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Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 1, 2007

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Auburn Quotes

Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville
"What a game. We knew it was going to be like that. We knew we were going to struggle on offense. When you play with a young offensive line and you don't know what they are going to do on defense and they have all those starters back. They have a good football team. We are very fortunate, very fortunate. Ron Prince and all his staff did a good job for preparing for what we do. Defensively, obviously, we won by just pure guts running around. We had a lot of second guys playing. That was a true Auburn win. We just found a way to get enough points, play good defense and the kicking game stepped up to make some plays."

On Brandon Cox playing like a fifth-year quarterback on that winning drive
"He is a tough young man. He took a beating. They were bring five, six, seven. They obviously looked at Nebraska"s game plan against us and they brought the house. They had everybody inside, and they weren"t letting us run the football. They were running their safeties inside out to try to make plays. Heck, their safeties were making plays in the backfield on running plays. We just couldn"t get Brandon enough time to get the ball deep down the field enough times. When it all counted, it was good to see all of them step up and give him enough time to get it up down the field and make enough plays and score that touchdown."

On having a lot of short passes on the game-winning drive
"When these young receivers had to step up to make plays, they caught the ball and made some big plays. I think that was (James) Swinton that caught it down there at about the five or four. It was a big play for him. He"s needed to keep it up. There are so many young guys on this team that had to play. It looked like a MASH unit at halftime with the defense. (Aairon) Savage didn't play and turned his ankle and Tray Blackmon turned his ankle and didn"t play. The young guys like Chris Evans stepped up and (Zac) Gilbert played a lot and made some plays as did Jerraud Powers.

"We have to work on ball drills. We could have intercepted a couple of balls and got this thing over a little earlier. It was good. You look at the kicking game and our punter was over 42 yards. We"ll take that every game. The wind was a big factor and obviously, kicking the thing from the 30 yard line was a big difference. People will say why didn"t Wes Byrum play in the second half in kicking the ball off. Well, he turned his ankle on one of the plays at the end of the first half and he couldn"t plant and kick the deep ball. He could kick field goals and extra points. I am proud of him and what he did. A guy like Pat Lee, I don"t know how many snaps he played, but he is going to sleep well tonight."

On Auburn"s defense and putting pressure on the quarterback
"Their quarterback got tired and was kind of limping around. He looked like he was trying to cramp up in the middle of the third quarter. We talked to our defensive front about turning it up a notch and reaching back to that Kevin Yoxall work ethic that he put them through all summer. We actually got stronger on defense as we went along. We got tired but when we needed to make plays, we were coming off the corner up the middle. Antonio Coleman looked like he ran a 4.5 40 down the field running and scoring the touchdown.

"Again winning games are about defense. We are not going to win a lot of games offensively. Not a lot of teams in our conference are. We have to play good defense and have the kicking game to give yourself a chance. Then, you have to be solid on offense. We have a lot of work to do on offense. We have to make sure that we have the right combination of people in the offensive line. Again, we have a lot of young guys. Hopefully, we can get Leon Hart back in the near future. This win will help these guys understand that it may be ugly, but you can win."

Auburn Defensive Player Quotes

Josh Thompson, DT
On Auburn's ability to stop the run...

"They did not run it a whole lot. We didn't expect them to. What I think was most important was that when they did run it, we were right there to stop them for a short gain or a loss."

On Auburn's pass rush...
"Kansas State used a lot of three-step drops and short passes, so it was tough to get to their quarterback at first. Later in the game we were able to get to him a good amount."

On the importance of being able to score defensively...
"We expect big plays and touchdowns from our defense. We were frustrated because we hadn't scored one yet in the game and Quentin (Groves) made a huge play and (Antonio) Coleman was able to pick it up and take it to the house for us."

Eric Brock, SS
On getting the first win of his senior year...
"The first win is the most important. There are always pre-game jitters and the expectations are sky-high for this team. It wasn't pretty tonight, but we will always take a win like this if we can get it. We got the W and that is all we wanted.

On stopping Kansas State when Auburn had to...
"We survived on pure effort tonight, that is all there is to it. The young guys were tremendous, Zach Etheridge played well, as did Chris Evans and Zach Gilbert."

Antonio Coleman, DT
On his first touchdown...

"It feels great to score! I just executed my technique perfectly on that play and was able to make a play. That 4.6 forty is what helped me get into the endzone."

On Auburn's run defense ...
"We knew that our defense was good after the bowl game last year. We played well. Kansas State was a great team, but we were able to keep them from running all that well."

Auburn Offensive Player Quotes

Brandon Cox, QB
"I was just trying to keep everybody up and keep our confidence up. Like coach said, `we just played Auburn football and found a way to win.' I really thought we had it all along. It was just a matter of when we would take it."

Robert Dunn, WR
On his 3rd quarter punt return...

"I was so excited. It was the longest I've had since I've been here. I just saw the hole and took it. There were some big blocks in front of me and I just kept moving."

On the Kansas State defense...
"I take my hat off to the Kansas State defense. They came into Auburn in front of the greatest fans in the nation and really fought it out."

On his performance...
"I did pretty good. It's still early in the season so there are still some kinks to work out. We got a long way to go so we've just got to keep getting better as a group."

Bent Tate, RB
On the Kansas State defense...

"They were good. They fought us hard. There are some great athletes on that team."

On his performance...
"I had a pretty good night. We've still got a lot of work to go. We've just got to keep plugging away and moving forward as a team."

On the young players...
"They really stepped up tonight. We're a young team on offense. We were down late but we eventually recovered and gutted it out."

Gabe McKenzie, TE
On the Kansas State Defense...

"It was the first game and we didn't really know what they were going to run. We finally figured them out toward the end."

On team performance...
"We never gave up. We just knew that somebody was going to make a play. It could be anytime at any point in the game."

On his 4th quarter touchdown...
"Brandon threw me a laser. It was a beautiful ball. They bit on the run and it left me wide open in the endzone."

Kansas State Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Ron Prince
"This was a championship caliber team with a great coach, staff, administration and players. We had a nice game but we can't win on decision. We couldn't execute against Muschamp's defense."

On Missed Opportunities...
"We just didn't finish the game; we just didn't get it done."

On whether this was a disappointment...
"You would like to be able for the kids to go away and know that they can play with Auburn. You don't come to a place like this and expect them to give you the game, you have to take it."


Jordy Nelson, WR
On Auburn's comeback...

"We have to learn how to finish and Auburn is a team that does not quit."

Reggie Walker, LB
On losing lead in fourth quarter...

"It is disappointing. We just blew it."

On why Gabe McKenzie was open in touchdown pass...
"We had watched this play on film because Auburn used it against Florida last season. We thought the full back was the main option so that is why we left Gabe open."

Leon Patton, RB
On playing a ranked opponent...

"We look at every team like they put on pads just like us."

On Josh Freeman's performance...
"He showed a lot of poise and patience."

Ian Campbell, DE
On last two minutes of the game...

"The first 58 minutes we were doing everything right, no missed assignments and everybody was tackling. Then everything just broke down and we stopped doing everything that got us to that point. Everybody tried to do too much. There are no moral victories, you have to give Auburn credit."

Josh Freeman, QB
On the game plan and overall preparations...

"We watched a lot of film and the coaches really prepared us for what we were going to see tonight. We practiced game situations like we faced today and everyone had confidence in what we were supposed to do."

On playing in a SEC stadium...
"It was a big stadium and Auburn's fans were really loud, at the same time our fans made a lot of noise at certain times during the game. We weren't intimidated and we appreciate our fans."



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