, and we are going to do that. I guarantee the people in Baton Rouge are not going to feel sorry for us this week. This is the Southeastern Conference. If you are going to play the toughest schedule in the country, you better learn to deal with some adversity and fi nd a way to improve as a football team from week to week. Obviously, every phase of this program right now has a little area they can improve in for next week's game."

On Containing Cameron Newton in the Second Half...
"I think we just wrapped up. They were still able to move the ball on us. One of the things we did not want to do was give up the big play, and we did that in the first half. Both of their touchdown passes were on third down. We gave up the big play in situations that we should not give it up. In the second half we did a good job of containing him, bending and not breaking, keeping them in front of us, and forcing them to drive down the field and not give up the big play. In the end, they made more plays than we did. When they needed to make the big play, they did. When we needed to make the big play, we did not. We are still a young football team and we will get that fi gured out. "

On What he Expected Coming into Tonight's Game...
"I was expecting a much, much better performance today from our players. While they are young players, they are in these situations. We have to expect to make those plays. We have to expect to win those games. With a young team and a young program we are trying to build up, there are times when they are looking around saying, `It's time to make a play... oh I am the one who is going to do it' instead of `that is me coach. Give me the ball.' We will develop that sort of attitude and swagger hopefully in the very near future."

On Tonight's Offensive Performance...
"It is not a lot of red flags to me. To me, offense is about getting into a rhythm, and you are sitting there and you are dropping passes. We took a couple of deep shots down the fi eld. We take a shot and it would be off of somebody's fingertips. On third down, we had at least two drops that would have been conversions for us. Those are things that you cannot do. You are going to have a tough offensive day if you are not getting into that rhythm. When you have a guy open over the middle, you have got to hit him, and you have got to make that catch. Third down and four, we have a guy open in the fl at and we cannot drop the ball. Those are the things that are going to affect you, and you are not going to get into any sort of rhythm, like we were able to get into last week. That was the difference that I saw in our players."

On the Status of Tight End Marcus Green's Knee...
"Yeah, he got dinged up. Then they said he could go back in and then he went back in. Then they said he was kinda sore so they held him out. We are going to have to fi nd out what that situation is tomorrow. Fortunately, Brandon Henderson has been playing pretty well so we did not really miss a beat there."

On the Successful Onside Kick in the Second Half... "We were ready to do it. We told our guys we were going to do it after our first score. We were prepped to do it, and then we got the personal foul so we did not want to do it from our own twenty. Every time we hit the high note, nobody made the play. We thudded, and that was the way it was. That is from the top to the bottom of this program. When we hit the high notes, we have to explode on a team. If you are going to win in the Southeastern Conference, you have to explode and make those plays. You have to make the great calls as coaches, and you have to make the great plays as players. That is what this league is all about. That is why it is the best league in college football, and that is why it is the most competitive league in all of college football. Every single Saturday, you better bring your A game. When the time is right, you better make the big play. You better make the right call as a coach. You better play at the top of your A game to win."

50 - Chris White - Sr. - Linebacker

On change in defensive scheme after halftime...
"We really didn't make any adjustments so we just played better."

On Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton...
"He's defi nitely fast and a good quarterback. You have to worry about him running the ball and throwing the ball as well. He is defi nitely a dual-threat quarterback."

On preparation for the LSU game...
"We just have to put this one behind us. This is a new week and we have to work hard to get the next game."

5 - Nickoe Whitley - RFr. - Defensive Back

On preparation for the LSU game...
"This one is in the books now. We can't worry about this. All we can do is put it behind us and prepare for the next game."

On his first quarter interception...
"I just dropped back and played my assignment. It wasn't the best pass so I took advantage of it."

On rehabilitation and the benefits of his work ethic...
"It was a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication to the game. This was definitely the most exciting game I've been a part of and I am glad I was able to rehab enough to play this season."



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